Agile CRM Alternatives

If you are a small or mid-sized business, you probably would’ve heard Agile’s “Sell and market like a Fortune 500” tagline. With an average rating of 4.2 on G2 and Capterra, Agile CRM helps businesses sell better with the platform’s features, like:  

  1. User-friendly UI
  2. Contact management features
  3. Sales automation
  4. Marketing automation

And many more enterprise-level features and solutions at an affordable price.

Yet, customers seek out Agile CRM alternatives owing to its underwhelming reporting, poor customer support, complex setup process, and long downtimes. 

Agile CRM

And let’s not get started with how many reviews included that the software was not customizable enough.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 7 Agile CRM alternatives with robust and in-depth features that are easier to set up. Here is a quick overview:

(Please note, since the number of reviews for each product is inconsistent, the average rating column is just to give you an idea about customer perceptions.)

Top 7 Agile CRM Alternatives for 2024

Agile CRM Alternative

Popular for

Average Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2



Ease of use, Pricing, Robustness, and No-code automation


  • Lite - $25 per user/month

  • Pro - $50 per user/month

  • Super - $100 per user/month


Customer Support, Ease of use,

Automation, and Flexibility


  • Free - $0 per user/month

  • Growth - $29 per user/month

  • Pro - $69 per user/month

  • Enterprise - $125 per user/month


Lead management, Building sales pipelines,  and Nurturing campaigns


  • Essential - $9.90 per user/month

  • Advanced - $19.90 per user/month

  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month

Zoho CRM

Number of features, Price, Integrability, and Ticketing services.


  • Bigin - $0 per user/month

  • Standard – $14 per user/month

  • Professional – $23 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month

  • Ultimate – $52 per user/month


Lead tracking, Ease of use, and Scheduling tasks


  • Pro - $149 per month

  • Max - $199 per month


Functionality, Customizability, and Email marketing


  • Plus - $29 per user/month

  • Professional - $49 per user/month

  • Enterprise - $99 per user/month


Open-source, Customizability, and Sales automationAndroid and iOS.


  • Community - Free

  • Professional - $15 per user/month

  • Enterprise - $25 per user/month

  • Ultimate - $69 per user/month

Now that you have an idea about each CRM, let’s take a closer look at them.

1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is an end-to-end sales execution platform that provides additional marketing tools and automation to help businesses sell and market better. The CRM is an excellent platform for SMBs looking to scale up. Some of the CRM’s noteworthy features are:

Website –

Why is LeadSquared a great Agile CRM alternative?

When compared to Agile CRM, LeadSquared provides far better customer service.

Furthermore, this 4.4-rated CRM is robust, provides in-depth features, is simple and quick to set up, and highly customizable, which makes up for the shortcomings in Agile.

“LeadSquared is an impressive CRM software with a lot of customization options and marketing automation. It is a really efficient tool to close good deals,” a reviewer shared on Gartner.  


One disadvantage of the CRM is that it can sometimes become slow and laggy.

However, this is something you can expect to be fixed soon, as the platform has a  responsive support team that constantly improves the product based on feedback.  


  • Lite – $25 per user/month
  • Pro – $50 per user/month
  • Super – $100 per user/month

For more information about the features available in each package, you can check out LeadSquared’s pricing page .

Overall, LeadSquared is an excellent choice for SMBs as it offers unlimited customization and helps businesses scale their operations rapidly.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a great CRM that companies use to automate their sales force. For companies looking for complete sales force automation, it provides excellent work scheduler, lead scoring, integrations, and sales forecasting to help engage with clients and remind your team of pending tasks.

Website –

Freshsales CRM

Why is Freshsales a great Agile CRM alternative?

 Freshsales, with an average rating of 4.6 on G2, Capterra, and Gartner, is better at managing and analyzing lead data as compared to Agile CRM.

Another thing reviewers on G2 loved was how “extensive and in-depth the lead management and sales pipeline management features are.”

Users also complement its fantastic user interface, especially while loading contacts and sending out email campaigns. Next, let’s look at a few areas that the CRM can improve.


