How Finance Buddha Increased Their Conversions by 30% with LeadSquared

“It is not like other CRMs. It is a combination of CRM and lead management. It also comes with a recommendation engine thanks to its lead scoring abilities. In that regard, LeadSquared is a holistic CRM compared to a lot of other tools in the market. Seeing the capabilities that it came with, we decided that building our own tool was just counterproductive.”

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Improved Conversion Rates


Lead Management

Finance Buddha loves LeadSquared for:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Super responsive support team

Improved Conversion Rates


Lead Management

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Finance Buddha is an online marketplace for retail finance. They provide a range of secured lending products, including mortgage loans, SME loans, and personal loans for both salaried and self-employed individuals. Finance Buddha is a bank agnostic and customer-centric platform that effectively matches a customer with the right vendor. They try to ensure that the right customer is paired with the right bank so that they get the best loan offer.

Mr. Parth Pande, the co-founder at Finance Buddha talks to us about how they have improved their conversion rates with LeadSquared.

How they acquire new leads:

The marketing strategy that Finance Buddha follows, is aimed at bringing their target audience to their marketplace. They effectively cross-sell to their existing base of customers. The products they offer like credit cards and loans are more often than not, not just a one time purchase. People may take multiple loans throughout their lifetime. So, once they acquire a customer they have the opportunity to keep upselling to them.

capture leads

With this in mind, Finance Buddha does a lot of marketing activities: both online and offline. Let’s take a look at their main customer acquisition channels.


  • Content marketing through blogs and other tailored content
  • Paid marketing through Google Ads
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing


  • Ad hoardings
  • Active references
  • Lead collection through agents

Why they chose LeadSquared:

Finance Buddha had an in-house tool that they were using for their CRM needs. But, slowly, they realized that it was not enough. As they scaled up, they needed a tool that would help them handle the volume of leads and sales that was coming in. And, hence, they began a search for the tool that would solve all their lead management woes.

They evaluated multiple tools and finally chose LeadSquared.

How they use LeadSquared:

The sales team uses the CRM the most. They perform their lead and order fulfillment management using LeadSquared. Here is how the process pans out. The lead may have discovered Finance Buddha either through organic search or through their paid campaigns. They may have even come from their offline activities.

For every new lead captured, there is a basic set of fields that are checked before they match the lead with a suitable vendor. LeadSquared’s recommendation engine works on the basis of lead scores and analyzes if each lead is qualified to be mapped to a vendor.

loan portal

After this, there is a series of steps that the success team performs before a transaction happens. This includes collecting documents, managing customer contacts, followups and ensuring that the customer is reachable at all times. This entire process is done using LeadSquared.

How LeadSquared has helped them:

Finance Buddha has been using LeadSquared for the last 2 years. Compared to when they started, the efficiency of their sales process and their teams has seen an increase. This is mainly because they are able to track the outcome of every single lead. You know which stage they are in, what is happening to them, and who is in touch with them.

smart views

Also, since the interface is very simple and intuitive, it is easy to adopt. The training time is reduced and the team starts using the product without much hassle. Also, the dashboard is highly customizable and helps us get a complete view of what is happening in the system. Every time a new lead enters the system, it is easy for us to pull data out on them and analyze them.

With everything that LeadSquared has brought to our business, we can easily say that it has helped us improve our conversion rates by 30%.


“LeadSquared is a tool that I have been recommending to a lot of my peers. It is not just a CRM, it is a holistic and complete tool that can be customized to your business needs. Besides, the support team is highly responsive and helps you resolve your issues as soon as possible”, concludes Parth.

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