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Landing pages are a major component of any inbound marketing strategy. They are remarkably powerful in converting traffic into leads by prompting website visitors to focus on one thing and one things alone…the action that YOU want them to take; a download, blog subscription, buying a product, filling up a lead capture form and a lot more. But then for all these actions, you don’t just need a landing page, you need the ‘PERFECT’ one!

Learn what is the ONE secret behind a ‘perfect’ landing page. 

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Today, most sites are on WordPress and why not? Its easy to use, powerful and highly flexible. In an earlier post we had spoken about WordPress Landing Page Plugins for Lead Capture, here are 5 platforms that you can use to create killer WordPress Landing Pages.

A. Premise

Premise is a platform that lets you create WordPress landing pages very quickly and effectively. You can use Premise to build custom landing pages alongside any WordPress theme or build entire WordPress sites.

Here are some of the most prominent features of Premise:

i. Offers variety of page options: Premise allows you to create 8 landing page styles in WordPress, add visual flair with 1100+ custom graphics and control fonts, colors, and styles without coding knowledge.

ii. Comprehensive Copywriting Advice offered: Afterall, it’s the landing page copy that will make people take the action that you want them to take. As and when you fill your page, copywriting advice is delivered directly from your WordPress interface. You also get the ‘Premise Guide to Effective Copy’ on signing up.

iii. Get access to SEO tools: Premise provides detailed conversion optimization seminars from industry experts, split-testing directly from inside WordPress and SEO tools that ensure you get most out of your landing pages.

iv. No coding knowledge required: If you have design skills as that of a child of 5th standard, fret not! You need no coding language to be able to create WordPress landing pages with Premise. You can also create different styles with a simple back-end interface.

v. Email Opt-in Page: One of the most important tasks before the sale is to get people on your list. Premise makes it easy with integration from Aweber, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.

vi. Quick A/B testing: Landing pages are integrated with Google Optimizer, one of the best testing platform. This enables you to quickly set-up A/B tests for your landing pages.

vii.  Highly Customizable: Most of the important design elements on premise is easily configured from the central dashboard. Everything is customizable…the background color or image to the font size, headline colors and even the spacing between your words. The block quotes, testimonials, opt-in boxes and pricing tables are also customizable. You have complete control of what you want without a single line of coding.

Here are the 8 types of landing pages that you can build with Premise:
Sales Page – An all action oriented page.
Email opt-in page – Premise integrates with email marketing service providers like Aweber, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.
Video landing page – Its really easy to create WordPress landing page with videos using Premise.
Content (SEO) landing page – You can create Content WordPress landing pages when you want to rank for a certain search term.
Pricing Page – The pricing page is crucial and should be clear when you are offering multiple plans with different prices.
Tabbed scroller page – Check out this page first? What did you see? It has side-scrolling content. You can break down really really long content into tab-sized chunks without irritating
Thank You Page – A ‘Thank You’  page that a website user sees after an action has been taken.
Social Share Page – A WordPress landing page that prompts users to share the page before they can access its content.

Check out a few WordPress landing page samples and their list of FAQs here.

Premise does not offer any free trial. It is completely paid at $165 ( One-time Licence, refundable within 30 days if you are not satisfied).

B. MaxInbound

This platform comes with in-built landing page templates which help create great-looking landing pages in no time. MaxInbound provides templates for three major types of landing pages:

i. Clickthrough Templates

Clickthrough landing pages are made to entice potential customers to perform a single action, like clicking a call-to-action button. These Wordpress landing pages are important because they are at typically the start of any good sales funnel.

ii. Lead Generation Templates

Lead gen templates make it easy to add nearly any form of email lists to them, no matter how long they are. You can add them either from another WordPress plugin (Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms) or from an external email list service, such as Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor etc .

iii. Sales Letter Templates

MaxInbound also provides templates for long-form sales pages (also known as sales letters). The goal of these WordPress landing pages is to keep the visitor reading, all the way from the top to the very bottom.

