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Bellus Academy is an award-winning beauty and wellness institution dedicated to graduating career-ready professionals. They specialize in advanced training and have built a reputation for innovative education. They love seeing their students thrive in the industry! Not only do they graduate excellent candidates, but their reputation has led to a huge network of top salons and spas looking to employ the graduates consistently.

Bellus Academy enrolls a variety of demographics. From high school graduates to veterans, to moms – they see people from every walk of life. With 3 campuses in San Diego and 1 in Manhattan, Bellus Academy caters to 1200+ students.

What is the Admission process:

The majority of  leads for Bellus Academy come through filling out a lead form on their website or a landing page through their Google or social ads. From an offline perspective, they get leads through walk-ins, events or referrals. Once a lead enters their system, an automatic email goes out, and then an admission rep or a call center employee makes the first contact.

The reps schedule the campus visits as per the convenience of the student. They offer each lead a free tour of their school, where they can ask questions, see the campus, and learn about their programs.

Admission process at Bellus Academy

The academy has one to two admissions reps at each of their 4 campuses, depending on the size. They also have a team of call center employees who work remotely and book campus tour for their onsite reps. An outreach person and a part-time marketing coordinator works along with one Director of Admissions and Marketing who overseas all reps, outreach and marketing activities.

Why they chose LeadSquared Enrolment Management Solution:

Bellus Academy has always used an enrolment management solution. Prior to using LeadSquared, they were using a different CRM.

They started looking at LeadSquared Enrolment Management to see if they could make improvements to increase their productivity and reduce their lead to enrolment time. The marketing aspects of their old system was a major pain point. The email templates were not user friendly and the designs did not work well for mobile.

What were the challenges during LeadSquared Implementation:

The major concern with using LeadSquared was that it was new to them. The stakeholders at Bellus Academy were worried about importing 12 years worth of data and notes on each lead from their old system to LeadSquared.

“We had used our old system for so long with the same reps, that learning an entire new system had its challenges. There were definite hurdles, but the LeadSquared support team has been very quick to help, should we need anything. I can depend on them to help us with anything 24/7.”– Sarah Holmes, Bellus Academy

What KPI’s are being measured using LeadSquared:

The team uses LeadSquared aggressively. They have contact goals for their reps and they manage the lead communications through the platform including emails and texts.

Bellus Academy looks at reports on a regular basis. They look at admission contact rates, lead conversions, leads by source, and lead to enrolment time.  The reporting system makes it easy for them to pull these numbers and compare year over year.

Lead to Enrolment Reports

Being hit by an unprecedented situation like Covid19, Bellus Academy faced a few setbacks. While the team worked remotely,  LeadSquared helped them in measuring their employees’ contribution to achieving the firm’s designated goals.

“Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, our business stays the usual, minus in-person meetings with clients. But, we are keeping track of all admission and enrolment activities using LeadSquared reports. Features like clock-in and clock-out, user activity reports and productivity reports help us get a tight grip on every aspect of our admission process- people, funnel and revenue.”

How did LeadSquared help:

Whenever a new system is deployed, hurdles are meant to come along the way. The team had used their old system for so long, that transitioning had a learning curve. The LeadSquared Implementation Team assisted them with the training. The marketing aspects and the ability to track leads in the real time as they’re engaging on your website has been a major advantage.

“Since LeadSquared, we have noticed an increase in our conversion rates from around 15-17% to mid 20%. LeadSquared makes it so much easier to follow up with leads and makes sure no one gets lost in the process. The main addition has been the ability to build consistent enrolment journeys combining admissions, marketing and automation. That has brought a phenomenal change in the process and a reduction in our lead-to-enrolment time by 60%.”

-Sarah Holmes, Corporate Director of Admissions, Bellus Academy

What Bellus Academy achieved after using LeadSquared

  • 60% reduction in lead-to-enrollment time
  • 25% conversion rates, up from 15-17%
  • Easy follow-ups and no missed opportunities
  • Combining enrollment workflows for admissions & marketing

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