Before we explore Keap alternatives, let’s answer the question – what is Keap? This software is a cloud-based CRM and automation platform for B2B and B2C companies. Formerly known as Infusionsoft, it helps SMBs manage leads, create reports and landing pages, and send out email campaigns. 

With a community that gives you immediate answers to queries and a fair number of resources, Keap is well-suited for small businesses.  

However, its poor reporting features, the need for add-on tools to do basic CRM activities, along with the lack of a couple of other important features leaves much room for improvement.  

Furthermore, while this CRM is suitable for solopreneurs other small-scale businesses, it is not scalable enough for fast-growing business with.  

Here are 5 Keap alternatives that you should look into before investing in the software:

Keap Alternative Popular for Average Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2 Pricing 
LeadSquared Ease of Use, Pricing, Scalability, and No-code Automation 4.4 Lite – $25 per user/month 
Pro – $50 per user/month 
Super – $100 per user/month 
EnagageBay Email Nurturing, Marketing Automation, Sales Pipeline Management 4.4 Free – $0 per user/month  
Basic – $12.74 per user/month 
Growth – $42.49 per user/month 
Pro – $84.99 per user/month 
ActiveCampaign Automated Workflows, Email Automation, and Customer Support 4.6 Lite – $29 per user/month  
Plus – $49 per user/month  
Professional – $149 per user/month 
Enterprise – Custom pricing 
Agile CRM SMB CRM, Functionality, and Number of Features 4.1 Free – $0 per user/month Starter – $8.99 per user/month 
Regular – $29.99 per user/month 
Enterprise – $47.99 per user/month 
Insightly SMB CRM, Functionality, and Customizability 4.2 Plus – $29 per user/month  
Professional – $49 per user/month  
Enterprise – $99 per user/month 

1. LeadSquared 

LeadSquared is a sales execution CRM that provides end-to-end solutions for your teams. Not only is LeadSquared highly scalable, but it is also cost-effective. Some of the CRM’s best features include:  

  • Out-of-the-box integrations 
  • Lead management  
  • Workflow automation  
  • Email marketing  
  • Reports and analytics 

On average, this CRM has been rated 4.4 out of 5 on G2, Gartner, and Capterra. 

Why is LeadSquared a good Keap alternative?  

Compared to Keap, LeadSquared is better priced, easier to use, and offers more features.  

Many reviewers on Capterra have also praised the software’s excellent lead management and nurturing features.  

In fact, one reviewer even called it ‘The Ultimate CRM.’ 


LeadSquared is much more cost-effective when compared to Keap. In fact, some of the software’s packages are less than half the price of Keap’s.  

You can refer to the company’s pricing page for more information: 

  • Lite – $25 per user/month 
  • Pro – $50 per user/month 
  • Super – $100 per user/month 

Some things to look out for in LeadSquared  

While the CRM offers excellent solutions, it can sometimes be slow to use, which is more noticeable when dealing with large amounts of data.  

But this platform is known for providing excellent customer service. Therefore, users can expect a patch update that fixes this issue soon.  

2. EngageBay 

EngageBay is a CRM that provides businesses with sales, marketing, and project management solutions. With features like email marketing automation, contact management, segmentation, and sales force automation, this software helps companies save time and improve efficiency.  

EngageBay CRM

Why is EngageBay a good Keap alternative?  

This 4.6-rated CRM allows you to add up to 30,000 contacts at its introductory package, a considerable upgrade from Keap’s 500-contacts limit. 

Another reason to switch to this CRM is its excellent marketing features.  


All this software’s packages are priced below $100. This, combined with the fact that it also offers a free version, makes it an exceptionally budget-friendly Keap alternative. Check out their pricing page for more information.  

  • Free – $0 per user/month  
  • Basic – $12.74 per user/month 
  • Growth – $42.49 per user/month 
  • Pro – $84.99 per user/month 

Some things to look out for in EngageBay 

I pay for a product and still have to pay extra to remove its branding from my emails. ARE YOU FOR REAL!?” is what an appalled customer wrote when they found out about this.  

The CRM has a lot of features that require additional purchasing to use.  

Integrations are another aspect where you draw the short end of the stick with this CRM.  

