Sales email template to write effective emails

It takes a lot of practice to write good sales emails.

First, you must be engaging enough to capture recipients’ attention. Second, you should be persuasive enough to keep their attention to read your pitch. And finally, considerate enough to show you have their best interests at heart. And you have to do it all in just a few phrases.

How does one construct an irresistible email and make a sale alone?

It can be overwhelming if you’re doing this for the first time. But with the right templates up your sleeve, you’ll be engaging with new customers in no time. 

So, here are 21 sales email templates for your perusal! Feel free to use them as is or modify them as per your needs.

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5 Rules for writing the perfect sales email

21 Persuasive sales email templates
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» Sales discovery email
» Sales follow-up emails
» Sales proposal
» Trails and/or demo pitch
» When the demo didn’t go as expected
» After meeting thank you email template
» How to respond to inbound inquiries
» Reward email template
» Intro email for referrals
» Check-in email
» Congratulate prospects
» To reach the right decision maker
» Increase engagement
» Video emails
» The end of the road email

How to keep track of response you receive or follow-ups you need

5 Rules for writing the perfect sales email

Sales pitch emails can be tricky to write if you’re new to the art of selling.

We tend to make some rookie mistakes as salespeople. The emails may be lengthy, too self-centered, and offer little or no value to the receiver.

Understandably, the vast majority of those emails go unseen or get classified as spam. Barely 9 percent of sales emails get opened by recipients. 

So, what are the rules of thumb to stick to when writing sales emails?

#1 Personalize

Personalizing subject lines helped us increase open rates by 327.75%.

If you have their name, address them in the subject line. If that information isn’t available, use the word “you.” The word “you” is a powerful tool of persuasion. A name is always better, but “you” creates a similar effect that personalizes your sales pitch

#2 Let the spotlight be on the receiver

Pack a punch with your opening lines.

Instead of writing an introduction like “I am…..”, write something that puts them at the center of the mail. Something along the lines of “I loved your talk on……” or “Congratulations on the……” puts the receiver at the heart of the message.

#3 Be relevant

Segment your list.

Sending a mail about car insurance to someone who doesn’t own a car won’t help you sell. Figure out who’s your target audience and then proceed to pitch your product.

#4 Ask questions

Emails asking questions attain 50 percent more responses.

At times, the best way to get an answer is to ask a question. “Do you own ____ product?” “Do you know___?” Asking these questions creates a sense of curiosity and pushes the prospect to open the mail.

If it doesn’t suit the current context, use a pitch that arouses emotion. That’s because emotional mails get 13-15% better response rates

That doesn’t mean you write it with any emotion, such as negative or fear-inducing. Maintain the decorum while having the emotional quotient in your email.

#5 Tell them the next step

Always have a clear call to action.

Whether you’re persuading them to purchase your product or trying to re-engage with a cold lead, ensure that you inspire them to take action.

The most common way to direct the recipient towards the next step is to provide a link. It can be a resource you want them to read or software you want them to try. But be clear on what you want them to do.

Here’s an example of a very nice email my colleague received quite some time ago. It has all the elements I mentioned for writing a persuasive email copy.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Remember these guidelines when writing your next sales email.

Let’s now look at some tried and tested persuasive sales email templates. I’ll also give you reasons why they work.

21 Persuasive Sales Email Templates with Examples

1. Sales email template to build a relation

Every customer is different, and they have different needs.

The best way to kick off a strong introduction is to create a connection.

Most sales reps try to connect with higher-ups and decision-makers across organizations. But what we don’t realize is that if we know who the decision-makers are, we can get our foot in the door much faster.

In this section, we’ll deal with three scenarios:

  1. You haven’t met the prospect
  2. You’ve briefly met the prospect at an event
  3. You’re already in discussion with the prospect

Template #1

Subject - A quick check on your [XYZ goals]

Hey [Name],

I came across your paper on [Topic]. 

I was truly impressed with your approach, and. I found that you've been vocal about wanting to [Use Case].

My company helps other organizations do exactly that. We offer [Your Proposition]. 

We would love to aid you in your quest. Reach out to me on [Your Phone Number] when you're ready! 

Warm Regards,
[Your Name]

For example, your prospect is a manager who cares deeply about sustainability. You can reach out to them with the following email.

sales email template to initiate a conversation

What this sales email does well: 

It shows that you’ve done ample research and know what your prospect wants. The email creates a connection between both your organizations on some common grounds.

The next sales email tries to help the prospect recall your acquaintance.

Template #2

Subject: [Name], Do you remember me?

Hi [Name],

It’s [Your Name]. We met at [Location], [Date], and discussed [Prospect’s Pain Points]. 

