websites to generate student leads for higher education in Australia

With more than 40 institutions and over thousands of courses to choose from, Australia provides a wide variety of study options for both domestic and foreign students. Melbourne and Sydney are two of the top five cities for students to study in. Most Australian educational institutions aim to improve their outcomes in terms of student satisfaction, employability, quality of life, and sense of student community. 

But to meet these goals, universities need to have a good admissions pipeline to sift out and admit the students with the highest potential to their university. Selecting the best students can improve graduation rates and the university’s rankings. One of the biggest challenges that education institutes struggle with is the first step—getting students to apply for their courses.  

Higher Education is a growing sector that has reached $34bn. The competition to admit the top students, both in Australia and abroad is fierce. Fortunately, you have this guide with 20 websites that help higher education institutes generate student leads to boost their admissions pipeline. Let’s get started! 

Websites for generating higher quality leads

College Boards 

Students and parents often visit college board websites to know more about colleges, find their rankings, and weigh in the chances of acceptance. Such websites are great for lead generation as the visitors are already looking for universities or colleges to get into. You can take it a step ahead by utilizing the display banners and search result advertising to generate high-intent student leads. These portals often have partnership programs as well.  

1. Study in Australia

Study in Australia

There are courses available in 29 different study areas at Studies in Australia, including engineering, business, and languages. Study in Australia lists everything a student may need, whether they want to enroll in an undergraduate program, an English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS program), or a postgraduate degree. Parents can also use the search tool to access high school programs in Australia.  

The website allows banner advertisements. To enlist your institution, you need to directly get in touch with the Good Education Group. They provide contact forms as well as links to social media pages. 

Bonus: The available programs are recognized by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, they also include high school curricula, English language classes, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses. 


2. The Uni Guide  

The Uni Guide

High school graduates can research, shortlist, compare, and apply for thousands of undergraduate courses on The Uni Guide’s website. In addition, it gives universities and other higher education institutions the chance to present their best programs to a highly targeted group of candidates. 

To get enlisted on their website, you can email at or contact them at +61 28311 1168.  

Bonus: The Uni Guide also has a separate section for scholarships available in Australia. Students can filter by programs of choice and utilize the tools on the platform to shortlist and compare courses.  


3. ComparED  


From the viewpoint of current students and recent graduates, the ComparED website offers prospective students accurate and transparent information about Australian higher education institutions. 

Information on graduate incomes gleaned from tax records is added to survey results. Users should use the information on this site to make well-informed decisions about their options for further education. Utilizing a wide range of performance indicators, ComparED was created to allow users to compare various educational institutions and subject areas. To be enlisted on CompareED, you need to be registered with Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as a higher education provider. 

Bonus: Most of the information on the website is derived from survey data that asks students about their experiences in higher education and their chances of finding employment after graduation. 


4. Course Seeker  

Course Seeker

Course Seeker is a collaborative effort between the Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs) and the Government of Australia. Course Seeker enables students to make decisions about their upcoming education with the aid of. It offers precise, insightful, and transparent details regarding ATARs, prerequisites, and the enrolment procedures and policies used by higher education institutions all over Australia. 

To get your institution enlisted, you need to register with TEQSA.  

Bonus: Course Seeker displays information about the provider, the course, the entry requirements, and the admissions procedures. Additionally, it highlights survey data on graduate outcomes and student satisfaction, both for the provider as a whole and each study area. 


5. QILT  


QILT or Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching is a group of surveys that the government has approved for use in higher education. They cover the entire student life cycle, from enrolment to employment. To promote quality improvement, QILT makes reliable, nationally consistent performance data for Australian higher education available. 

QILT has a provider portal via which you can enlist your college or university.  

Bonus: QILT is a great resource for students to find accurate institutional information. The Department of Education of the Australian Government sponsors QILT. The QILT surveys and related resources, such as this website, are managed by the Social Research Centre.  


6. Better Education

Better Education

Better Education is a free online community for everyone involved in learning and teaching as well as other education-related services. This includes parents, students, teachers, schools, coaches (academic, sports, fitness, arts, extra-curriculum), and tutors. It offers a platform for community interaction, connecting parents and children to schools. 

The platform is ad-supported and has a premium advertising option. With the premium listing, you can have a separate page where you can feature your institute’s USPs. There is no limitation to the number of resources or sections.  

