US education webinar

As institutions grapple with shifting demographics, changing student expectations, and increased competition, this webinar will shed light on how strategic technology adoption can be a transformative force in confronting the enrollment cliff. In this webinar, you will discover actionable insights and effective strategies to navigate this critical period successfully.

Points of Discussion:

  • Understanding the Enrollment Cliff: Analyzing the factors contributing to the enrollment cliff in higher education.
  • Strategic Technology Adoption: Exploring how institutions can strategically adopt technology to address enrollment challenges.
  • Personalization in Recruitment: Discussing the role of technology in tailoring recruitment efforts to meet the diverse needs and expectations of prospective students.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Emphasizing the importance of data analytics in making informed decisions related to enrollment strategies.
  • The Role of Student Experience: Understanding how enhancing the overall student experience can positively impact enrollment numbers.


Ted Greeley

​Ted Greeley

Vice President, Agency Services, MDT Marketing


Violet M. Tamayo

Senior Account Executive, LeadSquared


Rustam Irani

RGI Marketing & Consulting

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