In today’s business world, a cloud CRM or customer relationship management has generated a lot of buzz. However, a lot of people still don’t know what a CRM is or might not have used it. CRM is a tool that will allow a company to develop better relationships with its current and potential customers.

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Regardless of this, CRM is something everyone can benefit from. It does not matter whether your business is large scale, mid-scale or small. However, very few people know which solution is best for their business. Here, you will learn about this type of CRM and be able to determine if it is right for your business.

What is cloud CRM?

Also known as a CRM cloud, it refers to any customer relationship management system where all the CRM tools, software and data resides in the cloud. All of it is delivered to end-users through the internet and is called cloud computing. Basically, cloud CRM is CRM software that is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed via the internet. 

Typically, this tool will offer access via web browser logins according to the access levels defined by the CRM system administrator. This allows employees to log in to the CRM system at any time from any computer or device that is internet enabled. Such CRM providers usually have mobile apps as well so it is easier to access the CRM on a smartphone or tablet.

Reasons to buy a cloud CRM software

It is important that you get rid of notions that make you think that a CRM is automatically going to mean some expensive and bulky software that requires a large IT team. Unlike on-premise CRMs, cloud CRM systems are much more user-friendly and technologically advanced. They have many different solutions that will address the needs of any type or size of business. The costs are flexible, the maintenance and deployment easy.

Here are some reasons why this tool may be right for your business:

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Installation is hassle-free

Many people fear that CRM involves a complex process for installation. However, this is not true anymore. The modern-day cloud CRM can be installed and running in no time at all. An internet connection is all you need while you can surpass the fear of hiring an IT team. You just have to sign up online and then start using it. There are no costs related to hardware or software maintenance. You don’t need to hire someone to deal with installations or upgrades either. Everything can be done by you and remotely.

Round the clock access

Another benefit of cloud CRM is seamless access. It will allow you to access the system at any time from anywhere as long as there is the internet. You can log in for making urgent calls related to sales or for amending some proposal at any time. This would otherwise be a hassle when you were not in the office. Cloud CRM makes it possible. You and the whole team have access to a centralized database at all times and this is very important for modern businesses.

It is very easy to use

Cloud CRM usage is about as easy as it gets. You just have to buy the software package at the monthly rate and then log in with the access details that are provided to you. The only thing you have to ensure is a steady internet connection. System maintenance is not a problem because it will be provided by the vendor of the cloud-based CRM along with other online services.

The product is affordable

You don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet either. There is no huge sum of investment in a CRM cloud. it usually works with monthly subscriptions that you can keep paying overtime. You don’t have to pay for any additional license or hardware either. The monthly fee is set and no hidden costs are involved.

Security levels are high

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Many businesses worry about security issues when they think of cloud CRM. However, a company that provides cloud operations is aware of such concerns and takes security issues very seriously because of this. This is why they have high-security levels that are usually much higher than those provided at an average company. They know that they are responsible for protecting your information and maintaining confidentiality. You will usually find offers for advanced back-up policies or data recovery plans as well.

Operation is reliable

If your CRM system crashes, you may be concerned about the financial loss associated with it. However, this rarely if ever, occurs with cloud CRM. The cloud will always be backed up so a single server usually has many replicas. The system will not be disrupted because, in case of a failure, there will be an immediate replacement. Cloud-based CRM is usually 99% operational.


When you start using the CRM system, you may choose to only opt for certain features to help you get started. However, you will also have the option to upgrade or update your CRM according to changing needs. Cloud CRM thus provides you with flexibility for your unique needs.


The flexibility of integration is very important in today’s world and stand-alone products tend to fail in this aspect. It is important to allow information exchange between technologies that are already available. It is important to have compatibility with different products or services. Cloud CRM is easily integrated with other applications and this is why it is an appropriate choice.

There you have it- these are some of the compelling reasons we believe a cloud-based CRM may be appropriate for certain types of businesses. Look for a CRM tool that will help your business grow in terms of both revenue and market share.

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