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84+ million views, 7 viral videos, 1 year. How did ixigo even do that? Aashish Chopra, award-winning viral video maker and the man behind it all, breaks it down for us.

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With tremendous results like these, it is no surprise that more and more companies are incorporating video marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Videos are an easy medium to showcase a product/brand and maximize the message in a compact form.

video marketing tools - Content Marketing Strategies

So, why is Video Marketing important?

Videos are engaging: A video clip through a combination of good audio and video can be the difference between people remembering your product and forgetting it upon the click of the mouse. People’s choices are fast moving from text to audio to video.

Videos are easy to grasp: With advancement in technology, people prefer to watch videos than reading detailed content, instructions, press releases etc. Information provided in videos is easy to grasp than content in print.

SEO advantage: If videos are well optimized for ranking in search engines, they are likely to be found by people searching for similar content. This gives you additional pull and visibility for your brand or products. Here, we discuss about 10 video marketing tools that marketers can use:

1. Powtoon

Like the name suggests, this video marketing tool is a combination of animated cartoons and PowerPoint presentations. The PowToon software helps create animated explainer videos using presentations and still images that bring about a change in your product demos, presentations and social media clips.

How can a marketer use it?

1. As a marketer, you can use the Powtoon tool to create ecommerce videos, how-to videos, TV ads, product listings, landing page videos, product demos, business portfolios and invitations.

2. You can opt for a free account or get access to more advanced functionalities with their paid plans. Do go through their pricing details and commonly asked questions.

3. The software is most efficient for businesses and educators. It is very user friendly and you need minimalist skills to work with it.

We took a shot at using the Powtoon software for one of our products and it took us just a couple of hours to create this video.

2. Appy Pie Design


As a marketer, you must have a killer concept for a video, but the animation skills or budget are missing. Here is how Appy Pie Design comes as a game-changer. It revolutionizes creativity with its AI Video Generator, an advanced tool that transforms design possibilities. This innovative feature utilizes artificial intelligence to generate dynamic and engaging videos with ease. This tool empowers you to craft captivating visuals, enhancing the overall appeal of your marketing content. With its user-friendly interface, you can integrate AI-driven videos into your campaigns, resulting in enhanced engagement of your visually compelling marketing content.

How can a marketer use it?

1. As a marketer, you can use Appy Pie Design’s AI Video Generator to easily create attention-grabbing videos for enhanced brand engagement.

2. Craft visually appealing videos with the tool for social media promotions, boosting brand presence and interaction on various platforms.

3. Streamline campaign development by leveraging time-saving features, ensuring consistent production of high-quality videos for diverse marketing channels.

4. It comes with 5 free trial credits, with 15 credits per month post-subscription, shared across all AI features.

3. Xtranormal

This DIY video marketing tool makes your stories come to life through animated characters. It’s simple – create, share and watch your story using text-to-speech (computer generated artificial voice) and animated technologies.

How can a marketer use it?

1. You can download the Xtranormal Desktop feature, feed in your script to the computer and virtual actors and cameras will create the video for you using their artificial intelligence.

2. This video marketing tool can be used by marketers, educators, studio artists or IT professionals. Educators can reinvent their lectures/study workshops using videos created by Xtranormal. It is a very engaging approach towards learning.

4. Go Animate

Like Go Animate says, making a video used to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Not Anymore! This video marketing tool is do-it-yourself software which caters to businesses, educators and consumers alike. Go Animate lets you create professional quality videos using animated characters without any fuss and at very low rates (that is if you opt for their paid plans). You can then publish and promote the videos online.

How can a marketer use it?

1. As a marketer or a startup, you might not have the expertise to create professional videos. Using their ‘Quick Video Makers’ function, you can create videos yourself and without much fuss.

2. Their basic plan is free.

3. When you want full control, you can simply switch to their ‘Full Video Makers’ section or get a business account. This will cost you around $50/month.

5. Magisto 

Video Marketing with Magisto is just a click away. It offers you an automatic video editing solution to create and share professional looking movies using still images and videos, complete with effects and transitions.

How can a marketer use it?

1. As a marketer, you might not have the professional know-how to create videos. Fret not! You can upload your raw video and still images via Magisto’s app. The software automatically analyzes it with its state of the art computer vision technology detecting and indexing people, scenes & behaviors.

2. Their artificial intelligence then filters the most interesting portions of the video, puts it together with complete effects, transitions and music. In case, there is excessive noise or instability, Magisto cleans that too.Now, all you have to do is share it in your social networks.

3. For further queries, do go through their FAQs.

6. WeVideo

As an amateur entrepreneur, you might have shot your video on your mobile phone, but is it presentable? This is where WeVideo’s cloud based video editing technology helps. The software is easy to use, fast and much more convenient. Because it is cloud based, you can access their editing tools anywhere, anytime.

How can a marketer use it?

1. Give your videos a facelift using their different themes, visual effects, transitions and typography. Since this is a cloud based technology, you can use your android phones, iPhones or iPods to create and share your videos.

2. As an amateur, you can create videos via the Storyboard Editor Mode; if you do have some basic knowledge of editing try their timeline editor mode and if you are a pro, use the advanced editor mode.

3. While the Video Lite package is for free, you can also opt for a Personal Plus package at just $4.99/month or Personal Ultra package for $9.99/month.

7. Viewbix

Using Viewbix, you can empower your videos by inserting several interactive apps and leverage them. You can then share the experience across the internet, mobile and social networks.

How can a marketer use it?

1. Once your video is ready, you can add apps to them, enhance engagement and drive calls to action through Viewbix.

2. Their basic plan is free. However, their Pro plans (silver, gold, platinum, titanium) start at $19.95, you can get the details here:

8. Animoto

This video marketing tool creates videos from photos, video clips and music.

How can a marketer use it?

1. Like their motto goes, ‘Make and Share beautiful videos online’, all you have to do is upload your photos/music clip/video, select a style from the library, add some music and words. Your video is ready to be shared.

2. Their basic plan is free. However, if you are looking for feature rich HD videos, Animoto Pro can be useful. Take a look at their detailed price list.

9. Prezi

Simply put, this video marketing tool reinvents the art of presentation. It gives your PowerPoint presentations a new look and feel.

How can a marketer use it?

1. Prezi has special feature called ‘Zooming’ which allows a user to view the larger goals of a company. A user can then zoom in further to see important details. This way, you can stuff all your gyan in just one slide and still keep it clutter free.

2. The basic plan is free, while the Enjoy License and Pro License plan are paid. Here is their price list.

10. Sellamations

There is something about a person creating a doodle video in front of you isn’t it? You can’t move till the post is complete. Sellamations’ doodle video marketing tool is very interesting and will keep the users engaged.

How can a marketer use it?

1. Drawing doodles live keeps the user interested in what you are saying and what will happen next.

2. Selling a product online is all about telling a good story which demonstrates the product’s uniqueness, features and benefits.

3. Doodles are a fun and effective way to get through to anyone – kids (schools, colleges, education & coaching institutions) and adults alike.

4. However, they do not have any free plans. The packages are all paid.

You can also try Photo Peach, Zimmer Twins, Stupeflix and Creaza video marketing tools.

So, which video marketing tool will you use? Do share and leave a comment.

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