real estate lead generation ideas

Real estate lead generation is particularly important for new agents, as many leads come via word of mouth. As a new agent, you don’t have a strong community following, a good reputation, or a network of strategic partners who can refer buyers and sellers to you.

real estate lead generation
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It’s not easy to make marketing work in real estate anymore, as most agents often follow the same strategies and techniques that make it harder to stand out.

But don’t let this discourage you — the Indian real estate industry is expected to reach US$ 180 billion by 2020. And, given the rising trend in short term rentals and global investment properties, real estate sales will also likely continue to increase. In truth, there’s never been a better time to enter the competitive real estate arena.

6 Easy Ways for Real Estate Lead Generation

Start your career on the right foot with these six real estate lead generation ideas you can start using today:

real estate leads

1. Add your property on Marketplaces

If you live in one of the metro cities in India, then I am sure you must have come across numerous groups like “Flats in Bangalore”. These groups are meant to advertise houses that are up for rent or lease. You can join these groups and post about your property.

Even better, Facebook has a marketplace that is specifically meant for you to put up listings. You can post about your property and get interested leads right into your inbox. This is pretty effective considering many people use the marketplace these days.

2. Expired listings

Listings expire or are withdrawn for a number of reasons, and savvy real estate agents should be ready to snatch up the renewal. In truth, many agents are afraid to reach out to homeowners whose listings have expired, but taking that brave step forward can give you an easy leg up.

To do this well, you’ll need to have a strategy in place to convince the homeowner that you’re better equipped to handle their listing than their last agent. Agents who use this real estate lead generation technique admit they get hung up on a lot, so keep in mind that not every attempt will be a yes.

3. Go to real estate events

There are a number of Expos and tradeshows in the country happening almost every month. You can attend these events on a regular basis as it is a wonderful place to get quality leads. You can even choose to exhibit at these events to attract potential buyers.

Many homebuyers do visit the local real estate expo to explore their options. You can walk up to them and try to pitch your property to them. Or, maybe even hand out a few flyers and exchange a few cards.

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4. Advertise online

The first thing that any homebuyer does is search online to do their research. And, like you and me, Google will probably be their first stop. You should definitely consider having a paid listing there to ensure that they find you. But, not just Google, you can advertise on other search engines such as Bing.

real estate lead generation

Besides search engines, you should definitely look at advertising on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

5. Original Content

If you don’t have a blog or aren’t regularly posting unique content to your social media pages, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers in your local market.

Publishing original content is one of the most direct ways to build your brand and increase your organic search rankings. Writing helpful blog posts, creating videos, or sharing a market analysis of your local area can build your authority as an expert and make you a go-to source for information and real estate services.

6. Open Houses

One of the most old-school real estate lead generation ideas, open houses are still powerful ways to connect with prospective clients. To be clear, open houses rarely sell homes. They’re most often used as a marketing tool for agents to get new clients, typically because the people who attend open houses usually don’t have an agent.

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Which social media platforms are most effective for real estate lead generation?

The social media landscape evolves. Consider these options:
1. Facebook: Facebook Groups catering to specific neighborhoods or demographics can be a valuable platform for connecting with potential buyers or renters. Leverage targeted advertising to reach your ideal audience.
2. Instagram: Showcase properties visually with high-quality photos and engaging videos. Utilize Instagram Stories to offer virtual tours, highlight property features, and connect with potential clients in a more interactive way.
3. LinkedIn: Connect with potential clients who might be relocating for work or investors looking for real estate opportunities. Share industry insights and establish yourself as a thought leader in the local market.

What type of content should be created to attract real estate leads?

Content is key, but relevance matters. Here are some ideas:
1. Local market updates: Provide valuable information about local real estate trends, property values, or neighborhood highlights. Position yourself as a local expert and attract potential clients seeking insights into the market.
2. Home buying or selling guides: Create informative guides to educate potential clients about the home buying or selling process. This establishes you as a trusted resource and positions you as someone who can guide them through the process effectively.
3. Virtual tours and property videos: Offer virtual tours of your listings, showcasing properties remotely and attracting potential clients who might not be able to visit them in person.

How to leverage email marketing for real estate lead generation?

Email is a powerful tool. Here are some steps:
1. Build an email list: Capture leads through website opt-in forms, social media promotions, or open house registrations. Always obtain consent before adding contacts to your email list.
2. Segment your audience: Segment your email list based on interests, demographics, or buying/selling stages. This allows for targeted email campaigns with personalized content that resonates more effectively with different segments of your audience.
3. Offer valuable content and promotions: Don’t just bombard your contacts with sales pitches. Provide valuable content related to real estate, market updates, or exclusive property previews to nurture leads and keep them engaged.

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