Increase your porperty sales with automation

Discover the powerful synergy of automation and conversational engagement to skyrocket your property sales. Learn how leveraging automated processes and interactive conversations can foster stronger customer connections, offer personalized experiences, and ultimately drive higher conversions in the competitive real estate market.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Secrets to accelerate your Real estate business with conversational automation
  • Automation essentials for Real Estate Agencies and its Agents
  • Strategies to drive conversions through automations and personalization
  • Accelerate your Real Estate business with applied automation


Mukul Yadav

Mukul Yadav
Senior Director – MENA, Gupshup

Mukul Yadav is the director of business operations for Gupshup in Middle East region. He has industry experience of over 14 years. He spearheaded establishment of successful voice communications in India and Middle East markets for brands. Since last year he has been instrumental in expanding messaging solutions across the Middle East for Gupshup as a leading Cx and CPaaS player in these markets.

Atharva Dubey

Atharva Dubey
Cluster Head – Middle East, LeadSquared

Atharva is a go-getter and exhibits a high level of efficiency. With a background in SaaS consulting, his capabilities extend to several industries including Real Estate, Finance, EdTech, Healthcare and the Marketplace in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and India. Leveraging the unique lessons he learned in his tenure, Atharva is helping organisations in their digital transformation.

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