The concept of generating leads using Facebook Landing Pages has still not lost its relevance, even though Facebook does not allow static landing pages anymore. In fact, with the number of DIY tools that allow you to create landing pages for lead capture, running contests etc. on Facebook, the concept is only getting popular by the day. We have already discussed how you can Create Facebook Landing Pages using Static HTML and LeadSquared Marketing Software. Today, let’s talk about 5 Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages.

With Facebook Landing Pages, you can:

 Get more likes: The likeliness of non-fans liking your page is much more when they see an engaging and creative landing page, rather than just your business Facebook timeline. With the ‘Like Gate’ technology (discussed below), you can ask users to first ‘Like’ your page and only then  reveal the landing page/details. This is highly beneficial to increase your fan base if you have free EBook downloads, contest, coupons or other giveaways.

 Get details of prospective customers: Get contact details (name, number and phone number) of prospective clients by creating contact form landing pages.

Let’s now get to the 5 Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages.

I. Pagemodo

Every month, over 10 million Facebook users view a Facebook Page powered by Pagemodo! Now, isn’t that something? Pagemodo Facebook Landing Pages tool enables small businesses to quickly design and publish stunning business Facebook Pages within a jiffy. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need any design or technical skills to design Facebook Landing Pages.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers:

 Get More fans: Through Pagemodo’s ‘Like Gate’ technology, you can get new fans by asking users to first ‘Like’ your page before they get to see your content. The more likes you get, the more your product/company name goes viral across the web.

  New Leads with Contact Forms: The contact form template is a quick and easy way for visitors/prospective leads to get in touch with you. They fill in the information on the contact page and you’ll get alerted with an email. 

 Free & Paid Membership: You can either opt for a free, Basic, Pro or Agency plan. Here are their various paid plans. You can use the free version of Pagemodo for as long as you want, but there are limitations to the number of landing pages that you can create using the free trial.

 Easy user interface: You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to create wonderful Facebook Landing Pages easily, quickly and all by yourself.

 Professionally designed themes: Choose from any of the numerous professionally designed themes to get started and create your Facebook Landing pages. You can also customize your Facebook landing pages with a stunning cover photo, custom welcome tab and much more.

 Increase Footfall on website: There may be several visitors to your profile who would be interested in taking a look at your website/product before visiting your Facebook page or filling up a form. So, with Pagemodo maps, you also increase footfall on your website when users click on your website link embedded on the map.

 Additional Important Features: 

 Schedule your posts: With Pagemodo Posts, you can schedule when your Facebook and Twitter posts go live. Since Pagemodo is mobile friendly as well, you can download the app on your mobile phones and update as and when you like.

 Be discovered with Pagemodo maps: Pagemodo Maps will help your customers find you easily. Apart from the direction to your physical store/company, maps will also include a store photo, business hours and a link to your company website.

Here is a Facebook Landing Page contact form that I created using Pagemodo.

facebook landing pages

II. ShortStack

facebook landing pages

Whether you want to promote a new software, offer coupons or run giveaways for a new product, ShortStack has the tools you need to engage your fans and attract new ones. This DIY free tool to create Facebook landing pages is robust and perfectly suited for small businesses, which may lag behind in professional graphic designing skills. Using Short Stack, you can create Facebook apps of promotions, contests, videos, custom forms and much more which act as Facebook Landing Pages. 

Benefits for Marketers:

 Get more Fans/likes: Once you create your landing page/app and it is ready to be published on Facebook, you can control the content your fans and non-fans see. You can make non-Fans ‘Like’ your page to enter and increase your leads/fan base.

 They do all the coding: With ShortStack, you can add widgets, configure and customize your content and publish a great-looking app on your Facebook landing page without worrying about coding.

 Free & Paid Membership: You can give StarStack a try with their free membership or upgrade to a paid account. For up to 2,000 fans, you can have a free account, post which you have to upgrade to a paid plan. Here are their pricing details.

 Professional & Easy User Interface: Shortstack has an easy to use and highly professional interface (60+ templates and 70+ themes). All templates respond real-time. This way, you can be sure you really like what you’re about to publish.

 Tons of Features: ShortStack integrates RSS, social networking sites, video marketing tools, YouTube links and many other web applications into your custom Facebook landing page. Take a peek at their list of features on offer.

 Mobile Friendly: Download the ShortStack app on your mobiles (Apple iOS, Android, and Windows) and create awesome apps on the go!

 Send Newsletters to fans: You have an option of adding the MailChimp widget to the landing page which sends newsletters to fans to keep them up-to-date.

Here is a Contact Form Landing Page template that I created using ShortStack.

facebook landing pages


III. Lujure

facebook landing pages

Their mantra is – “The easiest way to create mobile and social campaigns that will drive you traffic, leads and sales”. Isn’t this what you have been looking for? Leads through social networks, especially Facebook? You can create landing pages for contests, promotions and deals for your product using this easy DIY tool to create Facebook landing pages. 

