Marketing Automation is indispensable for marketers. But, despite the name, automation can impact sales! How you ask? It aids the entire process by plugging the leaks in the system, aligning sales and marketing in creating a streamlined revenue model. The whole idea of automation is to let it take care of mundane and routine tasks, while people continue to work on making strategical decisions.

So, how can businesses create new sales scenarios using automations? This is something Nilesh, our speaker, enlightened us on the topic in our last webinar.

Nilesh Patel is the Founder and CEO of LeadSquared, a fast growing sales execution and marketing automation platform. He is on a mission to simplify marketing & lead generation for businesses, through the power of simplicity using LeadSquared. He brings his decade long experience in sales & marketing.

Who better to talk about the benefits and advantages of using a marketing automation tool than a man who has helped build one himself?

Here are some of the ideas that Nilesh has covered in the webinar:

  • Introduced the concept of Business Signal Processing
  • Monitoring signals for an upsell opportunity
  • Monitoring signals for a cross-sell opportunity
  • Automation hacks for upselling, cross-selling and customer retention.

If you are also someone looking to implement marketing automation in your business and plan on using it to leverage the bandwidth of your team and increase their productivity, then this webinar is for you.

In case you missed out on it, you can view the recording here.

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