Freshsales receives mixed reviews, as some customers call it a “buggy product with horrible customer support,” while others find it to be robust with good support. This suggests that the product may be inconsistent and unreliable.

However, this draws short compared to poor experience that users faced when the CRM risked exposing confidential data once user data was synced with the platform.  This issue was fixed later , but some customers still remain uneasy about the incident.


  • Free – $0 per user/month
  • Growth – $29 per user/month
  • Pro – $69 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $125 per user/month

While Freshsales is a great CRM, its inadequate customer support disappoints users. There are quite a few Freshsales alternatives that offersimilar features, at the same price point with better customer support.  

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a great platform that helps  small and medium B2C  businesses  improve their sales. Commonly dubbed as the CRM “made by salespeople, for salespeople,” some of the key features of this CRM include:

Website –

Why is Pipedrive a great Agile CRM alternative?

This CRM has been rated an average of 4.3 on G2, Gartner, and Capterra.

Choosing Pipedrive over Agile CRM is advantageous in a few ways. The tool provides far better pipeline management and customization. It also offers   sales forecasting features, something that Agile CRM lacks.

A customer who loves  the CRM’s visual interface stated, – “One of the things that sets Pipedrive apart from other CRM tools is its visual pipeline feature. This allows me to easily track the progress of deals and make adjustments as needed, which has been extremely useful for my sales process.”

Then why to clients look at Pipedrive alternatives?


While the CRM stands apart in terms of its features, it’s infamous is its poor customer support. An upset customer described their experience as,

“The fact is, there are SERIOUS issues with this software, their support does NOT know what they are doing at all… if you report an issue, their ‘engineering’ team will tell you it’s ‘supposed’ to work like that instead of fixing the issue.”


  • Essential – $9.90 per user/month
  • Advanced – $19.90 per user/month
  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month

Pipedrive is a great choice for B2C businesses that want extensive pipeline management and little automation. Of course, provided you don’t have to contact their customer support.

However, the lack of integrations with companies such as QuickBooks, BombooHR, an Trello can make scalability an issue.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a part of Zoho One, a suite of products built to improve business operations and efficiencies. It offers a range of features like reports and analytics, workflow automation, lead distribution, and sales force automation.

Website –

Why is Zoho CRM a great Agile CRM alternative?

Zoho works well for SMBs and solopreneurs because it offers  a free CRM called Zoho Bigin. This 4.2-rated CRM also comes along with a wide range of features in its paid versions.

A user  exclaimed that Zoho is a very “informative and useful CRM. It helps to nurture the lead efficiently and keeps the progress updated.”


One issue with Zoho is that it contains a lot of hidden payments. While the platform is customizable, the customization charges are even more expensive than the cost of the entire paid package that a user has opted for.

And unlike Agile, the CRM is not user-friendly. Many reviewers wrote that the software is pretty tricky to use, especially for first-time users.


  • Bigin – $0 per user/month
  • Standard – $14 per user/month
  • Professional – $23 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month
  • Ultimate – $52 per user/month

Overall, Zoho is a great CRM for SMBs that have a generic sales process and want to explore a lot of features at affordable prices.

Now another drawback of the CRM is that it is better for B2B businesses. This is because the API rates fail at a higher number of leads. You can explore a few Zoho alternatives if you’re a B2C business that handles thousands of leads on a weekly basis.

5. Keap

Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap is a great CRM for B2B and B2C companies that want to manage leads, create reports and landing pages, and send email campaigns.

Keap also offers checkout cart functionality to increase conversion rates and average cart values, along with  built-in invoicing and different payment processing interfaces.

Website –

Why is Keap a great Agile CRM alternative?

One reason to choose Keap over Agile is that the former offers better customer service, marketing automation, and sales pipeline management.

This CRM also is well-liked by customers, who rated it 4.2 on average on G2, Gartner, and Capterra.

A particular aspect that customers like is that, unlike Agile, “the system is easy to set up, even with its many features.

Then why do customers go with Keap alternatives?