Bonus: Additionally, Better Education Books offer discounts on textbooks, teacher resource publications, exam manuals, and digital products as well as books for school, higher education, academic, and professional settings. 


7. Australian University Rankings  

Australian University Rankings

Australian University Rankings, as the name says, is a ranked list of Australian universities. The website ranks the universities and provides them with a three-to-five-star rating. The website combines multiple metrics to infer the rank, including global rankings, student feedback, survey outcomes, gender inclusiveness, and more.  

To get your institute listed, you can directly contact the organization from its contact page. If your institute is already listed with other platforms, you can share that information with Australian University Rankings.  

Bonus: A useful piece of information at Australian University Rankings is the average starting salaries for graduates from each university. Also, the website has a useful blog section that generally receives a high traffic from students.  


8. Study Australia  

Study Australia

The Study Australia website has been a dependable and authorized Australian Government resource for prospective international students, their families, and education agencies for more than 20 years. 

The website helps students find information about Australian education, training, research and to make decisions about their future and studies. Everything you need to know is covered on the website, from information on destinations and student assistance programs for online networking opportunities and virtual internships.  

The institute or education agents, the website has a separate Partner Hub which they can use to sign up and enlist their institute.  

Bonus: Students and parents can browse the full selection of Study Australia options nearby and online with the option to transfer to on-campus programs in Australia using the new Course Search tool. The website also offers a Study Australia Employability Hub with free micro-credentials in academic readiness and job readiness (including entrepreneurship). 


9. Universities Australia  

Universities Australia

As the industry’s apex organization, Universities Australia promotes higher education’s enormous social and economic significance to Australia and the rest of the globe. The organization offers qualified policy recommendations, analysis, statistical support, and media commentary on higher education on behalf of its 39 member universities. To facilitate cross-border and international partnerships, they also submit proposals, create sector-wide policies, represent Australian universities on government and business-appointed committees, and collaborate with universities in other nations.  

Institutes can get in touch through the contact form present on their website.  

Bonus: Universities Australia allows students to explore the startup hubs of enlisted universities.  

10. IHEA | Independent Higher Education Australia  

Independent Higher Education Australia

The bulk of Australia’s approved and registered independent higher education providers are represented by IHEA. 

Independent colleges and universities with campuses all around Australia are among its members. Law, engineering, agricultural science, architecture, business, accounting, tourism and hospitality, education, health sciences, theology, creative arts, information technology, and social sciences are just a few of the fields taught by IHEA members. 

IHEA allows institutes to log in as a member through their dedicated portal. To become a member, they have a membership page that has the relevant contact details.  

Bonus: Students can get information and learn more from student stories about IHEA-enlisted universities from this website.  

11. ECA – Education Centre of Australia  

Education Centre of Australia

The ECA Group is an innovative, market-leading education company that provides students with end-to-end services from the time they arrive in Australia until they find employment. 

Through English language classes, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and targeted internships, the organization has assisted tens of thousands of students from around the world. They have a strong global network of 1200+ Education Agents dispersed over 7 regions — Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, the Philippines, and Nepal — and a global presence in each of those countries. Additionally, they collaborate with reputable institutions of higher learning including Victoria University and Swinburne University. To become a partner or an agent, ECA has a separate portal where higher education institutes can enlist themselves.  

Bonus: ECA provides detailed course information to students for enlisted universities. It also provides student services such as airport pickup and accommodation services.  

12. Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

Universities Admissions Centre

Most undergraduate course applications are processed by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) at member universities (mainly located in NSW and the ACT). In addition to higher institutions, schools, parents, government education departments, statutory authorities, and other bodies, UAC provides outstanding service to its candidates. 

UAC has a dedicated marketing portal for advertising that allows publications, display advertising, email marketing, SMS marketing, and more.  

Bonus: UAC allows students to search for courses right from their website. UAC also has dedicated resources and guides to simplify activities for students, teacher, parents, and career advisors.  

Website: https:

13. IDP Australia 

IDP Australia

IDP is a pioneer in providing services for international education, assisting individuals in achieving their objectives. They are a publicly traded firm with offices in more than 50 nations and are listed in Australia with a sizable network of opportunities. Their vast network of approachable specialists enables students to find and enroll in the institution or university where they will succeed. 