With over forty diverse modules for marketing and sales, EngageBay is a good fit for businesses that only need a few integrations. 

3. ActiveCampaign 

Founded in 2003, ActiveCampaign is a cloud software for small-to-mid-sized businesses. It offers customer experience automation including email marketing, marketing automation, lead and pipeline management, and lead distribution.  

ActiveCampaign CRM

This CRM has an average rating of 4.6 on the three referenced review websites.  

Why is ActiveCampaign a good Keap alternative?  

ActiveCampaign, unlike Keap, lets you create multiple pipelines for your business process. It is also easier to use. 

Furthermore, it provides great lead management, and even better customer support


This software comes at four different price points, with the lowest starting at $29. You can check their pricing page for more information.   

  • Lite – $29 per user/month  
  • Plus – $49 per user/month  
  • Professional – $149 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – Customizable 

Some things to look out for in ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign has a lot of catching up to do with Keap in the reporting area. While both the platforms aren’t exceptional at reporting, Keap allows a bit more flexibility and in-depth analysis in comparison.  

A few reviewers also pointed out that data entry is a really cumbersome task in the CRM.  

Keap and ActiveCampaign are very similar as they both focus on automating processes rather than providing CRM features like lead management, lead scoring, etc.  

If your business focuses more on the sales side of things, then ActiveCampaign might be a better fit than Keap.  

4. Agile CRM  

Agile CRM provides companies with a simple, clean, and modern interface. This all-in-one CRM tracks sales, automates marketing processes, manages your leads, provides telephony services, and acts as a helpdesk, enabling businesses to sell smarter and faster.  

Agile CRM

Why is Agile CRM a good Keap alternative?  

Agile has the edge when managing contact information, such as timelines and appointment scheduling.  

It also offers a plethora of features and functionalities. Complimented by its solid customer service, this CRM provides many options to manage your team.  


Free for up to 50,.000 users, Agile provides 4 different packages. You can check their pricing page for more information.   

  • Free – $0 per user/month  
  • Starter – $8.99 per user/month 
  • Regular – $29.99 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – $47.99 per user/month 

Some things to look out for in Agile CRM 

Learning this CRM can be difficult because you only get onboarding training if you take the enterprise plan. 

Another issue is that this CRM could be more robust, with customers constantly complaining about the platform’s glitchy interface.  

If your business wants a CRM offering extensive enterprise-level features at affordable prices, then this is a good choice. Of course, provided that you aren’t bothered by a glitch interface. 

5. Insightly 

An online SaaS solution mainly targeted at small and mid-sized companies, Insightly is used by over 2000 companies. It is primarily known for: 

  • Lead management  
  • No-code customizations 
  • Workflow integrations 
  • Affordability 
Insightly CRM

Why is Insightly a good Keap alternative? 

Insightly, rated 4.2 on G2, Capterra, and Gartner, offers plenty of features Keap doesn’t, like real-time sales alerts and social media CRM.  

Not to mention, the software is really easy to use, which is why many customers love the CRM.  


This CRM offers a free demo which you can check for 14 days, along with three pricing options. You can check their pricing page for more information.  

  • Plus – $29 per user/month  
  • Professional – $49 per user/month  
  • Enterprise – $99 per user/month 

Some things to look out for in Insightly 

Insightly lacks A/B testing, so this might not be a good fit for your business if this feature is essential for you.  

And let’s not get started on the poor customer support.  

On the bright side, this CRM is an excellent robust platform with great solutions. Investing in this software is a good choice as long as you don’t run into any complicated problems. 

Well, there you have it! I hope that the reviews, pricing, and features in this article helped you find a CRM better suited for your business.  

If you are looking for a highly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use CRM, check out LeadSquared. Our experts will show you how our software is a one-stop solution that is a great, tailored fit for businesses of all sizes.  


Who are Keap’s competitors?

Some of Keap’s competitors include LeadSquared, Insightly, and Agile. 

What is Keap’s best feature?

Some of Keap’s noteworthy features include lead tracking and business automation. 

How much does Keap cost per month? 

Keap’s basic package is priced at $149 per month. 

How many custom fields can I create in Keap? 

Keap allows you to have between 100-150 custom fields.