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Top 5 reasons you should Consider LeadSquared

Be faster than your competition

LeadSquared ensures that no lead slips through the cracks – with lead capture automation you can capture leads from all online and offline channels. Once the lead is captured, the admission team is notified instantly to followup on that lead. The reduces the response time drastically so that you catch that opportunity faster than your competetion

Make meaningful connections

In today’s age- your applicants want the answers to their queries faster than ever. Create multiple workflows to serve them with what they are looking for. Track their behaviors and actions on your website, blogs, landing pages, social media and text messages.

Do more with less

Let the repetitive tasks run on auto-pilot with LeadSquared’s execution & automation engine. Create a set plan for your admission team, where all their meetings and tasks for the day are synced on their phone and email in the order of priority. They don’t have to be on the computer all the time. Enable them with the mobile app

Easy to setup and learn

You can’t afford to waste weeks or months in implementation, and then months again in training your admissions team. LeadSquared gets you up and running in days with Simple UI and flexibility in customization, LeadSquared works according to your current processes, not the other way round. No IT support is required to setup Campaigns, automation, tasks – everything can be set-up by anyone.

Knowing what’s working

Get complete picture of your admission funnel, campaign performance, counselor efficiency, campus & program performance and everything else important to you. You can create custom dashboards for your admin, marketing and admissions team. Identify the best performing inquiry channels and communication campaigns – email, SMS and others. You can check all these insights on your mobile application as well.

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