Eka.care Achieves 100% Funnel Visibility with LeadSquared

LeadSquared helped us unlock much-needed visibility – both into our customer journey & internal processes. We have been able to derive valuable insights and make better, data-driven decisions. Overall, it has been a great experience and we look forward to a continued partnership with LeadSquared.” 

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Activity Tracking


Pipeline Visibility




Decision Making

Eka.care Loves LeadSquared for :

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  • Speedy Implementation  
  • Automated Reminders & Actions
  • Facilitating Accountability 

Activity Tracking


Pipeline Visibility




Decision Making

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About Eka.Care

Eka.care is a HealthTech start-up with a vision to create digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystems for better health outcomes.  

Currently, the company provides app-based platforms to three key stakeholders – Doctors, Patients & Labs and has also partnered with government initiatives like ABHA & CoWIN.

Eka.care Team

Before using LeadSquared, Eka.care maintained leads & customer data on old-school tools like Excel and note apps. Here are some of the key challenges the company faced. 


1. Excel Sheets Don’t Scale

Maintaining and tracking leads on manual tools like excel sheets became infeasible as operations scaled.

2. Low Pipeline Visibility

Tracking end-to-end doctor journeys was not possible on disparate systems. Reports were unreliable and difficult to generate.

3. Ineffective Sales Management

Without a centralized sales management system, there wasn’t any way to verify what the sales reps said vis-a-vis what they did. There was low transparency and lack of accountability.

4. Strenuous Manual Work

Manual data-entry was high-effort, time consuming, and error prone.


Centralized Lead Ecosystem

While scaling operations, Eka.care realized that they had to move from a set of scattered google sheets to a centralized database. They were looking for an all-in-one CRM that could handle all their telephony, inside sales & field teams. That’s where LeadSquared came in. 

LeadSquared helped Eka.care consolidate & manage all their leads and processes on one platform.  

Since each lead stays on the system throughout the sales process, data doesn’t have to be transferred or re-entered. This simplifies lead management, eliminates manual work, enables tracking and ensures secure storage of lead data. 

100% Pipeline Visibility

With LeadSquared’s extensive lead-tracking tools, Eka.care can monitor lead journeys all the way from capture to conversion. Teams can view details like source, interaction history & lead status in a single click.  

For more detailed analytics, Eka leverages LeadSquared’s reports. LeadSquared has over 135+ detailed reports to help analyze every piece of your process – from campaign spend to sales closure-rates. 

“Generating and sharing reports with our team & relationship managers has become incredibly easy. In most meetings we just have to screen-share our Leadsquared dashboard.”

Increased Accountability & Transparency

As every lead and its corresponding sales activity is updated on LeadSquared, managers now have a centralized platform where they can monitor & track employee performance.  

For instance, managers can view how many calls/follow-ups have been completed by an agent and what leads are they working on. This way, they can ensure that pending tasks are being adhered to and the right leads are being prioritised. 

LeadSquared’s powerful healthcare mobile CRM helps Eka track and manage field sales representatives all over India.  

“We can track daily productivity of our teams and ensure that the correct workflow is being followed.”


Implementing LeadSquared has helped Eka.care centralize and automate their lead and sales management. This has facilitated data-driven decisions, optimized workflows and greater process transparency.