Facebook for business

Attention local businesses – Facebook is testing out a great new update that can make a great deal of difference to you!

Know what that is?

It is a great new local search option that allows people to search for business near their area! That means, if you are listed, then leads can come find you!

When I say “Find you”, I mean the do it on Facebook’s Services page. Like so:

Facebook for business

That’s right. Facebook jumped into the hyper-local bandwagon last year, when they introduced some features specific to local businesses – reviews, business hours, ratings etc. Now, it’s set to go a step further and roll-out a local search engine.

That means, a lead can search for a plumber or any other kind of service at www.facebook.com/services and can decide on one based on user reviews.The best part? He doesn’t have to be logged in and it is extremely location friendly.

For a marketer or a business owner like you, it has huge implications – it means you just got a bigger chance of landing a deal! You see, if you are one among those listed on that page, and if you happen to have great reviews, then I am sure a lead would be willing to try you out.

Here is the various genre of services that can be listed:

Facebook for business

(Quick update: Now the image looks something like this:

Facebook for business

sightly different from the previous version.)

Clicking on any of them would lead you to that specific “Search results page” of sorts, that lists all the business related to your “search term” on Facebook, based on the number of reviews.

It looks something like this:

Facebook for business

So what should you do to get on the first page here?

Why, spruce up your page! If you notice, the ones who are ranked on top are then ones with the top ratings, most reviews and great engagement. Wanna try that?

Happy ranking to you!

Latest Update:

You can now add a video, instead of just a cover image. It will help in engagement and increasing interest with the buyer.

Also, multiple UI enhancements and slight changes have been introduced – it makes it a lot simpler and easier to navigate.

Want to see LeadSquared in action?