Best sales intelligence tools

“Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity!”

Albert Einstein

Well, we all make mistakes.

However, in sales, even a small mistake like a missed follow-up could lead to losing a deal to a competitor.

What if there’s a solution that could prevent us from making such mistakes?

Thankfully, today we have sales intelligence tools to make us smarter.

These tools help us in many ways along the stages of the sales cycle.

Let’s look at the top 12 intelligent sales tools that make our lives easier.

The 12 Best Sales Intelligence Tools

Recently, we analyzed the buying patterns of over a thousand customers. We found that hardly 10-12% of them are ready to buy from day 1. Others need constant nurturing and follow-ups from sales reps.


Organizations have realized that empowering their sales teams with the right tools and technology can directly impact the bottom line. In fact, about 84% of sales professionals are interested in investing in sales intelligence tools. (Source: LinkedIn State of Sales 2021)

So, to help you get started, here is a list of the best sales intelligence tools in the market right now.

1. LeadSquared

Image: LeadSquared

LeadSquared is the best sales execution platform for high-velocity sales teams. It offers sales execution, digital onboarding, and marketing + process + field force automation solutions. Currently, it has a strong 2,00,000+ user base worldwide.

Some of its key features include:

  • Capture leads from various sources, such as social media, phone calls, chats, emails, online ads, and websites.
  • The LeadSquared API and webhooks framework provide seamless integration with commonly used business software. LeadSquared also provides a developer platform called LAPPS to allow developers to build their custom business logic from scratch.
  • It comes with marketing tools that enable the easy creation of landing pages. A simple landing page can be transformed into an automated lead-capture system using web forms.
  • Track and engage easily with prospects across diverse touchpoints from a single platform. You can use emails, text messages, and drip-marketing campaigns to interact with prospects. These interactions can also be customized based on customers’ behavior and demographics.
  • It allows sales departments to get revenue insights and sell more intelligently.
  • Marketing teams get a better understanding of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


  • It is excellent at preventing lead leakage. This helps prevent organizations from losing out on sales opportunities.
  • It supports a high degree of customization to suit the workflow of any organization.
  • Dashboards and reporting provide extensive sales intelligence to businesses


  • The UI has a scope of improvement
  • First-time users need some degree of assistance to get started.

Reviews and Ratings

LeadSquared gets a 4.5/5 on G2 and 4.1/5 on Capterra.

User Sachin S on G2 says, “Lead Squared is a fantastic solution for entirely automating the inflow of leads into my company… Leadsquared marketing automation is assisting me in better engaging my customers. It ensures that the user is active on the site and consuming the study materials, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Yes, I would suggest it since it is simple to use. It helps in Sales increment and data management.”

2. Gryphon.AI


Gryphon.AI helps with increased lead conversion rates. Gryphon uses AI-assisted techniques to analyze live calls to do so. Moreover, it also implements AI-assisted coaching, enabling sales reps to be more effective with their deals.

Key features of Gryphon include:

  • A conversational AII that provides call transcription and personalized conversation cards.
  • AI-guided coaching service to help sales reps work more efficiently.
  • Integration with existing CRM tools.


  • Exceptionally good support service.
  • Navigating the software is straightforward.
  • Comprehensive reporting system.


  • The platform can be buggy sometimes and requires you to contact support.

Reviews and Ratings

At G2, Gryphon.AI gets a rating of 4.1 out of 5, while at Capterra, it gets a score of 4.6/5.

Dominic R. at Capterra calls the software a “Great Motivator for Sales Calls!” He says, “I’ve enjoyed the use of the app and the motivation it provides to gauge, improve and present my outbound calling as a whole. The Gryphon team has been a pleasure to work with, and very flexible when it comes to meeting and guiding us on our performance as a large company.”

3. Meltwater

Meltwater’s Sales Intelligence Suite, featuring the powerful Owler Max tool, automates competitive intelligence, offering real-time alerts on crucial events. Meltwater goes beyond conventional sales intelligence tools, providing a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Key features include:

  • Company tracking and trend identification features
  • Time-saving dashboards with advanced search, delivering tailored insights to your inbox or CRM.
  • Event-driven real-time alerts


  • Meltwater excels in delivering real-time information.
  • Meltwater facilitates personalized sales strategies by providing detailed insights into target companies.
  • Meltwater offers advanced analytics features, including customizable dashboards and in-depth search capabilities.