Unfortunately, the easy setup doesn’t mean you can start using the CRM immediately.  “Unless you have about 150-200 free hours to learn how to do things in Keap, you may want to look elsewhere,” a reviewer pointed out.

Furthermore, it is not as feature-extensive as Agile CRM, leading to many disappointed reviews, especially since Keap costs much more than Agile.


  • Pro – $149 per month
  • Max – $199 per month

If you want a good basic CRM with minimal features that are easy to set up, Keap is a good alternative for your business.

6. Insightly

Insightly is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help businesses manage customer interactions and improve overall sales performance. Some of the software’s best features include the following:

  • Project management
  • No-code customization
  • Email integrations
  • Workflow automation

Website –

Why is Insightly a great Agile CRM alternative?

Now the reason why we chose this 4.2-rated Agile CRM alternative is that along with lead management, Insightly also provides project management, which helps businesses improve efficiency.

Not to mention, Insightly is superior to Agile CRM in terms of its flexibility, ability to integrate with  third-party applications, customizations offered, and ease of use.

Then, what are the shortcomings of this CRM?


A disadvantage of using the CRM is that it doesn’t have a real-time dashboard.

“My company mainly uses reports, and with them being cached for 1 hour, this makes things difficult to coordinate because we can’t see the updates from the report. We have to go into each project,” is what a review reads on G2.

Another disadvantage of the CRM is that it does not provide a customer service or a support CRM, unlike Agile CRM.


  • Plus – $29 per user/month
  • Professional – $49 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $99 per user/month

Insightly is an excellent easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution for small businesses. Provided, of course, you don’t need real-time updates on your dashboard.

7. EspoCRM

EspoCRM is an open-source Agile CRM alternative that offers extensive customizability and flexibility. Its array of  features like sales automation, email marketing, workflow automation, and shared calendar sync with Google and Outlook, helps businesses manage their processes efficiently.


Why is EspoCRM a great Agile CRM alternative?

This CRM, in its few ratings on G2 and Capterra, has been given an average of 4.6.

And one reason is that this CRM is much more flexible than Agile CRM. Since EspoCRM is an open-source software, customers can easily access the source code and adjust all the products and processes.

Furthermore, customers love how you can attach a contact to several accounts. But the CRM falls short in a few places.


Every open-source software needs extensive documentation so that developers can easily use it. Unfortunately, EspoCRM doesn’t have the best documentation, making it tricky to learn the software.

Furthermore, if you want to customize the product, you need to know a bit of coding, and as it with any other open-source software, the support team can’t help you once you have made your own modifications to the code.


  • Community – Free
  • Professional – $15 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $25 per user/month
  • Ultimate – $69 per user/month

If you know the basics of coding and want a good, customizable CRM at affordable costs, then EspoCRM is a good choice for your business.

Well, there you have it! We hope you found our top 7 Agile CRM alternatives for small and medium businesses  valuable and informative. Since you have made it this far down the blog, let us share a tip that every SMB investing in a CRM should look for – scalability.

But why is scalability so important?

Well, purely because you don’t want to keep changing your software as and when your company expands because your old CRM can’t handle more leads than you are working with. Not only will your employees have to adjust to a new UI, but you’ll also waste a lot of time in implementation.. Therefore, when investing in a CRM, consider your business’s future.

LeadSquared is a feature-extensive, affordable, and scalable solution for businesses. The platform  provides all the solutions businesses need for specific industries—right from SMBs up to enterprise sizes. If you want to know more about how we help different-sized sectors with tailored solutions, then get in touch with our sales reps for a detailed demo!


What is Agile CRM’s pricing?

Agile CRM has 4 pricing packages that are Free ($0 per user/month for 10 users), Starter ($8.99 per user/month), Regular ($29.99 per user/month), and Enterprise ($47.99 per user/month).

Is Agile CRM the best for SMBs?

While Agile CRM is a good choice, there are far more customizable and flexible CRM out in the market, like LeadSquared.

How many apps does Agile CRM integrate with?

Agile CRM integrates with over 50 applications.

Want to see LeadSquared in action?