A sales automation system can help any business perform more effectively, not just those that already rely on automation. You might think of a manufacturing plant when you hear the term “automation”, but it is simply the process of completing a repetitive task without the need for human intervention.

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Does your sales team always send the same “welcome” email? Do you have to produce the same report week-in, week-out? It’s just the tip of the iceberg when you begin to consider what can be automated.

What can a sales automation system do?

A sales automation system can perform a myriad of sales functions that makes it easier for your business to push leads down the funnel. Gone are the days of Excel sheets, where sales managers assign leads manually, and salespeople tick leads off their lists.

Newer tools are available in the market that does this work for you. And they do it accurately and efficiently so that there is no room for error. Here are some features that every good automation tool has:

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Complete lead tracking

As well as sending emails and reports, sales automation system can help keep your CRM up to date. If a new customer lands on your website, a profile can automatically be built as they explore your content, sign up for newsletters, request more information, etc.

The software will track the products they look at and monitor the path they take through your website, gradually learning more and more about them. When they do enter their contact details, the tool provides the most relevant information.

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No sales team member needs to sit and painstakingly construct the email. An algorithm completes it for them, as it can potentially spot the needs of the customer more clearly than a human ever could.

When this email arrives, the CRM will be updated as they read it. If they click a link from within the email, they’ll be shown more information on the website, and this will also be added to their profile. Perhaps another email will be sent, helping both the customer and the automated system to narrow down exactly what it is that they need.

The automation software will be aware of what is needed to turn a prospect into a customer, and at the right time, a message will be sent to the sales team to tell them it is time to close the deal. At this stage or an earlier stage, if the customer has requested it, a member of the sales team can speak or email directly with them.

The sales team are now thoroughly prepared as they know everything that they need to about this person – what they are interested in, what solutions they have looked at, and even their location. This wealth of information gives your sales team the advantage over everyone else.

Automated lead scoring

You’ll either learn from your funnel or you may already have an understanding of what makes an ideal customer for your business. The leads who convert will often perform the same actions, ask the same questions, and need the same answers.

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While this is a prime candidate for automation, it also gives an indication of how to spot leads that will convert more easily than others. Sales automation software lets you assign a point value to each of these factors, and the leads that score the most are the ones who will convert most easily.

The software can rank all the leads for you, giving you the opportunity to focus on the easier sales before moving on to the leads who may take up more of your time.

Instant task scheduling

There may be things that you require your sales team members to do, either regularly or as a one-off. You can use the sales automation system to remind the team members of what they need to do, who they need to call, when they have a meeting, etc.

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The true automation capabilities come to the fore when you train the software to understand what each team member can do. If a message comes in from a lead regarding a particular product, it may be that a certain team member is an expert on that product. The message can be directed to them to answer, and should they not be able to respond in a timely manner, it can be passed to other team members too.

All the information that is needed to make an informed decision and provide appropriate answers will have been automatically stored in the CRM, so there is every chance your team will be able to give answers that help to convert the lead.

Simple field application

With the use of an app installed on their mobile device, taking control of field sales teams has never been easier. One of the greatest problems a sales team manager will face is getting the team members to a meeting on time – and finding out where they are in-between.

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The app will automatically notify team members of their next appointment and give directions on how to get there. Their location can be tracked on a map by the manager, and as soon as they reach their destination, the manager will be notified.

This isn’t an option for a team member to say “I’m here” but rather an automatic response to the GPS location of the individual. Similarly, when they leave the location, the app prompts them to update the CRM with the results of their meeting, followed by directions to their next meeting.

Managers can also remotely schedule meetings if necessary, and the system is clever enough to avoid double-booking a team member.

Detailed reports

Salespeople work to sell and are often not willing to put in the time to generate reports and send them to managers. This makes the manager’s job more difficult, as they would traditionally have to chase the salesperson and get them to send the report in.

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These reports are important as it enables the next steps the business takes – if the managers don’t know what the reports say, they can’t take action to improve sales performance.

Sales automation software can automatically schedule and send reports as often as needed, which allows the sales team to get on with selling, and the managers to plan strategies that will succeed as they are based on facts and not guesswork.

A business that is enhanced by automation will be able to outperform non-automated businesses even with fewer people on the team. If you looking for a good automation tool that can help your business, why don’t you try LeadSquared?

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