Digital v/s Non-Digital Strategies in Education: Finding the right balance

In this LeadSquared webinar, Umar Razzaq, Marketing & Recruitment professional, currently heading Recruitment Team at University of Southampton (Malaysia Campus) highlights the importance of balancing both digital and non-digital strategies for your institution.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The most effective digital and non-digital strategies to increase your enrolments.
  • Understanding the regions: South Asia, South East Asia, Sub Sahara, Middle East, Central Asia etc.
  • Balancing factors for colleges and universities: Technology, expertise, budgets, accessibility, content.


Umar Razzaq

Umar Razzaq
Marketing & Recruitment Manager, University of Southampton

A keen observer of the latest trends In Education, Digital Marketing, and Training & Development, Umar has established himself as a renowned figure in his circle of influence and presence. Good at listening and even better at saying, Umar can be a team player and a leader in any environment, any given day, twice on Sundays.

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