know your applicants

What began as a standard mystery shop, turned into a 7-year proprietary research project extending to 167 colleges in 4 countries – studying more than 817,000 new student inquiries, collaborating with over 6,400 Admissions and Financial Aid professionals, and nearly 24,000 Educators.

With an infinite amount of data and conclusions, the Legacy Admissions Solutions team has cracked several codes, including unlocking top secrets of the 5 Student “Types” who apply to most colleges. 

In this LeadSquared Webinar, Matt Schmoker, Founder and President of Legacy Admissions Solutions, reveals some key discoveries from Legacy’s groundbreaking and award-winning research, while offering immediate, actionable strategies to help make an impact in your school. Key Takeaways Include:

  • Defining the top 5 Student “Types”
  • Top 10 influencers leading to a prospective student’s school of choice
  • The true influence social media has on the enrollment funnel
  • Alarming statistics regarding today’s student outlook on education
  • Completion rates and Fiscal responsibility of the 5 Student “Types”

If you wish to download the presentation used in this webinar, please click here.


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