I ordered a simple cup of tea. It was my favorite café and I had always liked their tea. Unfortunately, what they served me that day was terrible. Mildly disappointed, I confronted the waiter and told him the problem. When all he did was shrug unconcernedly and look bored, I left the café in a huff – and have not been back since.

Why? Because despite the number of excellent teas I have had there, that one bad experience was enough to put me off for good.

Your customers are no different. Unless your business meets their expectations to provide a great experience, they would be buying from your competition.

Here is where customer experience management comes into play. When done right, it can help you attract loyal, high paying customers who will love your company and so choose to buy from you, every time!

Why should you read this guide?

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product to be a key brand differentiator. This guide can help you nail it for your business. You can find detailed information on:

Various touch points that can help your business improve its customer experience

How unmatched customer experience can impact the business ROI

What we have tried in improving the customer experience for our customers

Using Marketing Automation to achieve these goals

List of Chapters

Marketing automation – the king of customer retention strategies

How to improve customer experience with marketing automation

About the Author

I am a writer who tries to improve the customer journey through great content. I have witnessed firsthand the impact of consistent nurturing, timely emails and educative videos on improving the customer’s journey. In this guide, I share the insights I have gathered so far. I hope it helps you take a closer look at your business process and tweak it to be more customer-centric. Shall we get started?

Lakshmi Narayanan Lakshmi Narayanan, writer – LeadSquared

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