Retail Banking Crm. Transform the Way You Sell

Digitize you complete customer acquisition, onboarding, sales, collections and upsell/cross-sell operations

Banking CRM for retail assets teams

How Leadsquared Digitizes Your Complete Retail Banking Operations

Right from customer acquisition, onboarding, engagement, upsell/cross-sell and guided sales actions

All Products

All Products

  • Retail Assets
  • Retail Liabilities
  • Insurance
All Processes

All Processes

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Engine
  • Prospect Engagement
Connected Systems

Connected Systems

  • Compliant and secure
  • Connected teams and processes
  • Integration with core banking CRM

Connect all your teams completely

  • Digital Sales

    Increase digital acquisition rates with a top-notch experience for your prospects.

Call Center Sales

Improve the efficiency & conversions of your call centers with intelligent lead routing

  • Field Sales

    Empower your field sales teams with a mobile app built for banking sales.

  • KYC Verification

    Onboard customers faster with eKYC and video KYC add-ons for LeadSquared.

  • Operations Teams

    Allow your operations teams to define and modify sales workflows on the go.

  • Collections

    Identify the right collection strategies, and enable faster collections.

Organize All Your Sales Processes for Retail Banking Operations

Acquire, onboard, engage and retain

Acquire more customers digitally

Ensure a smooth application experience for your banking prospects. Captures inquiries and applications with LeadSquared’s self-serve, mobile-friendly application interface (forms and portals) or integrate your own. Applications can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing prospect experience, and saving your agents’ time.

Retail Banking CRM - customer acquisition

Retail Banking CRM - easy customer onboarding

Onboard customers faster with KYC verification

Ensure faster and efficient customer onboarding. LeadSquared add-ons like eKYC verification solution and Video KYC helps banks eliminate lengthy verification processes, reduce costs & fight fraud. Help your onboarding agents (both on and off the field), KYC reviewers, and verification teams stay on the same page.

Convert more banking customers with automated communication

Run highly relevant campaigns to engage your prospects until they become customers and beyond. For instance, if a customer applied for a credit card, and has been unresponsive since you can send him offers and benefits around different credit cards via email, text messages, and remarketing campaigns. You can send transactional messages via WhatsApp as well.

Retail Banking CRM - customer engagement
Retail Banking CRM - manage all your sales teams

Run highly efficient sales operations

Provide all your sales teams – digital, call center, or field sales teams (relationship managers, verifications, collections, etc.) comprehensive details about their customers and prospects. They’ll always know the existing products, credit history, and cross-sell opportunities, to build better relationships and sell more.

Identify cross-sell/upsell signals

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and retention rates by identifying and acting upon cross-sell opportunities. For example, a home loan customer with an excellent credit repayment history who visits the car loan page on your website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.

Retail banking CRM - cross-sell
retail banking CRM - mobile CRM for banking sales teams

Give your teams a mobile CRM built for banking sales

Provide all your feet-on-street teams (relationship managers, verifications, collections etc.) comprehensive details about their customers and prospects. They’ll always know the existing products, credit history and cross-sell opportunities, to make build better relationships and sales.

Digitize debt recovery with collections CRM

Empower your teams to track and follow-up with defaulters efficiently, predict debt recovery, and enable faster collections. Complete borrower management, categorization, case prioritization, recovery prediction, and detailed borrower, team & collections analysis.

retail Banking CRM - collections CRM for debt recovery

Track Every Product, Salesperson, Region and More

Customer profiles, agent performance, funnels and everything else

30% Faster Loan Disbursals than Before

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit, verification & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable.

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Build Highly Efficient Banking Sales Operations

The only banking CRM you need for sales and prospect engagement