Will you have 30 minutes this week to talk more about your company’s challenges and how we can help.

[Your Name]

Now let’s look at the sales email template that tries to re-engage with the prospect.

Template #3

Subject: Further to our discussion

Hi [Name],

[Your Name] here from [Your Company]. If you remember, we met at [Location], [Date] and discussed [Prospect’s Pain Points]. 

Should we connect this week to talk more about your company's challenges and how we can help?

[Your Name]

2. Sales discovery email template

If you offer a customizable product or are in a SaaS sales business, you might want to conduct a discovery call to understand if you can serve their requirements. You can also send an email to initiate the discovery process. Here’s a template to use in this scenario.

Template #4

Subject: Just a few more questions

Hello [Name],

Thank you for your interest in [Company]. 

This is [Your Name] from [Company]. I’m reaching out to you to understand a little more about your organization's methods of [business function] and how we could help.

Are you free sometime on [Weekday] or [Weekday]? You can also use this [Meeting link] to set up a time.

Talk to you soon!
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

You could have asked a few questions in the email itself. But people tend to avoid sending anything in writing, especially to someone they don’t know. Therefore, the safest bet is to ask for a time and get on a call to explore their needs. This way, you get a chance to probe further into their requirements.

3. Sales follow-up email templates

Would you like to know something strangely ironic and funny about follow-ups?

A whopping 92% of salespeople quit following up after no response on the 4th call. And 60% of customers say no four times before agreeing and saying yes.

How unfair it feels to find out that you might have quit right when you could’ve made the sale.

So, follow-up.

Don’t be pushy, be persistent instead.

When you’re following up after a meeting, use this template.

Template #5

Subject: Good news, I have some important information you wanted

Hey [Name],

I hope that our meeting answered some of your questions. We loved your enthusiasm and interest in understanding our product thoroughly. 

I remembered you enquired if we had any information regarding [Specific Feature / Prospect's Questions], and I knew just the thing. I didn't have it with me during our call. But I have a [Resource] that offers a detailed breakdown of this feature. 

If you'd prefer a call instead, I'd love to schedule one whenever you're free. Let me know your choice, and we'll see that it happens. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your Name]

What this template does well: 

The perfect follow-up should offer an incentive for a response.

This follow-up sales email template successfully piques interest and offers a reward at the end of the process. It conveys that you remember and have sent exactly that information, which your customer wanted from you.

The learning: when you meet a prospect, record the call or take notes. This way, you can build your upcoming follow-up by answering unanswered questions.

Here’s one more sales follow-up email template you can use.

Template #6

Subject: Hit or miss?

Hi [Name],

I hope you're doing well. 

I just wanted to check if you got a chance to look at my previous email and are aware of [Solutions]. Have you had any doubts, I'll be happy to address them. 

In case that's missed, here's an [Resource] on [Benefits]. You can access it here.

Talk soon,
[Your Name]

Follow-up emails can improve your overall campaign response rates. In some situations, follow-up emails can have higher open rate than the original email itself.

For instance, last month we sent 4 emails to a segment of 26,000 subscribers for an upcoming webinar. We planned a sequence of 4 emails:

  • Introducing the event
  • Follow up 1
  • Follow up 2
  • Follow up 3

We found that the follow-up email had an open rate of 23.6%, whereas the original email had just 20.1%


So, when in doubt, follow-up and follow through!

4. Sales proposal email template

You’ve been communicating with your prospect for long enough to propose your pitch. You know that your foot is in the door and that it’s the ideal opportunity. These are the best emails to write because you get to make that sweet sale. So, use this template to craft your perfect proposal.

Template #7

Subject: Ideas for moving forward with our proposal

Hello [Name],

We've loved understanding and getting in touch with your organization.

We assessed the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system in every area. We can offer immediate and long-term measures that will result in significant savings.

The specifics of what we do and testimonials from our customers are part of the proposal. I'm sure you'd love to get a guarantee or percentage of how much we can help you save. And I look forward to sending it across. Reach out to me and let me know how you'd like to proceed.

Warm Regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

The template shows that you have created a relevant proposal for your customer. The inclusion of testimonials increases trust. (It’s even better if they’re well-known brands.) The final point about an estimate gives the incentive to respond. And finally, you haven’t made any false promises in the proposal that shows transparency.

Here’s an example of this kind of sales email.

sales email template for sending a proposal

5. Sales email pitch for trials and demos

Cold emails can be daunting to compose and send.

Most sales reps spend long hours emailing prospects to never receive a response. But intense research brings in rewards for every cold caller or emailer.

Use the following template when you’re prospecting for customers who aren’t aware of your product. 