IDP has partnership programs that can be accessed via their website. The partnership programs allow students to find the right institutions and submit their applications with ease.  

Bonus: IDP is a co-owner of IELTS and provides helpful information for international students. The portal also has information on visas, migration, and life in Australia.  

14. Good Universities Guide  

Good Universities Guide

The Good Universities Guide is a part of the Good Education Media. It is an extensive search engine for looking up courses, institutions, career options, scholarships, and events in Australia. To partner with the organization, you need to reach out to the Good Education Group. They also allow guest blogs on their website via which you can reach out to your target audience.  

Bonus: Being a part of the Good Education Media group, the website has an extensive blog section that’s useful for students and parents.  


15. Tafe Courses

Tafe Courses

A directory of tertiary education courses can be found at Tafe Courses. Parents and students can find all the information they need to make an informed decision. To add courses from a variety of topic areas and qualifications to the list, the organization has collaborated with Australian TAFEs, universities, and registered training organizations. Students get access to over 700 courses from more than 80 different education providers, making it simple to compare them and select the one that best meets their needs. 

Tafe Courses has an affiliate program.  They are a part of Candlefox Education. Candlefox collaborates with several carefully chosen premium websites that seek to provide their audience with fresh chances to advance their education and skills. Additionally, they offer advertising services. They aid organizations of all sizes and kinds in online course promotion and enrollment maximization. 

Bonus: Tafe Courses include a wide range of Australian sectors covered in their articles. In the Resources hub, students can read up on the most recent industry insights and news. The most recent information about jobs, industries, and qualifications is provided in articles that incorporate interviews with industry professionals to provide you with an honest assessment of the student’s career. 


16. CourseFinder 


CourseFinder aims to compile the largest and highest quality variety of distance learning courses. Students will be able to gain the benefits of online education while taking advantage of its convenience and flexibility. The platform specializes in bringing together online and distance education courses from the top-tier TAFEs, private schools, and universities in Australia. You can get enlisted at CourseFinder through their partnership program.  

Bonus: CourseFinder has a massive list of courses from the topmost providers, making it one of the best sites for students and professionals to upskill themselves. Whether one is just getting started, looking to change careers, or looking to expand on their current skills, CourseFinder can help. 

17. Open Universities Australia  

Open Universities Australia

Online higher education can be found through Open Universities Australia (OUA). The platform provides a website that enables students to research hundreds of degrees offered by top Australian universities. 

The non-profit platform was established in 1993 and is accessible to every student who wishes to research and pursue courses in Australia.  

You can get enlisted as a partner of the OUA through their partnership program. With end-to-end enrolment management, their entire service solution simplifies the workflows associated with running a higher education institute. To manage your course catalog and keep track of student enrollment information, you’ll also have access to Partner Hub.  

Bonus: With OUA, students and working professionals can get into any university of their choice and get campus-quality education. This makes OUA quite a lucrative option for those who want courses to upskill themselves, along with those who are pursuing a course for a full degree.  


News Websites 

News websites get visitors across multiple demographics. However, you can still reach out to students, parents, and working professionals by partnering with the right websites. Here are a couple of websites that cover the education sector and help you get in touch with the right kind of leads.  

18. Education Review  

Education Review

Australia’s top independent publisher of print and digital information for K–12 education, Education Review has been around since 1997. Every month, more than 80,000 educators are engaged by their high-quality content that generates more than 35,000 leads in a market worth around $84 billion annually. Education Review is ad-supported and can be contacted via its advertising page

Bonus: Education Review has a rich library of podcasts that also cover the education industry.  

19. SchoolNews – Australia  

SchoolNews Australia

While SchoolNews Australia covers school education, the organization publishes articles both in print and digital. They also cover areas such as technology and mental health which attracts the readership of tertiary students and working professionals. SchoolNews is ad-supported and to explore opportunities, you need to contact them via their dedicated page for advertisers.  

Bonus: SchoolNews primarily covers content that attracts teachers and parents. However, it has a dedicated section that also caters to suppliers and vendors.  


And that brings us to end of this list of websites that help you generate student leads. As an educational institute, your goal exceeds just lead generation and lands at admissions instead. To have the best students studying at your institution, you also need to optimize your admission processes to the same standard.  

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