75% of healthcare providers agree that patient experience is vital for future success. However, 81% of people are not at all satisfied with their health care experience. That means there is a huge gap between what patients feel and care providers understand. 

Naturally, any provider will want to close the gap to improve their service. But where do you begin?

Well, instead of speculating, why not ask your patients? They are the ones experiencing the service and are best to uncover what you lack. On that note, patient satisfaction survey questions can be the ideal tool to find your areas of improvement. 

Know your customers and how they feel with these questions

You need to ask the right questions to effectively track your drawbacks. So here are the top patient satisfaction survey questions to include in your feedback form. We will present the patient survey questions and explain why these examples are important.

1. How did you find the experience of booking appointments?

a)      Very easy

b)     Easy

c)      Somewhat easy

d)     Difficult

e)     Somewhat difficult

f)       Very difficult

Ask your patients how easy they found to book an appointment at your clinic or hospital. The easier your booking process, the higher is the patient satisfaction.

People who say they found booking difficult are best to find your drawbacks. You can include a follow-up question and ask them what they specifically didn’t like. 

Tip to make booking appointments faster:

You can provide online bookings to help patients book appointments easily. Insert lead capture forms on your website and connect it with your healthcare CRM.

Place toll-free contact numbers on your website. Connect it with a call distribution mechanism in your CRM. It can redirect the call to the available free agent to avoid any missed calls.

call distribution crm for clinics

Set up automation to notify representatives and care managers about website form submission or missed calls.

2. Were our staff empathetic to your needs?

a)      Vey empathetic

b)     Empathetic

c)      Somewhat empathetic

d)     Not empathetic

empathize for better patient satisfaction

66% of patients feel providers don’t take the time to understand patient needs or explain options.

(Source: https://www.prophet.com/patientexperience/the-current-state-of-the-patient-experience.html)

This leaves patients disgruntled as they don’t receive the best care. Also, they might leave you for your competitor. So, always remember to include this question in your healthcare survey.

Tip: Train your staff to be caring and dedicated to patients.

3. How long did you have to wait until the doctor attends to you?

a)      As I expected

b)     Had to wait more than I expected

Cutting waiting times is one of the main goals of any healthcare organization. You want to serve patients as quickly as possible to provide satisfaction and timely care.

improve satisfaction with healthcare providers

Your wait time should be on par with your industry average. Including this in your patient experience survey question will help you immensely.

Tip to reduce appointment waiting time:

Automate the healthcare process using workflow automation to reduce waiting times.

You can use HIPAA compliant appointment scheduling system to minimize no-shows and improve patient flow.

Manage recurring patients and set up timely reminders for patients to ensure availability.

4. Were you satisfied with the doctor you were allocated with?

a)      Somewhat satisfied

b)     Satisfied

c)      Somewhat satisfied

d)     Dissatisfied

e)     Very dissatisfied

Healthcare organizations recommend the best doctor based on the data collected or patient requirements. However, the recommendations may not always be effective. It’s important to ask this question so that you can improve your doctor’s recommendation process.

Tip to automate and map doctor-patients:

Healthcare CRM Software - doctor assignment

Map patients to doctors of your or their choice using distribution mechanisms in CRM. Using the patient inquiry form automate on the mapping on the basis of region, time, specialty, medical history.

5. How easy is it to navigate our facility?

a)      Very easy

b)     Easy

c)      Somewhat easy

d)     Difficult

e)     Somewhat difficult

f)       Very difficult

A lot of time is wasted in finding the right doctor’s room or the X-ray room in a facility. The staff is also not always around to help out. Improving facility navigability improves patient satisfaction, reduces response times, and speeds up care delivery.

improve hospital navigation

Tip: Use signs and maps to help patients find their way.

6. How happy are you with the doctor’s treatment?

a)      Happy

b)     Somewhat happy

c)      Okay

d)     Dissatisfied

Sometimes, patients are not treated well by doctors. Maybe they are too busy, or they just view patients as a business. If certain doctors are bringing a bad name to your establishment, it’s time for a change.

7. Were we able to answer all your questions?

a)      Somewhat yes

b)     Yes 

c)      Some questions left unanswered

d)     No

It’s vital to resolve all your patient queries to provide good service. A patient will obviously not be at ease when he has questions about his health. 


Your website is the best place to answer all common questions of patients. Additionally, make sure your staff picks up the phone and replies to emails.

Use the healthcare marketing system to build landing pages, automate emails to build lasting relationships.

8. How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family?

It’s something you need to ask all your patients. For one, it gives you an insight into the overall impression they have of your practice.

a)      Very likely

b)     Likely

c)      Somewhat likely

d)     Not very likely

e)     Never

This question directly helps you discover how your patients feel. If someone is ready to recommend your business, then obviously you are doing a good job.

9. How much do you rate us? (5 being the highest rating)

 This one’s a simple rating, but it tells you where you are in the customer experience journey.

a)      1

b)     2

c)      3

d)     4

e)     5

Rating is another direct way to measuring patient satisfaction. If someone gives a bad rating, you can ask them to mention what they didn’t like.

10. What are the things you feel we should improve upon?

patient satisfaction survey example

This is a perfect health care satisfaction survey question that gives you the opportunity to discover what the patients don’t like. Just provide a blank space after the question so that patients can type in their answers.

Tip: Take cues from patients and improve your shortcoming to enhance the patient experience and patient care. 

Automate Feedback Gathering with Healthcare CRM

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRMs like LeadSquared can automate the whole process of collecting patient feedback. You can send feedback forms and surveys via emails, text, or notifications.

The solution also helps track patient satisfaction survey questions. You can manage customer interactions, and perform better healthcare marketing.

You can even automate your operations, patient management, and a plethora of tasks. Get in touch with us to know more about how LeadSquared can help your healthcare business grow.

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