DSR Leasing improves Customer Acquisition Cycle using LeadSquared

“LeadSquared is easy-to-use and connects all our third-party apps like Hello Sign, RingCentral and google sheets into automation and shortens the customer acquisition process.”

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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DSR Leasing loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Seamlessly integrates with RingCentral
  • Creates multiple lead routing rules
  • Captures inbound calls as leads
  • Speeds up the customer acquisition process






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“Car leasing is a bad deal!” – you’ve probably heard this more than once, and with good reason. If you have ever leased a car, or upgraded one, you know how daunting the experience can be. People spend hours, and sometimes days searching for that perfect car, just to avoid spending countless hours and dollars at the local dealership.

DSR Leasing is on the mission to change this perception. And this daunting experience.

They want to make car buying or leasing not just fast and easy, but time-efficient and economical as well.

To this end, they help simplify the vehicle search process by a whole lot, with access to vehicles nationwide, and the lease structured on a wholesale price around customers’ specific driving needs. They even deliver the vehicle to the client location, shortly after approval.



“Car dealership sales is a fast-moving environment with multiple touchpoints. If your CRM is too complex or too basic, sales guys end up playing with the system more than doing the actual selling job. This is where a connected system like LeadSquared helps. It’s easy-to-use and connects all our third-party apps like Hello Sign, RingCentral and google sheets into automation and shortens the customer acquisition process.”

Challenges involved in Car Leasing Process

a) Disintegrated Processes

One of the major challenges faced by DSR Leasing was the increasing issues from using disparate systems for multiple processes. Automating the process was essential in order to increase operational efficiency by employing faster, simpler, and affordable working methods.

Anthony Lopez, Managing Partner at DSR Leasing says, “The different systems we used didn’t really talk to each other. We had a streamlined customer acquisition process but we wanted to make it faster, which was possible with effective automations.”

b) Compromised Speed and Customer Experience

Positive customer experience not only results in making your customers happy, but it can also lead to revenue addition.

For a hyper-competitive auto-finance company like DSR, speed and purchase experience is a priority. There were multiple challenges that DSR was facing in lease processing time, process management, and workforce efficiencies.

c) Zero Engagement Activity Tracking

The idea behind sales tracking is to look at the individual components of the sales process in order to understand how each one affects the bigger picture. In other words, the team at DSR Leasing wanted to have an up-to-date view on key stats like earned revenue, won and lost opportunities, the average time to close a deal, lead engagement and more.

In short, without the clarity, the process became slow, and they started looking for a CRM solution.

“We wanted to make the whole sales process easier for our reps and the customer. A lot of these activities – sending/receiving forms, payment reminders and some parts of follow-ups – could be easily automated with a robust system. Therefore, we needed a complete sales and marketing automation tool and so we went ahead with LeadSquared Dealership CRM.”

Improving customer acquisition with LeadSquared

1. Seamless Integration with All Apps using Zapier

Zapier connects all sales and marketing apps in DSR Leasing with LeadSquared to automate work and improve productivity. The various processes in which LeadSquared- Zapier integration is being used are:

  • Updating the lead data: The data from the website form is synced to LeadSquared. All the lead details that are added or removed are updated accordingly.
  • Sync Quickbook invoices: LeadSquared captures all the invoices created for the new and existing customers with this Zapier CRM integration. There is no need to update the invoice status manually.

LeadSquared- Zapier Integration

“Now that we have Zapier and LeadSquared connected, we can seamlessly generate and send lease quotes to customers. The final contracts can now be requested & signed by the customer in a single click.”

2. Multi-location Distribution of Leads

DSR Leasing uses LeadSquared’s Distribution Software to distribute the incoming leads directly to its sales reps located in different locations. They use lead distribution system for:

  • Creating multiple lead routing rules: LeadSquared distributes the leads based on location, the product they are interested in, the sources they are coming from and more.

Multi-location Distribution

  • Reducing response time drastically: LeadSquared assigns leads to salespeople as soon as they come in. This reduces response time and helps the sales team connect with the prospects at the earliest.

3. Capturing Phone Calls through RingCentral Integration

DSR Leasing uses RingCentral as their service provider. LeadSquared’s RingCentral Integration helps them in:

  • Capturing inbound calls as leads
  • Capturing the conversation as lead activities to track the call duration
  • Setting quality scores and lead stage based on the context of the call

“With LeadSquared’s RingCentral Integration, our calling and recording process is now seamless. So one-to-one emails & calls, bulk marketing campaigns, sending lease quotes & contracts are being effectively managed on LeadSquared.”

4. Easy Tracking using LeadSquared Reports

The LeadSquared reports take the new processes into account and track all the activities that sales agents perform. Having real-time reports helps keep a check on the health of the processes and take corrective measures if necessary.

LeadSquared reports helped DSR Leasing in:

  • Monitoring sales-funnel, people and revenue
  • Speeding up the customer acquisition process

Team Performance Reports

They track all engagement activities and communication done by the sales reps to give a better sense of Sales Outreach vs New Revenue acquired every quarter.

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