Template #8

Subject: [Your one line pitch]

Hi [Name],

I hope everything is going well for you. 

I came across your [Website/Social Media post] and loved the work you guys are doing. 
I'm reaching out and ask if you were aware of a tool like [Your Product]. [Introduce your product]

I'd like to learn a little more about your organization's methods of [business function] and if we could help in any ways.

Are you free sometime on [Weekday]? If yes, let me know what time works for a demo, or click here for a free trial of our services.

Warm Regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

Your offer is specific and relevant to the receiver. Your demo and free trial offer are useful, and they have an option to choose from. The mail is simple and effective in its sale. The call to action is clear, and they can reach out whenever they want.

6. Email template for when you get a demo but fail to sell

Now, this can be a disheartening situation for many. Sales reps face crushing rejections day in and out but failing to sell after a demo sucks. 

You’ve invested a ton of effort, and if it falls through for no apparent reason, don’t let it go. It’s fine if they don’t purchase the product but find out the why behind it. Once you know the “why” you’ll know what not to do next time. Try to find out whether there has been any miscommunication and solve it as soon as possible. Use the following email template when your prospect doesn’t buy after a demo.

Template #9

Subject: Feedback for future use

Greetings, [Client’s Name]!

I saw that you weren't ready to buy the product at the end of the demo. And I'd love to know why.

I'm not trying to make a sale right now, but we'd like to ensure we're on the right track with our clients. Any pointers you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Were you unsure about what you'd be getting in? Is there another aspect of your business on which we should concentrate? Was there any pricing issue? Or does your company have no use for the product right now? 

Whatever the reason, do let me know because your opinion matters to us. I look forward to receiving a response soon.

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well: 

This template helps in gaining clarity about what you may need to change during demos.

Once you get a response to this mail, you can carry forward the conversation if it’s fixable. If their reason was due to any misunderstanding, you can solve it immediately. If they have any other reason about the presentation or product itself, you can note it down.

This way, you can ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in future demos. Every call leaves you with a lesson to learn, especially if you fail to make the sale.

7. After meeting sales email template

Is it customary to send an email after the meeting?


They serve a different purpose.

Sending an email immediately after a meeting helps you keep the conversation going. A simple thank you email opens up the opportunity to re-engage with the customer.

Template #10

Subject: [Name], Thank you for your time today. 

Hey [Name],

Hope you’ve been well! 

I enjoyed our phone conversation earlier today and especially liked learning about your unique role at [Prospect's Organization]. I completely understand your business challenges and the impact they are having on your sales.

As promised, PFB the resources and materials that can help you better understand how we can help you:
[Case Study]
[Informative Blog Link]
[How to video tutorial]

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to talking with you again sometime.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

This template gives the impression that you value your prospect’s time and are thankful for the opportunity to interact with them. In the email, you also share helpful resources, which they can revisit had they have any doubts.

8. Email templates to respond to inbound inquiries

When someone signs up for a free trial or downloads content, reach out as soon as possible. This ensures that you keep them engaged and interested in your services. It also gives them a chance to ask questions and make clarifications about the product.

Use this template in a similar situation. 

Template #11

Subject: Thank you for [signing up/downloading]

Hello [Name],

Welcome aboard!

We’ve activated your [N] days free trial. Hope you’ll enjoy using our product!

Here are some “How to” videos to help you navigate the product.

For any assistance, feel free to reach me at [Phone Number] or [Email].

[Your Name]

What this template does well:

Sometimes, people want to explore things themselves before getting in touch with anyone. Not pitching anything at this stage gives them the desired space. This email template reflects that you understand the prospect’s stage in the sales funnel. You also give them an option to reach you if they need any help.

Another case is when you receive inbound inquiries for your products or services. Usually, companies have autoresponders for common queries. 

You can use this auto-response email template for inbound inquiries.

Template #12

Subject: Thank you for your interest in [Company]

Hello [Name],

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for signing up with [Company].

This is [Your Name], your dedicated account manager from [Company]. I'm reaching out to understand your requirements. 

I’ll be happy to schedule a demo based on your needs and showcase our capabilities to resolve your challenges.

Are you available for a quick 5-10-minute call to discuss and understand your needs? You can also use this [Meeting link] to set up a time.

[Your Name]

9. Sales email template offering rewards to loyal customers

Everyone loves getting a good deal. Rewards and discounts can boost customer retention

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to retain customers and improve CLV

In fact, 57.4% of customers join loyalty programs to save money whereas, 37.5% join for awards and personalized offers. 

So, craft your next campaign while targeting existing customers. Use this template for your campaign.

