Why LeadSquared is the Right Marketing Automation Platform for a Small Business?

Launching a company is not easy. Apart from the financial aspect, owners need to think about staying on top of their game to sustain in the market. Spending money in the right areas is key to its success. Of course, there are other factors  but being a small business, keeping a tab of the money spent is imperative. Things like how much should be spent on the marketing, what tools need to be bought for that purpose, are just some of the expenditures involved.

The goal of every business, regardless of its size, is to make a profitable business. Having the right marketing automation platform can do wonders for a small business. As VentueBeat puts it, Almost one fifth of companies adopting marketing automation boost revenue 75% or more.” 

There are several marketing automation tools out there – some expensive and some, not so expensive. When you think of marketing automation, the most probable names that come to a marketer’s mind are HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and Marketo and with that comes a huge monthly bill. Is it affordable for small and medium-sized business? Not really. Is there an alternative that is just as good and is affordable for small and medium-sized business? Yes, LeadSquared! It addresses most of the common asks of a marketing automation solution and is priced for small businesses. It delivers the best of marketing automation and CRM in one powerful platform.

Here’s why you should use LeadSquared marketing automation platform:

LeadSquared helps you create beautiful, conversion optimized landing pages, capture, track, score and segment your leads, send email campaigns and autoresponders, improve your marketing through analytics, and integrate with your other business software ecosystem using API and connectors.

What are these connectors?

  • Drive actions in third party applications on events like lead capture, lead update and landing page submissions with Webhooks
  • Automatically capture phone leads with Super Receptionist integration
  • Capture all the new leads attending your webinars and track the attendance of your leads in different webinars with GoToWebinar integration.
  • Capture leads from website and blog comments using WordPress Plugins.
  • Capture leads and conversations with your prospects through Olark chat.
  • Capture leads sent from Mandrill or SendGrid accounts in LeadSquared
  • Track ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ of emails thorough Outlook integration

Will these integrations affect the marketing and lead management process?

Not at all. The integrations won’t affect lead scoring, link tracking, etc., as they are all captured and reported in LeadSquared. In other words, no matter where the leads come from, they are all reported in LeadSquared, making marketing seamlessly systematic.

How is it different from a regular marketing automation platform?

Lead score may sound very interesting to lot of businesses at first but very soon they figure out it is not a true indication of lead engagement. To address this, LeadSquared has come up with a concept of engagement score. There will be an “engagement index” for the marketers to identify the percentage of engaged leads at any point, and for sales people to focus on engaged leads rather than leads with just a higher lead score.

Want to know more? Click on this link to view the webinar recording.

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