Now that you’ve painstakingly sourced some of the top sales talents in your area, it’s time to equip them with the inside sales software and tools that will set them up for success and make them glad they took the job.

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World-class sales teams need world-class solutions that will keep their pipelines full, automate their busywork, and let them focus on what they do best — sell! As you’re exploring various inside sales software solutions, take a look at five non-negotiable features that your sales team will thank you for:

#1 – Lead Qualification & Scoring

Put yourself in the salesperson’s shoes: wouldn’t it be great to know a lead’s likelihood to close before you spend time reaching out to them? Of course, you would!

Lead quality is a major factor in sales success. You don’t want to waste time chasing junk leads that will never amount to a sale. Rather, you want to focus on those leads that give you the best opportunity at converting them into customers, especially if you’re working for a commission on every closed deal.

Lead qualification is a must-have feature in any inside sales software. This unique tool looks at the lead information you capture, qualifies it based on triggers or actions (i.e. marketing qualified leads vs sales qualified leads) and scores it based on their readiness to buy. This way, sales reps can see at a glance where their best opportunities lie so they can strike while the iron is hot.

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#2 – Lead Distribution

Let’s say you have three sales reps in your organization. Would you want to give one rep all the leads? That wouldn’t be fair. Would you want to distribute leads evenly as they trickle in? That sounds a bit better.

Or, perhaps you could hand off leads to sales reps based on their ability to close them. That’s usually your best bet.

Lead distribution tools allow you to create certain parameters that will ensure the right leads end up in the right salesperson’s funnel. You can set up your own guidelines for this process and leave the rest to automagic.

This way, each salesperson receives leads that he or she is most likely to close. This is especially helpful when you have multiple products and each rep specializes in different ones. Leads get a better sales experience by working with your resident expert rather than being handed off to someone who isn’t qualified to sell to them.

#3 – Sales Tracking

Sales reps need to know where their leads and prospects are at every stage of the journey and what their deals are worth. The more your reps know about their work and progress, the better they can make adjustments along the way to boost their success.

Sales tracking tools can provide real-time insight into prospects, revenue, and the sales funnel at large. Reps won’t have to waste time guessing where their leads are in the process and can provide better service and follow up to keep them moving through the funnel.

As an added bonus, they can use sales tracking features to forecast their success. This is an invaluable tool when setting goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, as it gives a visual representation of where each sales rep needs to amp up their productivity.

#4 – Off-Page Lead Capture

Not all leads enter your funnel through your website. From phone calls to third-party websites, you need to know where your leads are coming from and how you’re best able to solve their problems.

The best inside sales software tools will help you capture off-page leads as seamlessly as though they filled out your opt-in form. Your tools should integrate with a variety of lead sources, not just your website, to cut out lead leakage and give you your money’s worth from every channel you invest in.

#5 – Email Automation

Sales reps spend just over a third of their time selling. The rest of the time, they’re figuring out complicated CRM workflows, performing admin tasks, and emailing prospects. This is a growing problem for sales organizations, especially when it comes to email. The average rep will spend 33% of their day sending emails, which leaves very little time to do the actual selling.

Having email automation tools that can remove the manual labor will give them back a third of their day, which they can use for revenue-generating activities. Not only does email automation send the emails for you, but will also track engagement, automatically schedule follow-ups or other tasks, and keep your connections alive even when your reps aren’t pushing the buttons themselves.

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