All MaxInbound landing page templates are easy-to-use and extremely flexible. Here is a list of its features:

i. Easily integrates with lead generation forms: The WordPress landing pages created with MaxInbound easily integrate with lead generation form plugins like Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

ii. 3rd party Email list integration: MaxInbound integrates with 3rd party email list forms as Aweber & MailChimp.

iii. SEO Options: Out-of-the-box SEO options for page title, meta description and keywords.

iv. Embed Images/video: You can insert images or embed videos onto the landing pages.

v. Other Features: You can include features like call-to-action buttons, graphics for background images, benefits list, payment methods and money back guarantee seals.

vi. No coding: You need no coding knowledge to be able to create awesome WP landing pages.

vii. Works with any WordPress theme: MaxInbound works with any WordPress theme.

viii. 1-click to duplicate: If you want to make changes in a landing page, all it takes is 1-click to make a copy of the existing landing page and make changes as you desire.

There are a lot more features which you can take a look at. MaxInbound does not have a free trial or plan. You can check out their pricing options here.

C. Instabuilder

Like Instabuilder puts it, this platform lets anyone create ‘guru’ marketing landing pages in minutes with just a click of a button. Because Instabuilder is a WordPress plugin, you can create landing pages with your own templates or their very own highly responsive templates. This also means that the landing pages work equally well in desktop, laptop, tabs and smartphones.

i. Easy installation: Setting up and installation is a breeze and you can have your landing pages ready for functioning in a matter of minutes.

ii. Choose the plan that works best for you: They have various plans that you can choose from. Take a look at their ‘single’ price list and unlimited price list.

iii. It integrates with autoresponders: Instabuilder integrates with email marketing and autoresponder softwares as Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp etc. to help you get responses when leads are captured.

iv: No codes → No mess: If you lack basic technical knowledge about landing pages, don’t worry. The plugins from Instabuilder provide easy to use drop menus which support various fonts, styles, highlighter etc.

Here are a few demos that you can watch to delve further.

D. OptimizePress

You can create almost any kind of pages for your business inside WordPress.

You can create high converting landing pages, full scale marketing sites and sales pages, training & course pages, high impact webinar registration pages, membership portals, use their unique LaunchSuite to create product launch funnels and get mobile ready versions of all pages. Awesome isn’t it?

Here are a few salient features:

i. Build & edit WordPress landing pages in real-time: OptimizePress’ Live Editor lets you edit your pages live.

ii. Fully responsive mobile ready pages: OptimizePress automatically generates fully responsive mobile pages. This way, your WordPress landing pages look stunning on any device.

iii. OptimizePress + WordPress themes: OptimizePress comes in WordPress theme & plugin formats. It is fully integrated with the WordPress CMS. There are thousands of plugins available to add additional functionality and optimization to yourLanding pages.

iv. 30+ Templates to choose from: If you are not sure where to begin with, use any of their in-built templates to give you a head-start.

v. Integration with Email marketing and Autoresponder software: Optimize Press also integrates with MailChimp and Aweber.

vi. Element Browser: All elements are customizable and they also have an Element Browser which houses over 40 different elements to help you add more functionality. You can add headlines, order boxes, testimonial blocks, progress bars, countdown timers, video & audio players and much more.

They do not have a free plan or trial. You can take a look at their marketplace here. They do have a 30 days money back guarantee.

V. LeadSquared

This is not a WordPress landing page creating platform per say, but it allows you to create landing pages for lead capture and then link it with your WordPress website. Here is an example:

Like you can see in the image above, the LeadSquared blog is on WordPress. When a website visitor clicks on the Call to Action on the right end side of the blog page, they are directed to the lead capture form window shown below.

Apart from creating standalone landing pages, you can also embed LeadSquared’s lead capture forms on individual pages. Here is an example:

The LeadSquared lead capture form is embedded on the blog itself. The leads collected off this lead capture form are stored in LeadSquared’s lead management software.

Didn’t think making WordPress landing pages was so easy right? Do share your thoughts by leaving me comments. :)

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