Where to find the best finance leads

Finance is available from many sources and for multiple needs in India, but it can be difficult to find the leads that perfectly matches the financial services you are offering. In fact, finding finance leads can become a trying and arduous task.

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As the economic outlook for India is rapidly improving every year, more and more people are investigating finance options. Here are some of the places that you can find them.

Where to find the best finance leads

So, where exactly will you find them? Many finance organizations make the mistake of sending out cold emails or creating generic adverts. Though these might give you some results, a more focused and informed approach is better. Mainly, because the more personalized your marketing is, the better your lead quality.

Let’s take a look at some easy ways to generate good quality finance leads.

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1. Go to finance aggregators

If you want to sell a product of any kind, you need to be in the place where people are looking for that product.

There are many sites that offer comparisons and deals for acquiring financial products, such as bankbazaar.com, PaisaBazaar, RupeePower, and LoanCircle. People who use these sites are clearly looking for finance, so advertising on those sites and others like them is an option.

Not every site is open to advertising, but even so, you may be able to enter into a partnership with them. You can have your products listed or offer special discounts to customers who find your products through the site.

This will also work in places where high-value items are for sale either online or in the physical world. A car dealership may be prepared to recommend your services for a cut of the profit or a commission for each sale.

2. Try traditional advertising

It’s not just businesses that offer high-priced items that can be used to advertise your services. Billboards can be an effective tool, and print advertising in newspapers and magazines can have a good response.

More often, writing an article that gets published in traditional print media can have an even greater effect – it can be that the eye skips by an advert, but takes in everything an article has to say.

Local businesses and stores may allow you to advertise your financial products in their windows, and sporting events may allow you to sponsor them if your budget allows.

Anywhere that you can advertise and stand out from the crowd will be beneficial for finding finance leads, so think outside the box, and try to identify locations where finance adverts are not as common.

3. Create awareness about your product

Not everyone is aware that finance can be obtained, and so creating an advertising campaign that educates people to this will be beneficial.

You may be thinking that you need a website, but not every lead will come through your site. Using paid-for advertising to link to a simple landing page may be all that required – using a service like Google Ads can drive plenty of traffic to your offer.

If you can provide a downloadable guide or free report, so much the better. This could become an invaluable reference to your potential customers, and if they share it with their friends and colleagues, so much the better.

The more people that discover the services you offer, the more likely you are to make a sale.

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4. Try networking

Networking can bring finance leads to you whether you do it online or offline. Using sites like LinkedIn will allow you to connect with many people across the internet while working offline at local networking events can also be effective.

The most important factor to consider is building a relationship with the people you encounter, whether they are online or offline. These are real people with real wants and needs, and they need to know they can trust you to provide a great deal for them.

As far as finance is concerned, very few people will interact with an entity that they don’t know of, have never used before, and doesn’t have a track record that they are aware of.

Posting online content to build your brand, holding real-world events, and giving solid consistent advice that makes a difference in people’s lives will help you to build trust among a wide base of people.

The more trusted and reliable you become, the more people will be willing to accept your recommendations and take you up on offers – these are the leads you need to build your business.

5. Use the power of social media

Announcing your latest deals and offers on Twitter can get you noticed, especially if you use the appropriate hashtags. However, a more stable way to build your business may be to use Facebook to create a brand page and provide much more information there than is possible on Twitter.

Additionally, you can create Facebook events that tie into real-world events – perhaps you can run an advice session, a seminar, or a networking event for people interested in obtaining finance.

If the idea of a seminar appeals, you could even run a webinar. You could reach many people all around the world, and if your content is good, they’ll be happy to sign up to receive more information from you.

Once you have their direct contact details, you’ll be much better positioned to market to them directly.

6. Use word of mouth

Before the advent of social media, stories about great businesses would spread by word of mouth, one person telling another about their experiences.

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This still exists today, and in close-knit communities, it can be particularly effective. The downside to this kind of promotion is that you have no control over it, can’t start it, and can’t help to expand directly.

The only thing you can do is provide a consistently good service and hope that others find out about you – of course, the more advertising you do, and the more online promotion you do, the more likely it is that local groups and people will begin to discuss the services and products that you provide.

As always, providing the best possible service will build trust and ensure that any word of mouth information passed along about you is positive in nature.

But to make use of these leads that you collect, you need a good CRM. Check out LeadSquared, maybe?

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