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To run a successful business in 2020, you need to connect with your customers where they are. Nowadays, most of your customers are well acquainted with the internet. They browse through websites, show activity on social media, participate in forums, etc.. Undoubtedly, you leverage these platforms for generating leads. But, whether you would be able to make a sale or not, depends on how you manage these leads. That’s where online sales software comes to your aid.

Well, by the end of 2019 (Statista), the global online sales market was $3.5 billion.

And what’s coming in 2020?

Sales Chart

The above data shows that by the end of 2020, global online sales are forecasted to reach $4.2 billion.

Clearly, if you want to grow your business in such an evolving sales environment, you must adopt the latest technologies. Online sales software is one such technology. It will help you to keep your customers satisfied and maintain customer relationships. 

Online Sales Software – A closer look

Online Sales Software is a technological solution used to streamline the entire sales process. It is properly known as CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software.

Like I said before, the online sales environment is continuously evolving. Your lead comes from almost all channels known to modern marketers. When the number of leads rises, managing them becomes a challenge. And this is a reason why online sales software is gaining massive importance in recent years.

Let me explain in detail.

How Online Sales Software Streamlines Your Sales Process?

Captures Leads Automatically

Captures leads Automatically with online sales software

You capture many leads from your website, social media, events, and exhibitions.

In the conventional method, one of your employees assigns the lead to your salesperson.

When thousands of leads are generated daily, manually assigning them is next to impossible. 

You might be wondering:

How can you ensure that there is no lead leakage?

Online sales Software (CRM) distributes your leads to different salespeople, based on your prospects’ interests, locations, and several other variables.

Simultaneously, the software creates tasks for your sales consultants. It informs them via text message, email and mobile app. This constantly keeps your team on their toes.

Which is great, isn’t it!

You can ensure that there are no such leads that are mishandled, or simply missed.

Tracks Your Lead

Online Sales Software Tracks Your Leads

The software tracks every single activity and interaction with the prospects.

Phone calls, email or text interactions, or communication through any other channel – everything is tracked and recorded. You always know the status of the lead and direction of the conversation.

It provides you an excellent opportunity. It helps to move the conversation forward by understanding your prospect’s reactions.  

Understanding your prospect’s reaction is a small thing. But, small things are the ones that matter the most.

It allows you to connect with the emotions of your prospect and synchronize your methods accordingly.

Prioritizes Leads

Online Sales Software Prioritizes Leads

Online sales Software (CRM) examines every lead and assigns them a quality score. Your sales team can monitor this score and approach qualified lead first. 

With automatic prioritization, every effort from your sales team will have a higher possibility of conversion. 

You can define what a high-quality lead means to you (in terms of sources, car type, location of the prospect, etc.), and then prioritization happens accordingly.

Engaging high-quality leads will increase the probability of a successful sale. Now with a high conversion rate, your team would be brimming with confidence. You know it. A confident and efficient team is a boon for every business.

Provides Field Sales Tracking

Online Sales Software Provides Field Sales Tracking

The salesperson can use the software on their mobile. It helps sales managers to track the present status of work for every field agent. The software allows field agent to see their complete schedule for the day. Additionally, with google maps integrations, online sales software furnishes the shortest path to any meeting.

Once the agent reaches the meeting location, the software will auto check-in the agent for the meeting. This enables the field sales manager to see how many meetings happened in a day, and how efficient is the field agent.

Field Sales Ebook

How Online Sales is Evolving?

Online Sales Software is gearing up for some significant changes as the entire sales environment is evolving.

Below is a list of 3 buzzing trends that we will change the way customers experience online sales.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Online Sales Software is evolving with Augmented Reality

The gap between your customer’s expectations and reality is a common challenge in sales. Customers think they’re getting one thing, and in actuality, get another. 

This is a costly process of the product going through customer dissatisfaction, inaccuracy, product returns, and revisions.

The advantage of augmented reality to show off product features and capabilities isn’t just a bonus — it’s a sales driver

By bringing life to products that consumers can buy without a doubt, Augmented Reality helps drive customer engagement and in-turn increase sales.

Social Media

Social Media has a profound effect on online sales

Representatives that sell on social media, usually have more prospects in the pipeline and outsell their competitors. 

It is because the majority of today’s population spends a heavy chunk of their time on social media websites. And it is going to evolve. With more and more audience, you will have greater chances of generating leads.

Here, your marketing efforts will be the major game-changer. If you would be able to create marketing campaigns that can provide you an edge over the competition, you will win the game with more leads.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Online Sales Software leverages AI

Clearly, Artificial Intelligence is yet another game-changer in today’s scenario. Let’s take an example of the most common thing out there.

For instance, when you see a certain type of video on Facebook, it automatically conglomerates all videos of that type and keeps them in your viewing chain.

This is dynamic in nature. Hence while marketing on these platforms you must ensure that every piece of the content is able to grab viewers’ attention. This will help you to get more views and ultimately more leads.

Now when you will craft your marketing efforts by keeping these trends in mind, your lead inflow will increase. Hence, with an increasing number of leads in your pipeline, it will be an opportunity as well as a challenge to manage them properly.

Online Sales Software like LeadSquared empathizes with your company here and creates a sales process that can engage and nurture every lead, efficiently.

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