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Digital Transformation Partner for Retail Banking Teams

Empower all your retail banking teams to meet & exceed their goals

More new sales, higher cross-sell ratios, increased customer engagement & highly productive call center & field workforce

 Digital Sales


Deliver a top-notch digital experience for your prospects and customers. Auto-capture every single inquiry, and activity. Notify your teams to take relevant actions.

 Retail Banking


Up the efficiency of your contact centers by routing JUST the right inquiries to them. Nothing less, nothing more. Empower them to do much more than making calls.


Up the productivity of all your feet-on-street teams (sales, collections, verification etc.) with the LeadSquared mobile app & on-the-ground tracking.

 Cross Sales


Increase the Customer Lifetime Value by instantly capturing cross-sell & upsell signals & notifying your relationship managers to pitch the right product.

 Retail Banking


Automate offer generation & customer engagement. Track prospect and customer journeys across channels to send offers relevant to them.

 Service Operations


Optimize verifications and other service operations by using a unified platform for all teams. Allocate tasks intelligently & track completion rates.

Deliver excellent customer experience every step of the way

The only front-end platform you'll ever need for your entire workforce

Acquire more customers digitally

Integrate & speed up inquiry generation and customer conversion + onboarding from your digital channels.

Capture all banking product inquiries from every single medium – digital,  phone, email, social and others. With automated screening at each step, your team will never waste a  single moment on low-quality requests.

Retail Banking


Increase call center teams' efficiency

Integrate your call center with your core teams & processes. Increase the efficiency of the team: For instance, send only those leads to the call center who don’t submit an application online.

Empower the call center team to do much more than just make calls. They’ll have the complete context to the conversations, and ability to directly assign leads and conversations to different teams.

Increase field teams' effectiveness

Provide all your feet-on-street teams (relationship managers, verifications, collections etc.) comprehensive details about their customers and prospects. They’ll always know the existing products, credit history and cross-sell opportunities, to make build better relationships and sales.

Retail Banking CRM

Increase Cross Sales in banking

Get cross-sell signals and recommendations

Generate and send custom offers for your prospects and customers. For instance, a loan and savings account customer who has excellent CIBIL score & credit repayment history, and who spends on movies often can be offered an Entertainment Credit Card.

Run cross-channel engagement campaigns

Run highly relevant campaigns to bring your prospects and customers back to your website and avail your offers. For instance, if a customer applied for a credit card, and has been unresponsive since you can send him offers and benefits around different credit cards via email, text messages and remarketing campaigns.

Cross Channel Engagement

Run high-quality service operations consistently

Keep your prospects and customers delighted

Automate sales activities that eat into your time

Never waste time on redundant tasks again

Analyze performance of every single product, salesperson, region and more

30% faster loan disbursals than before

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable.


Anuj Sachdev

VP - Product, Qbera

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