Shifting Your Admissions Process Online

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to make your application process seamless & paperless
  • How to check & improve the productivity of your counselors while working from home
  • How to centralize student communication & engagement via email, SMS, call, WhatsApp, etc.
  • How to automate your marketing campaigns
  • Changes top institutions are making in their admissions process
  • LeadSquared features covered: Self-service student application portal, lead management, smart views for counselors, marketing & campaign management, analytics & reporting


Murali Krishna

Murali Krishna
Director Sales Operations, LeadSquared

Murali has over 8 years of experience in sales and has led several teams during this time. Prior to LeadSquared, he was a Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank, where he mastered the sales process & pipeline of financial institutions. Of late, he has been extensively working with the education sector, helping schools, colleges, universities, and EdTech businesses, fill more seats faster!

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