Lead Generation with Google Adwords

Yet another successful webinar! On 18th July, we conducted a webinar- ‘Lead Generation with Google Adwords and Manage them with LeadSquared’ which discussed essential tips, to help marketers begin with leads generation through Google Adwords.

Many interesting queries were asked by our attendees; some of which have been summarized here as FAQs & tips. It will prove beneficial for beginners in online marketing who might have similar queries.

Webinar FAQs

Question 1

What would be an ideal Budget / Bid to get the maximum outcome of your Adwords Campaign?

If you are a beginner, the best practice would be to first create an ad campaign/ad group with only few (1 to 5) keywords and setup some budget that you are willing to spend initially. You can then optimize the campaign based on the lead quality you get.

You can initially set a budget that helps you buy enough clicks, say 20 – 50 clicks a day.

If the ads drives good leads and the budget seems to get exhausted very soon, you can increase the budget.

If the CTR and the ad position is poor, you might choose to  increase the price for the keyword. Make sure to check how the lead quality is and how it affects the budget.

Question 2

What is the significance of SEO for the Landing Pages that are used for the ad campaigns? Will this be helpful to show the ads on top?

Optimizing your landing pages on the relevant keywords that are used in your ad groups, is a good practice.

This increases the ad relevance; which affects the Quality Score of the keywords.

Finally, a combination of higher Quality Score and good bidding improves the CTR of the ads.

As a result the ad position improves and generates better results.

Note: By SEO we mean that the title, meta description and the alt text of the images used in the landing page should be relevant to the keywords and ad copy. You don’t have to do the SEO of the landing page in the traditional SEO sense.

Question 3

How effective are Adwords campaigns in B2B scenario?

In a Business to Business Scenario, the effectiveness is a function of what the customers are searching for online.

One needs to identify these typical search terms and optimize the ads and landing pages. This would prove useful for targeting customers better.

However, the landing page and the offer on the landing page is equally important to make any campaign “effective”.

Question 4

If the immediate goal is to increase Click-Through-Rate, what is the best optimization strategy?

To increase CTR, the best practice would be to use long-tailed keywords in your ad campaigns & landing pages.

Run search and display campaigns separately so that you can find out  the CTR performance from search and display networks.  This would help in optimizing the campaigns separately.

To get higher CTR for a newly created campaign, make sure you bid higher initially. It will help you bring your ads on top and improve the CTR.

Not only bids, but the focus should also be on the ad relevance of the landing pages while creating it. This will increase the quality score of the keywords and your ad position will improve; thereby affecting the CTR positively.

Question 5

What to do with key words shown as ‘low search volume’ or ‘rarely shown due to low quality score’?

“Low Search Volume” means not many people are using the keyword to search online.

However, “Low Quality Score” is primarily an issue on relevance of keyword to search term,  ad copy and landing page.

Ideally you should remove low quality keywords out from a campaign. They affect the entire ad group performance adversely.

Bonus Tips & Tricks

You can make your campaigns targeted to one particular country/state/region/city. For Example: you can optimize your ad campaigns to specifically target one location, like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. This will also help you prevent Keyword Overlapping.
If you see that the keywords in your Adwords ad groups are not getting good impressions or clicks and their quality score is consistently low, make sure that you replace the list of keywords with more effective and relevant ones.
Marking irrelevant keywords as negative is a good practice. This will help you keep your ad groups relevant, prevent junk leads from your ads and save your PPC budgets. It will also improve the lead quality and make your campaigns effective.
Adwords Remarketing is effective, even for small budget advertisers. It helps you target and follow your leads and helps you improve your brand awareness.
One should choose such a bidding amount that gives a good placement/position to the ads, say between 2 to 4, while keeping in mind that the CTR is good, not below 1 to 2%.
Cost per Lead and Lead Quality are the two most important elements in order to evaluate the campaign performance
Do not add too many keywords in an ad group (keep 5-8 keywords per ad group as a best practice). It will bring down the relevance of the ad copy and landing page, thereby affecting the quality and performance of the ad group.

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