Template #13

Subject: We've got exciting news for you, [Name]! 

Hello [Name],

Thank you so much for being with us all these years!

As a token of our gratitude, we'd like to give you a discount on [Product/Service] before [Date]. 

To take advantage of this offer, reply to this email by [Date]. Request any [Product/Service] you need, and we'll deduct [X%] from the total charge. 

It's our way of wishing you a wonderful [Year]!

Warm Regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

The subject line intrigues the reader and helps increase open rates. The discount will push the receiver to respond so that they don’t miss out. It also sets up a deadline, which compels customers to purchase before time is up.

10. Sales email templates for referrals

A referral is always impactful, especially if your customer refers you to a friend. It works even if you reach a prospect through their friend, who is a customer or someone in the industry. 

Research shows that for every single satisfied customer, you can get nine referrals in return

So, reach out to prospects who are friends or acquainted with your existing customers. You can even reach out to them through your friends. 

Here’s a template you can use.

Template #14

Subject: [Mutual Contact's Name] told me you'd benefit from our [Product/Service/Solution].

Hey [Name],

[Mutual Contact's Name] told me recently that you were discussing [Problem Statement]. [Problems/Challenges] in these tough times can be difficult when you're doing it alone.

I was browsing your website recently. 

[Points around your understanding of their product/service]

But I also have a few ideas about [Solutions to their problems]. 

I've got some simple tips for [Business Challenges] that you can implement instantly.

If you're interested in understanding how you can remedy the loss, reach out. I can schedule a call for half an hour to discuss the different solutions to this problem. I look forward to your response.

[Your Name]

Here’s an example email.

Referral email template

What this sales email template does well:

This email template shows that you’re ready to help them become more successful. The mail exudes empathy and conveys your understanding of their situation. You’ve done your research and have specific solutions to their website. All of this and the added referral can hook in any customer with little effort.

Here’s another email template to initiate conversations with referrals.

Template #15

Subject: Can we meet?

Hey [Prospect],

My friend, [Name], told me that you'd be willing to meet up with me to discuss my business and see if we might work together.

I went through your website and am particularly interested in learning more about your [Service].

Do let me know if you've time next week. I'll schedule a meeting.

[Your Name]

11. Check-in email template

Check-in emails can be boring and feel pushy to the point of weirdness. However, there’s no way of knowing where you stand with your prospect unless you check in on their status.

Sending too many follow-up emails can increase annoyance instead of getting a response. But like we’ve already learned 60% of customers say no four times before agreeing and saying yes.

So, don’t give up. Instead, add a little pressure to push them down the sales pipeline.

Use this template to get an immediate response:

Template #16

Subject: Re: Updates on the status

Hey [Name], 

I'm writing to follow up on our previous discussion. My manager requested a status report on your account. I informed him that I'm yet to get one from your side. 

We'd love to keep the conversation going, but I'm not sure if that's what you want. What do you think is the best step to take moving forward? Let me know if you're interested in catching up for a quick chat, and I'll schedule it.

I look forward to hearing your response soon.

[Add gif]

[Your Name]

Here’s an example for how to use this sales email template.

sales email template to follow-up with the client after meeting

What this template does well:

The template cuts to the chase and instantly delivers the information. Adding a gif helps reduce pressure. Mentioning your manager increases a sense of responsibility and authority. Most people feel compelled to obey when the orders come from a higher-up official.

12. Email template to congratulate prospects in times of success

A trigger event like funding, promotions new office locations are opportunities to sell.

Reach out to your prospects with hearty congrats and pitch your perfect sale.

Use this template when your prospect gains an established brand as a customer. Or even if they’ve established new locations, set up new factories, and so on. 

Template #17

Subject: Congratulations on your success!

Hello [Name],

I recently discovered that [X] is your newest customer. Congratulations on gaining momentum with such an influential company! It’s a tremendous success for a start-up in its early days. I'd love to help you keep this momentum. 

After interacting with founders of various organizations, I had a realization. Many, if not all, find difficulty in creating a process of selling that is comfortable and natural. 

This got me thinking we have helped other companies like [Client 1] and [Client 2] to fix these bumps along the road. I was wondering if we could help you in the [Problem] area. I'm not sure if this is a good fit for you, but if you want to learn more, would you be willing to set aside some time to do so? Let me know if yes and reach out to me on [Phone Number].

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well: 

While it may sound like a simple congratulation email, you’ve also made your pitch. You’ve also offered social proof by talking about your clients who are part of the same industry. It increases their interest and can help you make a sale.

13. Sales email template to reach the right decision-maker

At times we don’t have complete information about our prospect’s organization. Reaching out to a decision-maker can be difficult if they aren’t the first touchpoint.

