Health and wellness websites - online presence tips
Health and wellness websites - online presence tips

Yes, you read that right! It’s time for change folks… and I don’t mean that nursery rhyme (or even the new google logo). I am referring to your online presence. Being in the Health and Wellness business, I am sure you are wondering “Why?! Most of my leads are walk –ins or word of mouth referrals anyway”. Well, the reason for that could be that you don’t have a convincing online presence yet! Increase your online footfalls and watch your lead generation soar up! Do these five simple things for your health and wellness websites, to begin with and create a Legen-Dary presence online! Want to know more?! Well, of course you do! So read on..

When was the last time you picked up the yellow pages to look up something? Wouldn’t you rather google that on your mobile phone? Well, if it is that is how it works for you, you can be reasonably sure that it is the same for the majority of your audience. Which means, to find a spa or a salon in the locality, most users would just punch in the requirements in their phones and ask Google to fetch it. Google has become the world’s favorite go to guy and if you are not ranked there, chances are that you won’t be found. So get a Google My Business account first. Its free, it’s simple and it gives you visibility. It puts you on the map, quite literally and acts like a ready reckoner for leads to check out your basic info (like your contact details, location, work hours etc.). This is how a knowledge graph for a business that is ranked on Google My Business looks like.

Health and wellness websites-Owning the local search

A huge plus is that if your lead is using a mobile phone (as we just established they might be), then he can directly call you through the listing, thus making it a lot simpler for him. For a business that depends on calls from leads, enabling easy calling would be wise don’t you think?

Now dear reader, we seem to have forgotten an important fact: you need to be listed in the first page of Google organic search. Let’s face it, no user takes the time to look beyond the first page. How to get there you ask? Well, choosing the right keyword is a start. Between these two keywords “Spa” and “Best Spa”, which one would you choose? That’s right – “Best spa” would be more appropriate. Don’t worry, there are certain tools that can help you with it. Check out Google’s keyword planner (it’s free) to begin with.  Here is an example of how Keyword planner can help you:

Health and wellness websites - tips for online presence

This shows you that, on an average, users search the term “best spas in bangalore” 210 times in a month. It also tells you that not many people are using that as a keyword (as competition is medium) and a bidding price is suggested. Cool eh? Others tools like Wordstream, Spyfu and Wordtracker are also helpful (these ones are paid).

Ok, time for a home truth: Not all Health and Wellness websites that are listed on the first page get clicked! Those that have an attractive listing are the ones that the users tend to choose. This means that your work of wooing your customers begin right from the time your name comes up on the google search. This means that you have to make a great first impression. This means that you have to put a lot of thought into what you want the user to see. As a rule of thumb, check these two aspects first:

  • The meta title and meta data description: It should be catchy, precise and simple. It should tell the user right then what you are all about.For eg. “SPA XYZ – For the beautiful you” would generate more interest than just a bland “SPA XYZ”. The same goes for the meta data…am sure you catch my drift.
  • Including site links: This is a bunch of useful links that appear right below your meta data description. It allows the user to directly click on the link he is interested in, without having to go through the website. Naah, don’t scoff. It does make a difference. Remember how drop-offs keep increasing with every click? Well, this is a sure shot way to avoid that. Make it easier for the user to access links that will push him toward conversion (like “Services”, “Contact us”, “Testimonials”). The simpler it is for him, the more likely he is to convert.

Here is an example of a business that highlights the above aspects.

Health and wellness websites - online presence pointers

Riding the social media wave

Successful online presence cannot be achieved without tapping into the social media. Interesting and frequent tweets on Twitter, well placed ads and posts on Facebook can go a long way in boosting your image.  Not only will your leads use it to check your popularity, it will also increase your credibility factor. Remember, your audience get to read opinions and reviews from other customers who can give them an unbiased perspective.

Health and wellness websites - tips for online presence

Tell me frankly, would you want to pass up this advantage?

Ruling the third party sites

Well, social media advertising is all fine and dandy, so long as you have the right strategy in place. It requires a hefty investment of time, money and technical know – how to pull off a successful campaign. The good news is, you can get a similar kind of visibility, without such investments. That’s right! Number of  websites have been specifically designed for users to catalog their experience, rate the establishment, read what others have shared and so on. All you need to do is gently nudge your customers to leave a review about you in those sites and you are done! A word to the wise though: you might sometimes get bad reviews. Instead of ignoring them or deleting them, try to address the issue and mention that you shall look into the problem. Increases that credibility factor again!

Health and wellness websites - tips for online presence

Numerous third party websites also provide listings of spas and salons. They also help the user to book a spa appointment or find a salon suitable for their needs. Being listed in such websites that are relevant for your business is crucial. It will definitely bring in some leads and can just be the edge that helps you one up your competition.

Yes, I know what you are thinking “Do these simple things really matter?!”. The truth is, YES! They do!! They can have a huge impact on your online presence. The fact that they are simple doesn’t make them useless, it just makes you lucky!

So, go ahead tweak your online presence and watch your lead generation improve! Also, tell us what you think about it!!!


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