Client management software, also referred to as CRM, was originally intended to help businesses manage their relationships with new and existing clients. Every time you send an email, get a lead, close a sale, or schedule an appointment, your client management system knows about it and logs it for future reference.

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Today, this software is a valuable tool that offers insight into sales, marketing, accounting, and other operational data, and is one of the most commonly used software solutions across industries.

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and it’s helpful to see them all in one place so you can make informed business decisions moving forward.

So, what features should you prioritize when looking for a client management software solution?

The answer depends on your business, but the following general features are usually non-negotiable:

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1. Client History

The core focus of client management software remains fixated on strengthening ties between the company and its clients. It offers sales, marketing, and customer service teams a common anchor to find and utilize customer data.

An effective client management system should be able to tell you more than just the contact name and phone number. Things like lead source, purchase history, and value to the company are critical components in building better connections with each client.

Having a full customer lifecycle at your fingertips can also be useful in improving retention, asking for referrals, and putting reps in the best position to maintain positive relationships with your clients.

2. Upsell Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of seeing client history is recognizing potential upsell opportunities. Rather than bombarding your clients with offers they either aren’t interested in or already have, sales reps and marketing departments can better tailor their offerings to the client.

Personalization is key in upselling and can result in higher conversions if done correctly. By demonstrating you know their purchase history and can make relevant product recommendations, you also prove their value to you.

3. Mobile Access

Employees and customers alike are increasingly mobile. Especially if you have field sales reps, you will need your client management software to be readily available via a mobile device. This allows your reps to access customer data on the go and turn that information into sales, brand impressions, and better relationships.

In turn, a mobile-friendly client management software will also allow sales leaders a direct mirror into field rep activity. Managers can see at a glance what their field sales reps are spending time on, who they’re speaking with in the field and the results of their efforts.

And, based on this activity, leaders can send reps information, schedule meetings on their behalf, and geofence their tasks to keep them on schedule.

4. Performance Metrics

One of the biggest advantages of using client management software is to capture relevant data that can help you drive business growth. But tapping into that data is a completely different story. Your software should also offer performance metrics that give you the data you need to keep business going at full speed.

Many solutions will offer built-in metrics, but you should also have the ability to customize your metrics and reports to reflect the data that you’re most interested in.

5. Reporting Tools

Similar to Performance metrics, reporting tools are also essential in helping you gauge whether you’re hitting your KPIs. While metrics give you insight into a single type of data, your reports will give you a bird’s-eye view on your overall functionality in a specific area.

Like performance metrics, you should be able to customize your reports to reflect the information you need. Many solutions will also offer pre-populated reports based on what most businesses require, which can be a huge time-saver in itself.

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