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With the world getting smaller by the day with internet accessibility, it is all the more easier to trade through lead generation websites. In this blog we will discuss about the Top 5 Import Export Business Websites in India for Lead Generation.

1. Alibaba

With more than 40 million users and 5 million virtual storefronts, has metamorphosed into one of India’s leading B2B e-commerce website aiding anyone to buy or sell anything anywhere in the world. Over the years, it has developed leading businesses in consumer e-commerce, online payment (Alipay – third-party online payment platform) and cloud computing (platform for cloud computing and data management).


Things to Keep in Mind for Marketers:

import export business Free Membership: Fill in this form to become a free member (details will be visible on your ‘My Alibaba’ section). Here, you can:

import export business Post & manage your products – display 50 products for free

import export business Manage your company profile

import export business Customize your store website

import export business Manage buying requests and quotations

import export business Send & receive messages

import export business Manage all your contacts

In the free account, once your products have been displayed , Alibaba matches them with prospective buyers – 5 products display will get you 2 inquiries & 10 products display will get you 5 inquiries.

import export business Account Verification: To get authentic buyers, you will have to verify your business account. A verified account will give you:

import export business Logo on your products listing pages

import export business Credibility among buyers & competitors

import export business Products displayed higher in searches

import export business Direct access to buying requests.

Verification can be done in two ways – free (by Alibaba) or paid business verification (by 3rd party – charges in India is $99).

import export business Gold Supplier membership: Once a verified member, you can also upgrade to a gold supplier membership. Here are the benefits of being a gold member. (Rates have not been mentioned on the website).

import export business Trade Manager Instant Messaging Tool: Subscribe to the Trade Manager, Alibaba’s instant messaging tool to get in touch/search buyers and suppliers real time and also get latest trade alerts.

import export business Search Engine Efficiency: Their search engine is highly efficient allowing buyers to refine a search by export destination, supplier type and product category. Make sure that your product is displayed in the right section.

import export business Selling Tools: Check out their various selling tools here to better your lead generation process.

2. IndiaMart

IndiaMART is an e-commerce company for small & medium size businesses (SMBs) which matches buyers with bulk suppliers worldwide. Buyers from around the world shop online to purchase Indian goods and this dotcom provides the platform where Indian suppliers can advertise their wares.

Things to Keep in Mind for Marketers:

import export business Free Membership: Start posting your products on IndiaMart with a free account. Important details will include, name, company name, number, address, business type (manufacturer, trader, exporter, retailer, wholesaler, importer etc) and company turn over. You can also add photos of your products on your catalog.

import export business Search for Potential Buyers: You can also search for potential buyers on this site. There are 2 options for doing that;

import export business On the home page, enter the ‘Product’ or ‘Keyword’, select ‘Buy Leads’ from drop-down and click on ‘Search’.

import export business On the home page, click on ‘Buy Leads’ from the drop down beside the search bar. You will be directed to ‘Buy Lead Categories’ page, select category from left panel in which you are interested.

import export business Buy Your Leads: This brings us to the next point which is ‘Buying your Leads’. This is a centralized portal where all business enquiries generated from genuine buyers across the world are stored and managed. The leads are also systematically arranged for all products under product categories. You can then buy your leads as per your choice. This is how the process works:

1. I am a buyer looking for Oil Paintings.
2. I fill in this form with details of my requirement.
3. IndiaMart will find the best matched & verified suppliers for my requirement.    This is where, you, the marketer, comes into picture.
4. You can get in touch with me directly with your quotations via email or phone.
5. Hence, you are able to 'Buy the Lead'.

import export business Ad Options: Post a banner ad (at the top mast of the homepage) on the IndiaMart website. Other ad options include email-marketing, newsletter distribution and business solutions. For even better exposure, choose from the following options:

import export business Maximiser: Get an extended duration of your ad for up to 1 year, enhanced visibility through PDF/PPT-Video, credibility among buyers and competitors with IndiaMart’s TrustSEAL, 500 ‘Buy Leads’ and up to 100 products listing.

import export business Leading Supplier: Get priority listing among all catalog clients, TrustSEAL, visibility of company through PPT-Video.

import export business Star Supplier: Get priority positioning, TrustSEAL, free buy leads redeemable over a period of one year and visibility of your company through PPT-Video.

None of the rates have not been mentioned and you need to get in touch with them for the same. Call them up at 1800-200-4444. 

3. is one of the world’s leading online B2B marketplaces, connecting millions of suppliers and buyers. The website enables suppliers/manufacturers/exporters to post and promote their products, buyers/importers to search and contact suppliers; and buyers to post their own buying leads to get quotes or offers from manufacturers.

