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lead activity report

What Is Lead Activity Tracking?

Lead tracking is a practice of recording and acting on a lead’s activities and behavior. It includes tracking the emails, website visits, form submissions, and other notifications. With lead tracking, smart marketing teams nurture the leads based on their behavior and needs on the other hand sales teams get the necessary context of conversation before they follow up.

Track lead activities

Track all the lead activities like web pages visited, email clicked and opened, forms submitted and abandoned and more.

Record communication

Record two-way communication happened on phone, email or text. Easy to integrate with third-party telephony and text message providers.

Score all the lead activities

All the lead activities are assigned a score, which is configurable. You can judge the level of engagement with respect to the lead score.

Trigger automation based on lead activity

Automatically send relevant information to leads based on their activities. For example – Send a meeting invitation if a lead spends more than 5 minutes on “Book appointment” page

Add tasks and reminders

Automatically add tasks and reminders to the lead actions. For example – Notify the sales owner if their lead spends more than 10 minutes on any important page .

Sync your email and mobile

Easily sync Gmail or outlook with LeadSquared or your mobile phone. You can receive or send all the communication as you like it.

Lead Tracking Report by Stages

We track 15 different channels at one place seamlessly

“We wanted to track lead engagement of over 65,000 leads by multiple team members across Asia, across 15 different channels at one place seamlessly. We achieved that by using the plug and play model of LeadSquared. In addition to an exceptional product, the team is extremely reliable and prompt – they try to creatively solve the clients’ problem and not find ways to overcharge. Last but not the least – low cost compared to others in the market by at least 50%.”

Higher Education Marketing - Sasidhar Sista, Ashoka University

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