The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Marketing

Last month, 6% of our revenue came in from the leads we’d captured from our webinars. In 2016, Kissmetrics reported that they generated approximately $1,638,000 in revenue from just 77 webinars. And in 2015, over 60% of B2B marketers in the United States included ‘webinar marketing’ in their content marketing strategy!

About ten years ago, not many would have even heard of the term ‘webinar’. But in the recent years, the channel has really established itself as a reliable method for lead generation and lead engagement.

At LeadSquared, we have been hosting webinars for the past couple of years. Take a look at how the webinar registrations have increased since 2015: Webinar Marketing

  • In 2015, we go 4368 registrations from 38 webinars
  • In 2016, we got 7233 registrations from 24 webinars
  • In 2017, we have got 3406 registrations from 6 webinars so far

That means, in 2016 our webinar registrations increased by approximately 40%! Not just that, the current number of webinar registrations for 2017, is nearly half of the number achieved in 2016 (and we are still in the first quarter)!

What does that indicate? That more and more people are opting for webinars as a learning channel, every single day!

Whether you want to generate leads for your business, nurture and engage with prospects who are interested in your business or convert readers into buyers, webinar marketing can help you achieve that and a lot more.

Why should you read this guide?

In this ultimate guide to webinar marketing, I’ll be sharing ways in which you can generate leads through webinars, nurture them and best practices of doing so. The guide also includes benefits of webinar marketing, which business types can benefit from it, aspects to keep in mind while setting up a webinar, and the correct way to execute and follow through.

Whether you are new to webinar marketing,  an intermediate or a pro, this guide has something for everyone.

List of chapters

What is a Webinar and Why Use It?

How to Set Up a Webinar that Generates Leads

About the author

Although webinars have proved to be beneficial for businesses, most are still reluctant to try it. Since I have seen the benefits of running webinars first hand, I’m going to try and convince you and others, to use it as well 🙂 So here goes my attempt at simplifying webinar marketing for fellow marketers.

Shibani is a senior manager – brand communications at LeadSquared. She says, “What I love about my role is I get to interact with so many people – industry leaders, influencers, and people who are making a change across industries with their products.”

Shibani Roy