Things to Keep in Mind for Marketers:

import export business Free Membership: Fill  this form and become a free registered member at Ec21. Under the ‘My Products’ section, post and edit your product details. Simply click on the ‘Post New Product’ tab to to add a new product.

import export business Paid Features: Apart from free ads, here are 2 paid priority listing features. 

import export business Trade Pro: Display up to 100 products and unlimited selling leads with priority search listing.

import export business Trade OK: This is the second level priority listing with 50+ display products and 200 selling leads.

import export business Advertising Options: Here are various ad options that EC21 has for better exposure of your product.

import export business Main Page Ad: This is a banner ad on the home page of EC21.

import export business Buy/Sell Section: The ads will appear on the “Buy Now’ page if you are targeting buyers and on the ‘Sell Now’ page if you are targeting sellers and manufacturers.

import export business Keyword/Category Search Result: Buyers who come to the site search products with specific keyword or category list. You can post your AD on selected keywords or category.

import export business Log-in page Ads: Since the ‘log-in’ page is the most viewed page on any website, you can place ads there as well.

import export business Newsletters: The EC21 newsletter is sent each month to all registered members.

Rates have not been mentioned. Please get in touch with their team for the same.

import export business Mobile Friendly: EC21 provides a free mobile version of the website and your product page. The moment you register yourself as a member, a mobile homepage is auto-generated optimized for mobile web users.

import export business Trade Alerts: Trade Alerts allow both free and paid members to receive latest information regarding newly posted trade leads, product catalogs and company profiles via email.

import export business Social Network Integration: On your product page, you can also embed your Facebook and Twitter accounts to draw people from EC21 onto your social media profiles.

import export business World Trade Zone Advertisement: If the other ad options do not suffice, you can also opt for an ad on WTZ or the World Trade Zone, a magazine, which is distributed to a large number of selectively chosen global buyers, products advertised and promoted at global trade shows, visibility through online e-Book sent to over 600,000 global buyers, free online banner ad displayed to over 1 million site visitors.

4. Made From India is one of India’s largest B2b e-commerce import export websites of Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Buyers can find one of the best B2b selling and buying leads of Made in India products and it provides complete business solution for business trade leads, travel , manpower etc through its various services and verticals.

Things to Keep in Mind for Marketers:

import export business Free Membership: To register a business for free on Made From India, fill in this form, get an email for verification, click on it and you are done! 

import export business Paid Account: You can also post an ad of your product through Made From India Services. Here are their various ad packages or fill in this form to promote your business for better lead generation.

import export business B2B Lead Generation: Well your ultimate goal is after all to generate better leads, right. But, if haven’t been that successful, Made From India will make the process easy for you with their online, offline and lead on demand, lead generation services.  Prices have not been mentioned and you need to fill in this form to get quotes.

import export business Business Website Evaluation: If you think that your website is not generating enough leads, you are not getting good ROI or is not communicating the right message, simply fill in this form to let Made from India evaluate your business website for free.

5. Exporters India

Global exposure, 24X7 live showroom, instant enquiries, potential buyers – this is what B2B entrepreneurs dream for, don’t they? Exporters India is the answer to all, a B2B platform for innumerous manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, service providers, etc.

Things to Keep in Mind for Marketers:

import export business Free Membership: Become a free member of this website and lay your hands on leads by simply filling up this form.

import export business Online Business Advertising: Your presence on the internet is useless until your potential visitors are aware about you and your services. You have to be a step ahead of your competitors. Exporters India helps you in generating better business and getting an edge over others through their comprehensive online business advertising options. Here are  their various paid plans.

import export business Mobile Friendly: Their mobile website is easily accessible from different sources such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone etc. Only the most important information is highlighted on mobile phones to help generate better leads from prospective clients. Post your enquiry here. 

import export business Advertising Features: Exporters India offers tools to publishers to manage, optimize and draw maximum benefit from online advertising with the following features:

import export business Website: Exporters India will help you create a great looking website to generate more leads without a fuss. It will showcase your products in the best possible manner with qualitative content that will be complemented by suitable images.

import export business Classified: Display your business listing at the classified section, which will help you to get enquiries from prospects.

import export business Banner advertising:  A banner ad will be hosted on the home page and attract visitors to your website.

import export business E-mail marketing: E-mail marketing can be an effective tool of promotion to reach your target audience and generate more leads.

So, which export import business website will you use for lead generation? Do let me know by leaving a comment.

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