Sales Pipeline Report

Track your sales pipeline, forecast, deal size and revenue under one simple report

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What is sales pipeline?

The sales pipeline is a graphical representation used by sales reps to understand how the lead is moving from Prospect to Customer. It consists of a predefined series of actions which salespeople use to close a deal. Example – No of meetings, follow up calls, emails, second meeting, quotation etc.

What can you track with sales pipeline report?

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Pipeline by sales rep

Get insights into individual sales person’s pipeline performance. You can identify the reps with smaller pipelines

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Pipeline by region

Track which regions or geographies are adding more revenue to the pipeline. You can also customize your reports like for education business, you can set up multiple campuses

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Pipeline by lead source

Understand which lead sources are contributing to your sales pipeline. Stop wasting money on non-performing sources and invest on the most profitable ones

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