Using Testimonials The Right Way: Presented by higher-ed admissions and marketing experts Jenn Lyles and Sarah Holmes

Using Testimonials The Right Way

You shouldn’t have to brag about your school and over-sell. Let your graduates do that for you! Schools are doing a fantastic job collecting testimonials, but then they sit on a “testimonial” page on their website and just hope a lead clicks on it and takes their time to read it. 

This LeadSquared webinar will teach you the right things to ask when collecting testimonials and then how to utilize them in marketing and admissions to improve your conversion rate.  

We’ll also teach you what platforms to focus on, how to collect reviews from former students, and then how to connect with leads the right way by showcasing your brand through story-telling. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to collect reviews from former students
  • How to showcase your brand when connecting with your leads
  • And how testimonials in admissions marketing can improve your conversion rate

Quit the old ways … and start using testimonials the right way!

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