Google Display Ads

The attendees of the webinar on ‘Drive Traffic and Generate More Leads with Google Display Ads’ raised a number of pertinent questions related to Google Display Ads and the display network. Some of the questions have been answered in this post, for the benefit of those who missed it.

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Question 1

The leads that I get from display network are lower in quality as compared to Search Network. Is this usual?

Yes, that might be the case. Unlike the visitors from the search network, these guys are not specifically searching for what you have to offer. You can make sure that the display network gets you relevant leads by making the best of the targeting options available to you. If you are getting enough impressions by setting really specific placement, topic and contextual targeting options, use them. This way you would get lower traffic, but quality leads. Remarketing and Similar Audience targeting would also get you more relevant leads.

Question 2

I have used the contextual targeting option in running the Google display ads before, and faced the main problem of relevant targeted pages to show the ads. I applied further filters, but it made the impressions very thin.

Instead of using the contextual targeting option, try using the topics targeting to see how that works. Unless you experiment, you will not be able to figure out what works the best for you. You definitely would get much lower impressions by using multiple targeting options but the lead quality would be higher. However, if the impressions are too low, the ads won’t show up at all, so it’s better if you don’t choose all the targeting options together.

Question 3

In the display network, I have not been able to see any relevant placement options to drive relevant traffic to my website.

If that’s happening, use topics targeting instead of placements. Google has already grouped the sites in its display network into different categories, and you should be able to drive relevant traffic by using topics.

Question 4

How to increase website conversion rates?

There can be multiple ways to improve the website conversion rates. The very first one is to redirect your campaign traffic to a lead capture landing page, instead of your website. The landing page must be relevant to your ad copy ‘or’ ad image, otherwise the conversion rates would drop. The website conversions would also depend on what you have to offer. If there is an offer on your landing page (like discount coupons, free e-books etc.) the conversion rate would be higher than otherwise.

Question 5

What is minimum REACH number to run campaigns?

Try at least for few million impressions and bid high; in a day or two, if you are not getting enough impressions, then increase the reach (by relaxing the targeting a bit) and increase the bid further.

Question 6

I am trying to create 2 ad groups for display text and image display ads. Can we create both in a single campaign?

I would recommend you to keep a separate campaign for this. However, if you are wondering whether you can do both in one, then the answer is yes.

Question 7

Can I have desktop level targeting for a specific OS (OS X or OS X 10.9)? I want to use Adwords for MAC apps promotion. Most MAC specific websites have Google Adwords as one of the major display advertising platforms.

Desktop level targeting option is not there in Adwords. What you can try though is to run mobile ads – there you can control the ads to be delivered by device – you can choose iPhone – users of this device have high probability of having Mac. So, you would be able to reach out to your target audience. However, you would get the correct facts only after you run a trial campaign.

If your apps run on mobiles, then you can create App promotion ads as well.

Question 8

How can I enroll for a DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Account?

DFA is an ad management solution that helps advertisers and agencies manage their digital advertising programs. You will need to contact their sales team if you want their service. Here is a DoubleClick for Advertisers link to their contact page. However, it must be said that several people have complained about the sales team not getting back to them. Hence, it can be safely assumed that perhaps they have a certain criteria, based on which they enroll customers.

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