Lead Scoring: Strategies and Benefits (Webinar Recording and FAQ)

A number of interesting questions were asked at the webinar on ‘Lead Scoring: Strategies and Benefits’. Those of you who missed the webinar, here’s a summary of some of the questions asked during the session. You could also listen to the webinar recording on ‘Lead Scoring: Strategies and Benefits’ here.

Lead Scoring

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Question 1

Will Lead Scoring help a Cosmetic Surgery Centre?

You have to understand that lead scoring is just a small component in your marketing process that helps identify the interest in a lead. If you are a cosmetic surgery business and you are gathering leads online, your potential buyers would first go online and search for clinics near their residence. They would find 5 or 6 different ads of clinics or organic results for each and fill forms based on the look and feel of the business. Once they have discovered your business online (and filled out a form), you can capture and track their movement (based on the different pages they are looking at one your site, and so on). You may get many leads coming to your site, but not all would be interested in what you have to offer. This is where lead scoring comes into play.

If it’s a small business, on a daily basis, you would get about 10-15 interested leads visiting your site. In that case you don’t need lead scoring initially. You can just call them and check if they are interested or not. But if you have more than that, lead scoring would give you an advantage of going after leads who are actually interested right from the beginning.

For example, if you have 10-15 interested leads coming to your site, 6 months down the line it could be 2-3 thousand. In your sales cycle, sales may not happen immediately – it make take the lead 2-3 months to decide if they want your service. During this period, you could connect with them through multiple ways. You can send out newsletters to your leads, telling them about how a certain customer of yours has benefitted from cosmetic surgery. Those leads who open the mail are actually interested in your service and would attract a higher score.

If you see the sales process in totality, you will find that lead scoring will aid you in understanding the behaviour of the lead and identify the ones who are most interested. If your sales scoring cycle is not like this and you don’t want to model it like this, then you would probably not need lead scoring.

Question 2

Do you have a step by step guide to use LeadSquared for Lead scoring?

If you are looking for direction in terms of which particular activity should be given which score, then we don’t have a guide specifically for that because it depends on the kind of business. However, whatever defaults we have set in the system are appropriate scores for most businesses. Scoring is something the business has to discover on their own. The fundamental rule is that anything (activity) that takes your lead forward in the sales funnel (cycle) should get a higher score. If an activity takes the lead in the opposite direction, it should be negatively scored.

This is how we do it at LeadSquared

Lead Scoring

If you are looking for guides to set up lead scoring and lead engagement, take a look these help documents:

1. How does Lead Scoring work?

2. Setup Criteria for Lead Engagement Scoring

Question 3

Can I integrate SMS/ WhatsApp/Emailer for landing page leads?

There are two parts to it

1. Lead Capture: This involves getting the lead in through website, chat, landing pages, phone calls or manual entry. All of this can seamlessly be organized in LeadSquared.
2. Reconnecting with the Leads: Once the lead comes in, you can reconnect with them through various ways:

i.  Sending an email

ii. Sending an SMS

Both are supported in LeadSquared. However, we don’t support WhatsApp because WhatsApp doesn’t open the API and I doubt they will open anytime in the near future. For WhatsApp, I assume you would have to export the date and import it to your phone and then synchronize that with your phone.

Question 4

What if we have multiple sources of leads – will this software help us organize it?

Of course. You would be able to organize leads from different sources in LeadSquared.

Lead Scoring

 This post will help you get started.

Question 5

Is there a centralized process in LeadSquared, if there are no excel sheets and no old school CRM system in place?

There is a centralized system in LeadSquared, where all your leads are captured, and their movement through different buying stages are tracked.

Question 6

How do you calculate lead score of offline leads?

You would need to create a custom activity that is important to you; say for instant “Event attended” beforehand and assign a score to it; say 50. This is a one-time thing. After your event is over, you would update the activity for the leads that showed up for the event. Then these 50 points get added to the total of that particular lead’s lead score. This can now be done in bulk.

Question 7

How to convert clicks into leads?

You would use landing pages or web forms based on whatever kind of campaigns you are running, to capture those clicks as leads.

Question 8

Is lead score useful for both B2B and B2C?

Lead score is a way to take a lead forward and it is definitely relevant for B2B and B2C businesses. We are a B2B business and we have been using lead scoring. It depends more on how you use it.

Question 9

How can we deal with leads with low lead score, to increase engagement score?

You can send them offers that are relevant to them, depending on the pages that they have viewed, etc. And if they are engaging with that, then they might become more relevant for you

Question 10

Does LeadSquared integrate with different tools?

Integration is an important element in today’s scenario so we do integrate with multiple tools.

Question 11

We have different systems for emailing, CRM, etc. What could be the best way for lead scoring here? We don’t want to switch tools, as it would create more issues. Any recommendations here?

If you are using an old-style system, a CRM system and an email system as you said, you can certainly continue to use the CRM system and run the marketing on a system like LeadSquared and obviate the email system. By doing so, you get the benefits of lead capture, lead scoring and lead tracking. Thereafter, when it is appropriate, you can move that lead to CRM system. In this case, you will get some benefit because there will be some integration involved in the process.

If your sales process is not very structured, then you might as well consider LeadSquared for that. However, it would require some work to be done. If you don’t want to replace any of your existing systems , then it would be very hard for you to adopt a lead scoring system.  Lead scoring cannot be done manually. It has to be automated.

Shibani Roy

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