Meltwater’s advanced functionalities may have a learning curve for new users.

Reviews and Ratings:

At Capterra and at G2, Meltwater gets a rating of 4 out of 5

My company uses Meltwater to monitor our clients’ social media activity and assist with our sales process. Monitoring is very vital in my department, Compliance. With 460+ clients, we need to ensure that all protocols are being followed when it comes to hosting events, speaking about certain topics, and collecting donations. But as you can imagine, without a tool,
that would be nearly impossible.

– Allie D (from G2)

4. Kronologic

Image: Capterra

Kronologic, an Austin, Texas-based start-up, aims to eliminate “lead chasing” and monetize your calendar by making the best out of your appointments. It is a relatively new company that secured 20 million USD in August 2021.

Kronologic can automatically and intelligently send out calendar invites and uses AI to analyze the response of the recipient.

Key features of this platform are:

  • Converting prospects into meeting with their Calendar AI module. This automated lead engagement system eliminates the need to chase leads.
  • The platform can engage leads and schedule meetings without manual intervention.
  • The platform makes predicting pipelines easier so that sales reps can close more sales.


  • Creates single-click meeting acceptance for new prospects.
  • Eliminates repetitive meeting scheduling tasks.
  • Allows the team to focus more on inbound leads.


  • Works better with warm leads but not so well on cold leads.
  • The quality of leads coming in can vary based on the software setup.

Reviews and Ratings

Kronologic achieves a 4.6/5 on Capterra and a 4.2/5 on G2.

According to Teague G. on Capterra, Kronologic is “a solution to our last mile problem – the problem of how much work and time it takes to get an engaged lead converted into an actual meeting in two different calendars – the prospect’s and the right rep here at my company. I’ve seen that no matter how good your data is and how many leads you can generate, there is always a massive dropoff in actual sales appointments compared to the leads we start with. Kronologic is the most elegant and effective solution to booking meetings at-scale that I’ve ever seen.”

5. RingSense for Sales

RingSense for Sales

Officially launched in 2023, RingSense for Sales is a conversation intelligence sales tool that is designed to provide useful conversation insights to all key revenue players of the organization. It leverages generative artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customer interactions with sales reps and surface proactive insights into metrics, agent performance, revenue opportunities, and more.

RingSense can be used not only to gain a deeper understanding of agent-customer conversations, but also to improve productivity, reduce errors, provide personalized coaching, and showcase communications data as a powerful resource for businesses.

Here’s why RingSense for Sales stands out:

  • It allows the automation of sales processes and eliminates lower-value tasks.
  • It has AI-generated scoring and reporting capabilities, ideal for creating custom performance tracking reports.
  • It produces AI-driven coaching insights into sales best practices and effective sales plays.
  • It integrates with leading third-party apps, including CRMs, calendar apps, call and video meeting solutions.
  • It provides built-in custom trackers that track often-used keywords, phrases, and concepts used in the sales process.



  • It is easy to purchase, deploy, and configure.
  • It is designed for sharing and collaboration: hot-linking, custom libraries creation, and more.
  • It removes guesswork from the equation through automatically generated notes, summaries, and next steps.
  • It has intuitive dashboards and at-a-glance views.



  • The platform is relatively new, and its technologies are still evolving and changing.
  • The information about pricing and packages for this AI tool is not readily available.

Reviews and Ratings

Lee LeBaigue, Senior Vice President for InsuranceHub, shares, 

“When I recognized a growing need for conversation intelligence, my initial thought was to seek help from a third-party AI. However, when RingCentral introduced RingSense for Sales, it was a clear choice for us. Having conversation intelligence natively integrated into our existing phone system provides heightened security and ease of use and connectivity. We’re thrilled with this development and eagerly anticipate more innovation from the RingSense conversation intelligence team.”

6. Chorus.AI


Recently acquired by ZoomInfo for $575 million, Chorus AI uses conversation intelligence service to businesses. It provides relationship intelligence so that sales reps can focus on the right leads.

