Best practices to improve the hiring process for admission counsellors

Your admissions advisors are the first point of contact with prospective students. Their role is incredibly important, multifaceted, and having passion for people and helping them define their futures is a requirement.

The right admissions team will help support your enrollment efforts during a time when post secondary institutions are faced with a long list of challenges. These individuals have a significant influence on whether students enroll or not, and they set the stage for students’ overall experience at your career school, college or university, or other educational training program. That means they influence student retention as well.

How can you hire the right people? Here are a few tips on what to look for when interviewing admissions advisors:

Desirable traits to look for in an admission counsellor
  • A commitment to building relationships with prospective students – Admissions advisors help students navigate the process of choosing a school, college or training program based on their goals and requirements. It’s important that they are able to establish rapport with prospects from their first interaction. When hiring people for your admissions team, ask questions that reveal how they would speak to students interested in your programs. Do they seem to express genuine interest in understanding prospective students in order to make them successful?
  • Strong communication – Communication is a two-way street. Admissions advisors need to be active listeners who let students know that they understand their challenges and needs. They must answer questions in a clear and concise way so that prospective students are easily able to get accurate information about their programs of interest. The ability to be persuasive and overcome objections is also important, but in a way that keeps the students’ priorities and goals top of mind. People invested in people tend to make great admissions advisors.
  • High energy and excellent support – Each student is different, and excellent admissions advisors understand that they must meet students where they are in their lives and educational journeys. Good support keeps students engaged and excited about the process of enrollment, even when it is stressful. Support and guidance should be tailored to each individual to support their vision.

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