How a Sales Activity Tracker Can Benefit Your Business

The days of using paper-based and other traditional processes to manage and evaluate the sales operations of your organization are far behind us. Thanks to digitization, today, we have many sales activity tracker software with extensive analysis abilities.

You can effectively handle sales management to ensure that organizations can track, evaluate, improve and maintain the performance of their sales team. Sales tracking has now become easier and more affordable than ever before thanks to these software tools.

Benefits of a Sales Activity Tracker

It makes no sense to just watch your business pass by without any idea of its productivity. Instead, you can integrate these trackers with your business to maximize profits. That said, a sales tracker app can provide a wide range of benefits that will boost the productivity of your business.

There are many benefits to getting a dedicated sales activity tracker for your business. We have rounded up five major ones that you need to know about.

1. Better sales analysis and management

Let’s start with the obvious benefit of a sales tracking app – better sales analysis and management. Efficient sales management is heavily reliant on your ability to maintain an accurate and clear view of your sales activities. Sales tracking software can provide you with a better and more comprehensive overview of your sales activity. It gives you accurate data on all your sales operations to know if your processes are successful or not.

Sales activity tracker - reports

This way, your decisions will be made based on the analysis of the data rather than guesswork. Data-driven decisions will help improve processes that need improvement. You can minimize mistakes to help the organization achieve long-lasting and sustainable success.

2. More insight and informed decision making

A sales activity tracking app can give you valuable insights into the perceived value of your product and services. The tracking software will provide you with all the necessary information you will need about your sales operations. Some organizations have more than one product in the market. Tracking software, helps you to decide which product is the main seller and which product is lagging behind in sales.

This knowledge, which is based on reliable, quantifiable data, will help you figure out where to focus your sales efforts. You can then take necessary actions to ensure that you bring in more revenue from your best selling product.

3. A better understanding of customer behavior

Every sales process begins with the introduction of the product and ends with the payment. A lot of activities that go on between these two processes can go untracked. A sales activity tracker will give you total visibility into your sales process to help you fill in the gaps.

Sales activity tracker - customer behaviour

A tracker will let you see how your customers arrive at the decision to purchase your products,  the factor that clinches and persuades them to make the purchase as well as the bottlenecks that stall your deals. This information will help you re-evaluate your sales operations to know which areas of the pipeline need more attention for a more fluid sales process that will retain the interest of your customers and close more deals.

4. Higher customer satisfaction

The top priority of any organization that wants its products to survive in the market should be customer satisfaction. Customers are the lifeline of any business. It is of paramount importance to ensure that your sales processes are focused on satisfying the needs of your customer base.

However, before you can satisfy the needs of your customers, you must, first of all, know what their needs actually are. This is where the sales tracking tool comes in. From customer feedback to automated surveys, a tracker can provide you with data that will put you in a better position to see what your customers need so you can build your products to meet those needs.

Happy customers spread the word and hence can bring in more revenue. By recognizing and rewarding these revenue bringers, you can ensure a non-stop flow of referrals. All of this directly impacts your profits.

5. Improved operational efficiency

Think of how much time your sales department spends on trying to manage sales manually. Apart from the fact that the manual paperwork is time-consuming, it can also be quite monotonous and exhausting which contributes to the stress of employees in the sales team.

Sales activity tracker - operational efficiency

Utilizing a sales tracking app allows you to automate and streamline the whole process of sales management so that your sales team has more energy and time to spend on other revenue-driving operations that boost organization profitability.


There is no denying the fact that with the advent of sales tracking applications, the landscape of sales management has been changed forever. Sales tracking is a must-have for any organization. Businesses have a lot of benefits to gain by utilizing sales tracking app and the abovementioned points are just a few of them.

Now the question is no longer “why does my business need a sales tracking app?”, the more important question is “what sales tracking app do I need?” With the wide spectrum of sales tracking software solutions that organizations have to choose from, it is important to ensure that you choose a software that will provide these core benefits to your sales team and by extension, organization.

That said, if you are in need of a sales tracking app for your organization, the LeadSquared Sales Activity Tracker is exactly what you need if you want to retain happy and satisfied customers while driving revenue as well. Why don’t you take a free trial and see for yourself?

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