CRM in Higher Education

Gone are those days when students considered “jobs” as their topmost priority. Now the trends have changed. Students have become more inclined to pursue higher education instead of taking up a job right after school. 

As a result, the demand for quality higher education is at its peak.

But with every institution showcasing their placement records in advertisements, how can you establish your authenticity?

How can you help more students get the quality education that they deserve?

Well, here, the answer is quite simple: You need to establish an impeccable admission process and understand the real expectations of your student.

Your admissions team must contact the students who have raised inquiries, at the earliest and engage them with proper inputs. To do that efficiently, CRM in Higher Education is a must-have asset. Let me explain why?

CRM in Higher Education – Explained

Customer relationship management software plays a crucial role in managing all your student inquiries. It takes your students through a smooth and streamlined admission process. The unifying goal of CRM here is to establish a robust relationship between the student and the institution, which is majorly missing out. 

Institutions can actually leverage the benefit of such relationships. You can guide your prospective students on how your institution can be a torchbearer in their pathway to success, and engage them with advisory content, throughout their journey in your institution.

Let’s evaluate how CRM serves the Higher Education sector.

CRM in Higher Education Captures all Student Inquiries

Crm in higher education: Capture Inquiries

In the education sector, your students come from almost all channels known to this tech-savvy generation. Simply put, you get inquiries from your website, social media handles, PPC ad campaigns, listings, etc. These inquiries furnish necessary details like Name, email id, phone number, and interest of the student. 

Conventionally, these inquiries are added to the excel sheet, and the process of follow up is taken further.

But, at the time of admissions, inquiries are not just a handful, they are overbrimming. Here your admissions team is working at their best to reach every student. But call it an honest mistake, your admission team is prone to miss out a few inquiries in the thick of things.

For situations like these, CRM employs its lead capture automation to ensure zero lead leakage. The software helps you to capture every student enquire that was made automatically. 

Thus enabling your institution to avoid missing out on any lead and leveraging every opportunity that you get.

Once the software captures the inquiry, it routes it to the admissions manager. From there, they are assigned to admission counselors in a round-robin fashion. 

Identifies Potential Student Inquiries

CRM in Higher Education Identifies Potential Student Inquiries

CRM in Higher Education helps you identify inquiries that have higher chances of taking admission. When students submit their queries, the software captures it as a lead. Simultaneously, CRM keeps track of every activity of the student on your website.

For instance, if your prospective students view the fee structure of a particular course, their lead score will be higher. You can also devise your own criteria of assigning the lead score, and prioritize your inquiries with the same. 

This process of scoring and prioritizing ensures that your admissions team is working on inquiries with more potential. And thereby streamlining the enrollment process and increasing the efficiency of your admission team.

Engage Your Students More Efficiently 

Engage Your Students

Now, after your applicants have submitted their interest in your institutions. You must maintain your contact with them. You must remind them of their upcoming campus visits or the documents required for the onboarding process.

Manually, it takes a massive chunk of your time to follow up and remind them about the same. Here a missed follow up is inevitable, as the new inquiries are continually coming in. 

CRM software comes to your rescue. It helps your team to maintain your institution’s contact with the student by supplying them engaging content at regular intervals. 

The software automatically informs them about their campus visits, documents required for onboarding, and more, after relevant triggers.

LeadSquared CRM: Transforming Your Admissions Process

LeadSquared CRM software becomes an essential tool when your goals are to increase the enrollment rate and engage your students efficiently. This was just a gist of the benefits that CRM Software can offer. 

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