Sales Management Guide

You may be a business that runs the best marketing campaigns that are out there. You have amazing advertisements that your audience relates to, your social media following is increasing every day, and you run wildly popular webinars with huge attendance rates. But, if you haven’t perfected sales management, you might find yourself in trouble. Because you have to admit:

“Sales is the ultimate goal of any business”

And as any salesman can tell you, convincing people to buy from you is not really easy. With people trying to sell things to you left, right and center, most people have developed an aversion towards ‘salesmen’. It has now become the job of the salesman to not only sell his business but also to dispel this dread and build a relationship with his customer.

Why should you read this guide?

When you are in the field of sales for a long time, you learn a thing or two. And if you are notorious in your company for closing big deals, then you have started executing what you have learned. The authors of this guide have a collective experience of 8 years in the field of sales and are some of the best in our team. They

This guide has come together with the intention of sharing their knowledge with you and helping you hone and tone your own sales process.

List of chapters:

Sales Management

Sales forecasting methods

How to design a sales strategy

Sales funnel management

Why do you need sales tracking

Why a field sales app is important

About the author:

Having worked a year in field sales and now working as a marketer in a sales focused environment, I have learnt a few things about how sales should work. With the help of my more experienced colleagues, I am taking an attempt at decoding the complicated process of sales.

sales management - delshya

Delshya Selvaraj, Content Marketer at LeadSquared

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