Attention, Agents : Are You Doing Your Online Real Estate Marketing Terribly Wrong?

online real estate marketing

At the age of 14, after damaging my eyes and report cards for almost a year, I finally boycotted my favourite car racing game.

My mother thought it was a miracle. Overjoyed, she sung lavish praises to God, who seemed to have given in to her constant demands to make me studious.

While I never disillusioned poor Ma, I’ll let you in on the truth:

It was a two-player game, and lacking a partner, I always played (and lost) against the computer. Then, one frustrating day it dawned on me – I can never, ever beat the computer – and that’s when I quit that pointless battle for good!

If you’re a real estate agent trying to fight against the invisible, invincible internet, this little story holds a big message for you – stop fighting. 

That’s right. Online real estate marketing is a boon for you –  not simply because the web is where your customers are, but also because it promises greater reach at incredibly low costs. Here’s how you can use the e-age to your advantage –

  • Get Online

What impression do you strive to convey to a prospective client, when they first walk into your office? Probably that of a friendly, credible, trustworthy person, who is an expert in the local real estate.

Now consider this: your prospects will likely dig into your web presence before meeting you in person. That’s just why you need to invest in making it as warm and welcoming as your office. Simply creating a website or a blog is never enough. Your web presence needs to be aesthetic, rich in content, and personalized.

See how The Jills nailed online real estate marketing with their exceptional website:

online real estate marketing
online real estate marketing
  • Get Found

 Your future clients are searching for homes to buy, rent or sell on the web – and you lose half the battle if you do not come up in the first few results. To make sure prospects get to the web welcome you’ve planned, you need to optimize your site and blog for search engines.

For starters, Google’s free Keyword Planner is an easy to learn and immensely useful tool. It lets you find the search terms most common in your industry, along with insightful data on them. You can use these terms within your website to improve its ranking, and also to generate the kind of blog content that people are actively searching for.

Study & save this treasure of an infographic from Backlinko, containing all that you need to know about optimizing a web page.

  • Get Hunting

Google is not the only place where people are looking for buyers/sellers.  Your prospects could have their eyeballs on any corner of the internet –and it is vital for you to grab them all!

Here’s a basic check-list of websites you need to post on/ track:

  1. Social networks
    •  Track local Facebook groups where people search for flats/flatmates.
    • Run advanced searches on Twitter – for example, if you’re a broker in Bandra, you can find leads using the terms, ‘looking for a place’ + ‘Bandra’. This, however, is slippery ground. If you simply barge into the conversation with an ill-framed introduction, it will come across as creepy – remember, no one likes to think they’re being monitored. Instead, you must approach such leads with a polite and respectful offer to help.
  2. Classified sites such as Craigslist (worldwide), Locanto (USA), Quikr (India).
  3. Directories such as Whitepages (USA), (UK), JustDial (India).
  4. Property Portals such as Zillow (USA), MagicBricks (India), Zoopla (UK).
  5. Google & Facebook Ads 

Looking for a complete list? Here’s an exhaustive guide we put up for real estate lead generation in India! Watch this space for more.

  • Get Engaging

You’ve welcomed your prospect into your office. What next?

You’ll offer them a glass of water, maybe call for snacks, and ease them into a friendly conversation.

Oh, so they’re new to the city and looking for an inexpensive place to stay at temporarily ? Now you’ll whip out your phone in a jiffy, and call up that cousin who owns a lodge.

When they leave, they’ll smile, place your card carefully in their wallet, and then fix up a site visit for the next day.

Just like in real life, you need to ‘nurture’ your leads online as well, before they convert to loyal, happy customers, and the trick to that is simple – be of use to them. 

online real estate marketing

To get you pumped and started, here are some proven and practical online real estate marketing ideas –

Moral of the story?

I’ll put it for you in a new-age Gandhism –

When the internet tries to slap you on the face, stop it mid-air and go for a handshake!

Hope this helped! 🙂

P.S. : Tried all of the above & hungry for more leads? Amp up your game with these 16 creative ideas for real estate marketing!

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