Benefits for Marketers:

 Easy to Use: You need no coding knowledge to create Facebook Landing pages, Lujure does it all for you. All you have to do is select the template, fill in the details, insert photos, drag and drop social sites widgets and you are set to go!

 Like Gate: When you are creating a Facebook landing page, Lujure will provide you with something called a reveal-page template. This will allow you to upload two sets of content – one that will be viewed by non-fans and another that may only be viewed by people after they hit the ‘Like’ button. This is a great technique to ensure more fans and likes.

 Multiple Device friendly: Once the final landing page template is ready, Lujure customizes it to fit into any device – mobile, tablets or desktop. You can also download the mobile app and create and publish Facebook Landing pages on the go.

 7 Day Free Trial: You can use any of the plans for free for 7 days. After this you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. Here are their paid plans. However, when you sign up for a free plan, you will have to provide your card details. This helps Lujure to upgrade you to a paid plan, with your consultation of course, as soon as your free trial expires. If you are not happy with their chalked out plans, you can also customize your own plans according  to your needs. You need to get in touch with them for the above by filling this form.

IV. Cool Mojito

Their tagline says it all – “Grow your Business with Social Media”. Cool Mojito’s DIY tool to create Facebook Landing Pages lets you create professionally designed Facebook landing pages within minutes, for free. It’s as easy as dragging a widget with their drag and drop interface. You can even create a store to sell your product or service and campaigns to promote your business on Facebook.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers: 

 More Likes & leads:  When running a campaign/contest, you can ask users to first ‘Like’ your page to be able to see your page. Once they are in, you can also add/embed a leads capture form asking for their basic details building you a lead database which you can download any time.

 Easy User Interface: This tool is extremely easy for everyone and anyone to build professional Facebook landing pages, market and promote their business or brand on leading social media websites and thereby acquire new leads and customers.

 Professional Designer Templates: Cool Mojito features drag and drop interface with dozens of professionally designed templates to allow non technical users to create their Facebook landing pages in a jiffy.

 E-Commerce sites: Build a virtual storefront with a shopping cart and PayPal account to sell your wares through Facebook. Drag and drop the social widgets, upload your product image, add price and description and you’re set. You can even select the currency that you want to sell your product in.

Cool Posts: Using Cool Mojitos’ Coolposts technology, you can capture leads directly from Facebook News feed, the most visited place on a Facebook page. Here, you can post:

landing page Contests – Helps you capture name, email and contact details of users. You can even upload photos and audio clips.

landing page Free E-book downloads – Helps users to download ebook, music, video and pdf. This practice is good for promoting new product releases, promotions or giveaways.

landing page Job posting & Recruiting – You can even present a job opportunity and capture important fields like name, email, phone, linkedin URL and also allow candidates to upload and submit their resumes.

landing page Donations & Pledges – Use Cool Mojito’s customizable donation templates to collect pledges for donations. You can use text, image or video to share your message with fans and their friends on Facebook.

Cool Posts are really cool when it comes to lead generation, aren’t they?

 14 day Free Trial: You get a 14 day free trial period to try and test Cool Mojito. After this you can upgrade to any of their paid packages.

Here is a Landing Page that I created using Mojito. I have created this page using the free trial option.

facebook landing pages

V. Decor Tab Creator 

Have no coding knowledge? Fret not, Decor Tab Creator will let you create Facebook Landing Pages in no time without any programming.

facebook landing pages

Benefits for Marketers:

 Easy User Interface: Decor Tab Creators’ drag-and-drop interface gives you full control of your Facebook page design. You can drag and drop images, text-fields, movie clips or any of the other rich media components. Once you are satisfied with the landing page design, simply click ‘publish’ to publish it on Facebook.

 Social Media Integration: Decor Tab Creator is arguably one of the easiest and quickest tools to create Facebook Landing Pages which integrates with Facebook comments, YouTube, Vimeo (video marketing tool) and SoundCloud (share your audio and video).

 Like Gate to increase fan base: Drag and Drop a ‘Like Gate’ icon to your template. This will let you share two types of content, one for fans and other for non-fans who will have to ‘Like’ your page to be able to see your content. 

 E-Commerce Needs: If you want to set up a virtual shop on Facebook to sell you wares, you can do so by dragging and dropping the ‘Shop’ and ‘Paypal’  icons on your template. While the shop feature will enable you to publish and promote your business, Paypal will let you accumulate your money in a safe place.

 Free and Paid plans: They do have a free plan with which you can create only one Facebook Landing Page. However, for more benefits you can always opt for their Basic, Pro or Unlimited Paid Plans which also have a 7 day free trial. Here is a list of their various pain plans.

Here is their list of FAQs.

Here is a Landing Page that I created using Decor Tab Creator. The interface is so simple that I took less that 30 minutes to create what you see here.

facebook landing pages

**Note: All Landing Pages shown above are Contact Forms to get details of prospective leads. They are templates only. They have not been published and not linked to Facebook or any other website. **  

So, do you have your own business landing page? How are you using it to get more likes? Do share by leaving me a comment.

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