30 60 90 day sales plan
30 60 90 day sales plan

Every new job has its own learning curve and challenges. Planning your approaches is the key, and it starts right from the interview. When your hiring manager asks you how you’re going to work, you may want to do draw up a 30 60 90 day sales plan. Wondering what’s it about?

The plan outlines what you are aiming to do in the first three months, and how you aim to differentiate with your work methods. You can use it to identify your goals, with clear timelines, something especially useful if you are in the sales department. Even if you aren’t from the sales team, it’s a great way to identify goals in the first, second, and third month – hence the term 30, 60, and 90.

For instance, if you are looking for a job in the analytics space, you can outline how you will learn the key performance metrics in the first month, look to strengthen those metrics in the second, while achieving better results in the third.

It gives the sales manager a good idea about what your capabilities are.

Having a good 30 60 90 day sales plan can help you get that competitive edge, but you’ll need to learn how to exploit this approach

30 60 90 Day Sales Template for You to Choose

Whether you are in the final stages of an interview or the first week of your job, you need to be detailed in what you are looking for.

First, layout your action strategy. Use it to measure your progress, especially when juggling with a new role. The main objective isn’t the development itself but to align yourself properly with your new team.

Each phase corresponds to certain outcomes. Overall, there are three main goals of this planning approach. Often, developing a practical strategy can get confusing. Here is a look at how you can streamline the process. You can look at the things you can learn, your integration level with your team, and your ability to perform your tasks. Here is a template that is going to help.

It’s why a 30 60 90 day sales plan is popular during interviews. It gives sales hiring managers a better perspective on how you plan to adapt to your new role.

30-day Phase of Sales Plan

The first month should be for training and getting used to how the company works. Your priorities should be along learning the product you’re selling, establishing your relationship with your team, and learning the CRM of your company.

You need to understand what your team wants. In any workplace, you want to be able to adapt to your team’s objectives and work towards them.

The 30-60-90-day approach lets you set out your sales goals and accommodate them to the rest of the team.

Tip: Look to go beyond the goals themselves and understand why your team looks for these objectives.

It’s all about using the right tools and software.

In the beginning, you need to look at how you can use different tools the right way.

  • Get accustomed to using the product
  • Know the data to back it up
  • See the trends, the metrics
  • Understand the user behavior, and what they expect from your service.

In the end, never forget to listen! 

60-day Phase of Sales Plan

Month two should be for adjusting your efficiency and growing the income.

Your objectives should include contacting prospects and finishing at least two call cycles, making sure the main accounts are visited, figuring out the most efficient procedures, and asking for performance feedback from your Manager.

Once you’re aware of what your team wants, you’ll be able to set your priorities in a way that can benefit you and the entire team. Finally, if you align yours and your team’s goals, your relationship and accountability to each other will be better.

In this phase, it’s time to build up.

  • Use feedback to build the right solution, from customers and service agents.
  • Identify your different objectives.
  • Ensure all the stakeholders are with you in your course of action.
  • Look to optimize the work processes of the sales team.
  • Observe people and processes but never judge others.
  • Be objective, and identify your goals.

You need to be well versed with your team and the audience here. Learn empathy to build on the dynamics. It’s also important to not be carried away, and not indulge in hearsay. You need to look to have the team together, and you need to be objective.

90-day Phase of Sales Plan

Your last month should focus on strengthening your initiative to improve different tasks.

The best goals for this phase are to finish even more sales calling cycles – and using your tactics to bring in more customers or increase efficiency.

  • Have a vision, which includes assimilating information,
  • You need to look to build a product strategy
  • Don’t forget to look to build customer empathy.
  • Don’t forget to document everything important that you do.
  • Map out your goals and the journey stages.
  • Make decisions when you have to, after taking in the right feedback
  • Focus on the problem, and how to address it; not just the solution

In this third stage, you need to act. So, you should be clear about your role expectations by now and be aligned with the roadmap. You should only then be able to learn to measure success and build credibility.

Tip: Make sure to ask for your sales manager’s opinion, as it helps keep them in the loop.

Tips for Doing it Better

A few tips can help you do better. 

Know the target

A great way to set yourself apart from other candidates is to define your targets with detail. Many sales managers don’t take a scientific approach when it comes to figuring out their ideal customer, so it’s a great idea to research your client and work your 30-60-90-day sales plan towards it.

Back it Up

Another great way to show you’re a professional is to back up your predictions with an outline approach of how you are going to achieve it.

Intuition isn’t enough, and an efficient approach shouldn’t focus on it alone.

Approach demonstration

This is where you exploit your salesman skills. Spend the last phase of the 30-60-90-day plan to demonstrate your strategies and make them work.

This is the last nail in the coffin for showing your boss you’re the full package they need. Be a smart and savvy salesperson, and build a sales plan strategy that delivers results.

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