Publisher Partners: Identifying the Right Mix

With the new intake season, Higher Ed marketing & enrollment teams already have their hands full with 100s of tasks. They should not have to perform redundant tasks such as qualifying leads manually.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Identify and invest in the most profitable publisher channels.
  • Gain complete transparency on leads from publishers/partners.
  • Use the power of automation and reporting to ensure that every marketing dollar is well-spent.
  • Marketing hacks to help you ace your admissions in 2022.


Dushyant Sachdeva

Dushyant Sachdeva
Associate Director, Education Initiatives, LeadSquared

Dushyant is the Associate Director of Education Initiatives at LeadSquared, focusing on the education industry. He has over 11 years of experience in SaaS and is adept at managing & running complex process operations. He is experienced in developing service & delivery standards for business excellence.

Shibani Roy

Shibani Roy
Senior Manager, Brand Communications, LeadSquared

Shibani has been driving the webinar program at LeadSquared for more than six years, bringing in experts from around the world to share their expertise on different topics. She is also a writer and an email marketing expert, having sent over 5 million emails to date. She currently leads the brand marketing initiatives at LeadSquared.

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