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Capture hotel inquiries, run marketing campaigns and manage leads seamlessly

  • Capture resort & hotel booking inquiries from all channels
  • Custom templates for hotels & hospitality marketing
  • Track phone conversations from prospects & customers
  • Automatically distribute leads
  • Reduce response time with instant booking notifications

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Customers who use LeadSquared report


Increase in lead engagement


Increase in sales conversions


Lead leakage

Got started in 20-30 minutes

LeadSquared has helped the sales team a lot. It manages leads from all our sources, which are gathered in one place. It makes it easier for us to follow-up on the open leads/prospects. For the management, all our offline leads are imported to LeadSquared. We also use LeadSquared for our Loyalty Program.

Improved Team Productivity

We were able to configure all the required targets for our team like the number of leads, activities completed, conversion rates, targets met, etc.  Being able to set up different kinds of targets makes ACE Goals a very critical feature for us now.

Easy to Scale!

At every stage, as Acron’s competitive demand grew, LeadSquared has been responsive and scaled along with our business. The platform, with its many features, has catered to all our requirements.