With Google Hummingbird Algorithm, Rank Higher as ‘Answers’ to your Audiences Search Queries

Now every time your users types in a search query, Google will make sure that it provides the best possible ‘answer’ to the whole query rather than just providing ‘relevant results’. Here is a simple example…

Let’s say you type in a query on Google like this- “Calories in a McDonalds Burger”. With the new Hummingbird Algorithm update, Google will now provide you with answers that specifically show the calorie count in a McDonald’s burger. Whereas earlier, it would have just shown results on calorie count of a burger in general.

If you enter a location specific query on Google like this- “nearest Samsung showroom”, which obviously specifies that you are looking for a Samsung showroom near to where you are located. So if you have done the search settings on the browser linking it to your Google account, you can really get perfect answers for your query. Check out below:

When I typed, “nearest Samsung showroom”, Google shows me a map of all the nearby Samsung showroom location in Bangalore. Plus there are organic results for www.samsung.com and local listings of showrooms along with their address and contact number. Isn’t that just cool!

Not only you can conduct such a conversation with Google through your PC, but also through smartphones and tablets. In fact using these personalized gadgets would help you take advantage of this conversational search more effectively with all location settings done in advance. You can also conduct a voice search on Google, through your PC, mobile or tablets and get relevant answers to your query.

So is the SEO Really DEAD?

The answer is, No.

SEO is not DEAD, but the way Google would process it has changed for good. Contextual search or Intent-based search is the focus now. As I already said earlier, instead of just paying attention to a keyword in a search phrase, Google will actual consider the whole sentence, its meaning, user profile and search settings/preferences.

If you fear that your traffic or rank on the results page might go down due to the change, do not worry! So far there has not been any drastic change in SEO rankings. But the intention is surely to improve particular search results, especially for those that include complex or longer search queries. This might affect the rankings of results that focus on specific phrases of the query.

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