Chorus AI works by analyzing the performance of the top sales representatives and replicating that across the entire sales department. It also provides insights that act as coaching for underperforming reps. Other than these, Chorus.AI can:

  • Make sales information more accessible by analyzing customer phone calls, meetings, emails, and other interactions.
  • The self-learning feature can automatically analyze conversations and extract relevant highlights and themes. This can help summarize conversations quickly.
  • Using patented technology, it can deliver real-time transcription of conversations.


  • Helps navigate important parts of the phone calls with ease.
  • Allows sales reps to actively listen by eliminating the need to take notes.
  • Chorus daily helps to remember key points from a meeting and helps address discussed issues during consulting sessions.


  • The text search function is not up to the mark.
  • Does not work well when multiple people are speaking.
  • The interface can be buggy.

Reviews and Ratings

Chorus gets 4.5/5 at G2 and a 4.7/5 at Capterra.

Aastha at G2 calls it an “Intelligent call management tool. The transcripts that it generates are mostly accurate. I love that you can add your comments to the recordings, request for coaching and there’s a scorecard for scoring the calls. Other features like downloading calls, changing speed, generating shareable link are very useful too. It gets automatically synced for the calls so there’s no manual effort required.”


Image: Salesken

Salesken is yet another AI startup that provides sales analysis in real-time. 

Based on their database, the platform provides contextual cues. Although it does not have CRM features, it can integrate easily with existing solutions. It helps create deeper interactions using the call analytics tool. 

Salesken comes with a conversational intelligence service that can help improve the performance of SDRs and BDRs during their calls, presentations, and webinars.

Here’s how this sales intelligence tool stands out:

  • It offers real-time analysis and sales cues.
  • Captures the actual requirement of the leads and the customers so you can see who is truly interested.
  • Comes with a dashboard view of the entire sales pipeline.


  • Provides breakdown analysis on individual calls
  • Helps identify areas where a conversation can be further developed
  • Helps analyze sales skills based on the conversations recorded


  • The platforms sometimes experience network-related issues.
  • Personalization options when creating dashboards can be quite limited.

Reviews and Ratings

Salesken gets a perfect 5/5 on G2.

According to Ashutosh at G2, Salesken is a “very interactive platform.” According to him, “Salesken is fantastic for assisting new reps in developing their skills, creating training routes, and delivering constant, transparent feedback. Our entire crew is always chiming in on calls with questions, suggestions, and kudos, which we appreciate. It’s been fantastic for us in a remote setting, and it saves management a ton of time when it comes to getting staff up to speed.”


Image: Crozdesk is a sales intelligence tool that uses AI-assisted recommender systems to help find prospects. It is categorized as lead generation software.

Unlike full-fledged CRM software, it does not have all the features needed for customer relationship management. However, it can complement existing CRM implementations. It provides brands with millions of contact data and then prioritizes them. Thus, helping sales reps to reach out directly to decision-makers.

Some of its key features are:

  • Fills in missing data in contact databases.
  • Allows brands to access over 200 million contacts and emails globally
  • Provides AI-assisted recommendations to the sales team to ensure they contact the right person.


  • Helps in finding the right target audience.
  • Saves time on lead-generation efforts.
  • Makes market research more accessible.


  • The interface can be clunky at times.
  • Events feature needs more development to work well with Twitter

Reviews and Ratings

At Capterra, Clodura gets a rating of 4.2/5. However, the user base of this platform is quite small since it launched recently.

Umang writes, “I am using this tool from last 1 year and as a marketing professional, I am using this tool to send email campaigns for lead generation. It saves my time for finding correct email addresses and Its email campaigning feature is helping me to achieve my lead target.”

9. Clearbit

Clearbit - data enrichment tool for sales
Image: Clearbit

Clearbit provides four primary products: Enrichment, Prospecting, Reveal, and Forms. 

Enrichment helps build a better relationship with existing contacts. The sales prospecting module helps find new contacts. Reveal helps translate website traffic into contact data; Forms help autofill contact data.

Although Clearbit does not replace a CRM, it can integrate directly with CRMs.

