Sales reps are increasingly mobile, and not just in terms of being on the road. In our modern technology era, sales organizations and their reps depend on mobile technology to help them improve efficiency, plan their day, streamline communications, and increase their productivity while in the field. This is why many companies are adopting sales rep tracking as part of their field operations.

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Sales leaders need an easy way to keep in touch with reps, get feedback from meetings, and know-how their out-of-office teams are contributing to the company’s sales goals, and sales rep tracking apps provide a simple solution for all of the above.

Let’s take a closer look:

What is a Sales Rep Tracking App?

More than a mobile CRM, a sales rep tracking app is a direct line between sales leaders and field reps. Sales leaders can use the app to remotely monitor each field sales rep’s location, their schedule, any notes they take in their client meetings, and other details.

For sales reps, the tracking app serves as a daily guide. They can log into the app to get their daily schedule, check into scheduled meetings, and even communicate with their managers or the in-house team. Likewise, managers can use the app to get insight into the sale rep’s day, such as how long they spend in meetings, how many meetings they attend, and what they discuss with clients.

Benefits of using a Tracking App

Tracking apps place a high level of accountability on the sales rep, but their benefits go beyond monitoring progress and performance. Consider these five benefits of using a sales rep tracking app to create a stronger sales organization from the outside in:

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1. Geographic Check-Ins

The app uses GPS to track the field rep’s location. When the rep arrives at a client location, he or she can use the app to check into the meeting. If they’re in the wrong location, the app won’t allow them to check-in and will show them where they need to go.

The app will also track the time the rep checks in and out of meetings. You can see at a glance how much time they spend facing clients and whether meetings ended on time. This can be helpful in catching problems as they arise before they have a chance to get worse. For example, if you see a rep spending twice as long as they should at each client, you might need to help them find a way to communicate more efficiently.

2. Accurate Reimbursements

If you reimburse your field sales reps for gas, mileage, or other travel-related expenses, sales tracking apps can help improve accuracy. Since the app uses GPS, it can track how far your field reps travel in a given period and predict how much you’ll owe them.

Think of it as an extra verification measure. A rep may miscalculate their mileage or accidentally include a personal trip or expense in their reimbursement report. GPS can mitigate this potential for human error and potentially save your company money in the process.

3. Field Rep Productivity

The most obvious advantage of sales rep tracking is to monitor their productivity in the field. If a sales rep isn’t reaching their quota, their tracking data may be able to reveal why:

Are they attending all scheduled meetings?

Do they arrive on time and stay long enough to be effective?

Are they taking the fastest route from client to client to minimize delays?

To be clear, sales rep tracking tools shouldn’t be used as a means to micromanage. When sales reps feel like their every move is being scrutinized and recorded, they may get the sense that they’re not trustworthy and their performance could suffer as a result.

Rather, companies who use sales tracking apps should let reps realize their value in helping them improve their performance, productivity, and efficiency.

4. Better Route Planning

Getting a visual representation of the sales rep’s route can be invaluable in saving you both time and money. It not only shows you the distance they need to cover in a given day, but it can also help you identify ways to cut travel time, avoid obstacles, and plan meetings more efficiently.

If you can cluster meetings and cut out some of the back and forth travel, the sales rep can have more customer-facing time and maximize their schedule. Plus, you end up saving money and potentially earning more sales as a result!

5. Improved Accountability

Effective sales leaders use tracking tools to boost accountability. This acts as an incentive to many sales reps to perform their very best, stick to company guidelines, and use their time wisely. Not all reps need this level of accountability, but it can help to weed out the ones who take advantage of minimal supervision in the field and choose not to pull their own weight.

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