It can be confusing to compose the email for the response you want. Use this template in these scenarios.

Template #18

Subject: [Client’s name][Your company’s name]

Hi [Name], 

I'm writing in the hopes of identifying the direct contact for the [Department]. I wrote to [Name of the person you contacted before] while looking for the same. 

We at [Company Name] help improve [Services]. 

Our [Product/Service] delights customers like [Your clientele], and more.

What does your calendar look like if you're the right person to talk to? If not, who do you suggest I speak with?

[Your Name]

What this template does well:

The subject line is concise and engaging. You have clearly described the purpose and what you want them to do. Mentioning your customers can persuade them to respond. There is a clear call to action. And the receiver can refer you to the right person if they aren’t the decision-maker.

14. Sales email template to increase engagement

Your prospects may have engaged with your ads, social media posts, or other sales and marketing campaigns. However, if they have not signed up or purchased something means that it’s time to nurture them. You can use the following template in this scenario.

Template #19

Subject: I know I can help you! :)

Hi [Name],

I noticed you [Prospect’s Activity], and I’m wondering if I can help you with any other information.

Here’s a related [Resource] that details the [Problems You Solve].
[Access Link]

Talk soon,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

This email template aims to help the prospect with a resource/content. It also gives an option to respond to you—creating opportunities for the recipient to engage with you.

15. Video email template

Reading long emails stuffed with information can take time and effort. Instead, adding images with text or a video can convey the same information and boost open rates. Videos in emails can increase open rates by 19% and improve click rates by 65%.

Statistics - impact of videos in emails

So, in your next email campaign, include a video to capture more clicks.Make sure you include your company logo, add captions for accessibility, optimize for mobile devices, and have a compelling call-to-action.

An example of this is the email sent by Soapbox by Wistia.

Video email example - soapbox wistia

The above example illustrates the use of videos in marketing emails. But if you’re wondering how to use video in your sales email, here’s a template you can use.

Template #20

Subject: I made this video just for you!

Hello [Name],

I’m a huge fan of your [skills/work], and I’ve been longing to meet you for a long time.

Actually, in my mind, I have rehearsed our meeting several times. Probably, this is what I’m gonna say when we meet.

[Video with a sales pitch]

Or maybe more. :)

Would you like to catch up sometime next week?

Yours truly,
[Your Name]

What this template does well:

This template is an honest confession of a sales rep with his prospect, which is hard to say no to. If nothing else, the recipient admires the creativity of the sender.

16. The end of the road email template

You’ve sent multiple follow-up emails and received no response. This situation is easily heart-breaking and makes us feel awful. 

But there’s no point in pushing for a sale that isn’t taking place. Persistence can take you far but knowing when to quit is equally important. 

So, if you realize that you haven’t gotten a response in more than a couple of months, send a final follow-up. It is to check if they have any interest. If they don’t respond, you can close communications completely. 

Use this template when you’re closing their account:

Template #21

Subject: Thank you from [Your Company]

Hey [Name],

I know we haven't been able to meet, which usually signifies one of two things:
Either the timing isn't ideal, or you don't need our services as of yet. 

In this scenario, I'd like to value your time, so I'm going to have to close your file now.

Nevertheless, feel free to call me to discuss the next steps if you still want to talk.

Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,
[Your Name]

What this template does well: 

This template conveys that you will close the conversation if you don’t receive a response. But it does give your customer a chance to reconnect and interact. The template shows your respect for their time and effort and is direct.

These are some sales email templates you can use across the sales cycle. If you’ve noticed, there is a running theme with almost all emails. You write these emails after doing your research and understanding the prospect.


I’m assuming you must be actively prospecting and sending out hundreds of emails every month. So, the next big question is—how do you keep track of the response you receive? How do you know that you’ve not received a response yet, and you’ll need to send a follow-up email?

Well, I have a solution.

How to keep track of responses you receive or follow-ups you need

Usually, companies use different software for their sales and marketing teams. In this context, email marketing software and CRM.

So, they have visibility on the email campaign performance, such as open rates and click rates. However, they might not accurately associate the engagement with the prospects. That is, you might not know the prospect that replied to the email and the one that needs further follow-up.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to use software that addresses the issue at hand. For instance, LeadSquared Sales CRM.

It notifies the sales reps whenever their leads respond to their emails. It also allows you to segment leads based on lead activities and engagement. This way, you can tune your emails or create a sequence of follow-up emails to nurture leads who don’t respond.

Email marketing automation LeadSquared - insert dynamic response in emails

Do you want to explore how LeadSquared can make your life easier?

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