  • The service is available as separate modules so businesses can get only the services they need.
  • It helps enhance existing CRMs
  • Saves a lot of time during prospecting


  • Helps autofill customer data.
  • Provides customer data that a lot of CRMs and other tools do not look for.
  • Comes with a handy chrome extension that helps scrape LinkedIn data.


  • At times, the information can be inaccurate and outdated.
  • Support is quite limited.

Reviews and Ratings

On Capterra, Clearbit gets a 4.4/5.

Zach E. writes, “Clearbit provides me timely and accurate contacts at the companies we go after. This is a big time saver when we are searching for contacts that fall within the companies we go after. This is a great tool to use if you use an ABM approach for outbound prospecting.”

10. Saleswhale

Image: Vulcan Post

Saleswhale helps with solving last-mile challenges in sales. Sales Whale is a sales intelligence tool that provides a conversation builder service. It creates reusable blocks of conversations that sales reps can use to target certain niches. It also offers metric tracking features. Brands can focus on which metric they wish to improve and tune conversations accordingly.

  • It provides a rich feature set of building conversations effortlessly.
  • It provides sales development representatives with a scalable solution to target diverse demographics.
  • Helps brands reach out to leads and follow up accordingly.


  • Frequently rolls out new customer-requested features
  • Helps with composing personalized marketing emails
  • Insights and reporting are comprehensive and accurate


  • The platform can be buggy at times
  • Lacks customization options

Reviews and Ratings

At Capterra, Saleswhale gets a 4.0/5 and a 5/5 at G2.

User Daniel writes, “Early user of Saleswhale, constantly improving product, good for customizing mass emails.”

Ray H. at G2 says, “We were able to automate our follow-up across several campaign types — demo requests, webinars, and high-intent activities — automatically, consistently, and with a human touch.”

11. Lyne.AI

Image: is an AI-powered lead generation tool that makes outbound lead generation efforts more scalable.

It comes with an AI-assisted cold email tool. It helps SDRs create over a thousand introductions in an hour. Reviewing hundreds of emails takes only a few minutes, thanks to its AI-powered tools.

Its notable features include:

  • A LinkedIn scraper that pairs up with an AI-assisted cold email generator
  • Helps extensively with LinkedIn lead generation
  • Helps generate bulk email intros


  • Provides extensive help while creating old emails
  • can produce a customized icebreaker conversation from a CSV of contacts in three clicks.
  • It can prioritize sources and personalize emails accordingly.


  • A relatively new sales intelligence tool, and hence lacks integration support
  • Some emails can turn out to be too generic

Reviews and Ratings

Lyne.AI gets 4.3/5 at Capterra.

User Kenneth C. writes, “I’m blown away that I’ve spent countless hours personalizing emails and there’s been a software the whole time that does it – practically as good if not better than me?”

12. People AI

Image: Capterra

People AI is a sales intelligence tool that focuses on providing AI-based revenue intelligence. It combines data from sales, customer success stories, user operations, sales engineering, and more for AI-based sales prediction. This information helps in account planning, relationship management, and more.

  • People AI makes revenue prediction much more accessible to brands with their scorecards.
  • It can easily integrate with existing CRM solutions, including Salesforce.
  • Automatically remind sales executives of their activities
  • Offers intelligent pipeline generation capabilities


  • Provides constant update on accounts you worked on and who you need to engage with.
  • Ensures that your team meets their goals every time.
  • Makes it easy to check the progress with dashboards.


  • Data in People AI is not as granular as its competitors provide.
  • Calls have issues synchronizing in real time.

Reviews and Ratings

People AI gets a 4.4/5 at G2.

Ryan P writes, “When was introduced to us so we can track our own productivity, I didn’t think at first that it will impact my productivity. What I learned, and what I like, is that it keeps me in check of how I am doing in terms of my goal for productivity. It allows me to see I fail short of my productivity since it is a must in a sales role to continue to be productive. serves as a reminder to do just that.”

Wrap Up

Sales intelligence tools is an umbrella term for a wide range of tools that help you in the sales processes.

For growing businesses, sales intelligence tools can help you work more efficiently, give you better insight into loopholes or simply help you retain customers.

What sales intelligence tool are you using to boost your revenue? Let us know.

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